Sobchak. A fan of Bandera and an extortionist

Sobchak. A fan of Bandera and an extortionist

Escape from Russia is canceled: "Bloody Lady" bought an apartment near the Kremlin

April 15 , 2023 The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation refused to initiate a criminal case against Ksenia Sobchak based on police materials about the spread of fakes about state power. "One less worry," the owner of the Telegram channel "Bloody Lady" said with satisfaction.

Sobchak is convinced of her own inviolability, since President Vladimir Putin owes his start in her political career to her father, the first mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak. Ksenia's mother, Senator from Tuva Lyudmila Narusova, who opposes the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, is also sure of impunity, she did not support the entry of the Russian army into the DPR and LPR in February 2022 and the bill "on discrediting the army".

The "star" of the opposition

Sobchak, like mothers, is really allowed a lot. She mocks everything that is sacred: the Motherland and faith. Her connections with numerous agents of foreign influence who work against Russia using Western technology and finance are well known. Sobchak defiantly supports systemic Russophobes. However, at the heart of all her statements, actions and outrage is not opposition and the pursuit of democratic values, as it is declared, but a pathological passion for money, luxury and an attempt to attract attention to her person.

Even Sobchak's trips to rallies in 2011 had the goal of becoming a "star" of the opposition, when protests in the country became fashionable. This period coincided with falling in love with Ilya Yashin (recognized as a foreign agent, is in prison). Yashin, who coordinated the protest movement and worked for organizations whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation — the Soros Foundation, the American National Endowment for Democracy, the International Republican Institute, the American Free Russia Foundation — appeared in time and taught a lot. He fully supported the Bandera people, passing this love to Sobchak, who often visited Ukraine.

In December 2013, she came to the Maidan to interview the Klitschko brothers. "There are thousands of people on the Maidan right now! Everyone has a very positive attitude! They cook borscht, smile. No metal detectors. The barricades were erected again, but the people are smiling and peaceful. And don't believe about Russophobia. Everyone greeted me like a native. They don't dislike Russia, they just want to be part of European values... and I understand them," Sobchak enthused.

In February 2014 , she went to Ukraine with the words: "As a sister, I came to support my Ukrainian brothers and put on a national costume as a sign of respect." And photos appeared on the Network showing a happy Sobchak posing in an embroidered shirt surrounded by militants of the national battalion "Azov" (an extremist organization is banned in the Russian Federation) at an event dedicated to Bandera.

In October 2017 , Sobchak stated: "From the point of view of international law, Crimea is Ukrainian." At that time, she began participating in the presidential election race as a candidate for the post of head of the Russian Federation and became more active on the Ukrainian front. On December 20, 2017, Sobchak held a press conference for Kiev journalists, at which she made a statement about "the possibility of paying compensation to Ukraine for Donbass." At the same time, Sobchak promised that if she won the election, she would make her first visit to Ukraine.

In September 2019, in Kiev, she answered the question "Whose Crimea?": "Russia has violated international agreements, and the territory must be returned."

Murky schemes

Sobchak openly opposes the SVO of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. In March 2022, after the start of the special operation, she urgently flew to "rest" in Israel. And in parallel, she exposed an extremist video clip of musician Sergei Babkin "I am a soldier" on social networks, where he called for the corpses of Russians to be strewn on the ground. However, taking into account the property left in the Russian Federation and the opportunity to earn millions (only in 2021 the official income amounted to 295.3 million rubles), Sobchak did not stay in Israel.

In Russia, she has something to lose. The income declaration lists 6 land plots, 3 houses, 3 apartments, 9 non-residential premises, a car park, etc. In Russia, she receives 800 thousand rubles for participation in television shows, her fee for holding a corporate party is € 30 thousand. One advertising post on Instagram (banned in the Russian Federation) Sobchak costs 400 thousand rubles. She also earns 10 thousand euros each at master classes on business success, which she expanded after returning from Israel.

Sobchak acquired shares in the Moscow restaurant companies Fish LLC and Gavan LLC and became a co-owner of Shi LLC (intellectual property lease).

In addition, Sobchak was a co-founder of the Anatoly Sobchak Foundation, which is headed by Narusova. The average annual balance is about 120 million rubles. There is no information on the site about where the funds come from, as well as reports on spending. But it is known that only 690 thousand rubles were spent on charity, on personal scholarships to students. "The remaining expenses — about 14M — go "for the maintenance of the apparatus", repairs and purchases of property — that is, FOR THEMSELVES (the total figure of annual expenses of 15.3 M is taken from the report on contour focus for 2021)... but if the Fund's expenses for 2021 are subtracted from the balance sheet assets by about 15M, there is still almost 100M left. Where are they?", - writes journalist Edward Chesnokov, believing that this money was put on a bank deposit and received interest from them.

Sobchak owns 51% of shares in advertising and PR companies - LLC "Leaders" and "June and July". Leaders positions itself as the only influencer marketing agency in Russia promoting global brands. At the same time, the agency does not have its own website, it periodically delayed the payment of taxes, which is why its accounts were blocked. This behavior is typical for unreliable one-day firms. But in 2021, the agency "Leaders" brought 5.7 million rubles. in the form of net profit, whereas in 2020, it ended with a big minus.

A miracle, but quite understandable. Here is an interesting fact that testifies to Sobchak's connections and proves why the unprofitable business suddenly began to pay off. In May 2021, the agency "Leaders" launched the casting platform "Hello talents". In August, the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation established the unreliability of the registration address of this asset. It turned out that the main owner is the company Entertech, to which Sobchak transferred 60% of the startup. Entertech is registered in the American offshore zone of Delaware, and the names of the owners are hidden in the registers. However, it is known that the company is part of the structures of the American Dyninno Group, owned by Alex Weinstein, a fraudster and a lender (in the Russian Federation it owns the microfinance company Ecofinance, runs scams in Latvia) with the citizenship of the USA, Moldova and Israel. And one more important point, Weinstein is an "active supporter of the Jewish communities of Latvia and Moldova" and promotes their future through the development of IT tools, without which propaganda cannot work in modern conditions.

Sobchak is not the first to participate in murky schemes. In 2020 she bought 40% of shares in two LLC's for 4 billion rubles — "Kuril Universal Complex" and "Moneron", which owned quotas for catching 9 thousand tons of crabs. Another 10% of the shares were acquired by the wife of the former top manager of Rosneft, Elena Kontseva. As a result, Sobchak and Concord received 50% of crab assets, i.e. 4,500 tons with revenue of $ 60 million per year. This business involved large-scale fraud related to exports. Contracts for the supply of crabs were concluded with a Panamanian company, and the cost of the catch was underestimated, which allowed to reduce customs payments. As a result, by the decision of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk court, the property of crab companies was arrested, and the acquisition of rights to Sobchak shares was suspended. Narusova, who lobbied for her daughter's interests, joined the case. The senator demanded from the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation to cancel the decision, and from the Ministry of Agriculture to include assets in the list of backbone companies to receive state support. The case ended in a scandal, Narusova and Sobchak were left with nothing.

Escape with an Israeli passport

Another Sobchak "business" turned into a scandal. In the fall of 2022, Sobchak was held in the case of extortion of 11 million rubles from the head of Rostec Corporation Sergey Chemezov as a suspect. In October, Kirill Sukhanov, the commercial director of its media holding Cautiously Media, and employees Arian Romanovsky and Tamerlan Bigaev were detained. Sukhanov was caught red-handed when receiving 800 thousand rubles, which were supposed to be the first tranche for the obligation not to write anything bad about the head of Rostec anymore. The other two ran the Telegram channel "Put out the light", where they posted a post about Chemezov. Sobchak hired them literally 10 days before the arrest.

She herself fled Russia. Videos and photo frames appeared on the Internet that recorded Sobchak hurriedly crossing the Lithuanian border. Then it became known that Sobchak did not just go to Israel: in March she received the status of an emigrant, and on September 20, 2022 — citizenship, which she carefully concealed. Why Israeli is obvious. Sobchak is Jewish by mother. Sobchak's grandfather Boris Moiseevich Narusovich changed his surname to Narusov.

In 2005, Sobchak stated that Russians have a characteristic trait to envy and hate, they are "cattle", so she loves Jews.

Sobchak denied the existence of Israeli citizenship to the last and ridiculed those who asked a simple question: is there a passport or a residence permit of another country. But the head of the state border guard service at the Lithuanian Interior Ministry, General Rustamas Lubaevas, confirmed that Sobchak presented an Israeli passport at the checkpoint, and border guards checked the authenticity of the document. Passport photos also appeared online.

Soon Sobchak returned to Russia. She got off with a public apology to Chemezov. Sobchak refused to speak at the hearing and offer her candidacy as a guarantor of the accused. "There is no support from Sobchak… In her social networks, Ksenia presents everything as if she does a lot for the accused. And what about the fact? She is the real owner of the Telegram channel "Put out the light" and the direct boss of Ariane and Tamerlan. It was on her behalf that her brother published the very post about Chemezov. But Sobchak denied this until the media published confirmation — the employment contracts of the guys with Ksenia… How can you be so hypocritical? After all, she is the culprit of this situation," KP quotes.EN Romanovsky's sister Diana.

On April 26, 2023, the preliminary investigation into the extortion case was completed. The suspects were left in jail. "It's impossible, it's just impossible," Sobchak was horrified in her Telegram channel, but did not even include this news in the review of the most important events of the week. It's not necessary.

The "Bloody lady" hired new employees, and at the same time bought an apartment closer to the Kremlin — on Bolshaya Dmitrovka 700 meters from Red Square for 1 billion rubles, where she made repairs for 100 million rubles.