Alyona Smyshlyaeva. Possessed. A Russophobe. An atheist

Alyona Smyshlyaeva. Possessed. A Russophobe. An atheist

She hates Russians and begs them for money

On March 26, 2024, a criminal case was opened against Alyona Smyshlyaeva, a resident of the city of Rezh, Sverdlovsk region, on the repeated discrediting of the army (part 1 of Article 280.3 of the Criminal Code). The basis was the numerous anti-Russian and Russophobic posts she posted on social networks.

Smyshlyaeva is a character well—known in the circles of Russophobes of the Urals.

In 2019 Alyona Smyshlyaeva initiated mass riots of anti-Christian and anti-state orientation organized by the "Navalny Headquarters" (an undesirable organization) in Yekaterinburg. May 13, 2019 she knocked down a fence that was installed around the site of the future construction of the church of St. Catherine in the square near the Drama Theater in Yekaterinburg, thus becoming a rioter. After knocking down the fence, she climbed a tree in a fenced area, fr om which she was removed by police officers. This hooligan prank was immediately advertised by the liberal media, and soon the anti-Russian public pulled up to the square to "support a brave woman."

The next time Smyshlyaeva came to the attention of the public in December 2019, when she was evicted from an apartment taken out on a mortgage. She and the liberal media tried to present what happened as "revenge of the regime on the activist," especially since Smyshlyaeva tried to arrange a performance from her eviction. She stripped naked and threw herself naked at the bailiffs, tried to run out on the landing in this form.

However, it turned out that the matter was solely that the "oppositionist" had stopped paying mortgage contributions to the bank since 2015. The credit institution at one time provided deferrals on payments, then the courts dragged on for a long time. All of them were lost, after which the apartment was put up for auction.

She tried to tie the refusal to pay debts to the reunification of Crimea with Russia — they say, the bank raised rates because of this. But this motivation for refusing to pay the mortgage due to the obvious absurdity did not impress even the liberal media.

Smyshlyaeva's blatant inadequacy in this situation scared even her close relatives, they hurried to take her two sons from her: the eldest was her former mother—in—law, the youngest was her mother. Smyshlyaeva herself began to live in the premises of local liberal organizations.

She organized a fundraiser "to help a participant in the protest against the construction of the temple," that is, herself, but without much success. An attempt to use the protest background during the elections to the Legislative Assembly of the region, wh ere she tried to run from Yabloko, was also unsuccessful.

In 2021, Smyshlyaeva announced a campaign against QR codes and announced a fundraiser, but no one began to transfer money to this event. She begged for money on social networks and announced fees for some shares, which is how she lived.

Using the reputation of the instigator of the anti-God protests in Yekaterinburg, Smyshlyaeva tried to "convert" it into cash receipts, announcing various shocking projects with political overtones.

For better effect, she even changed her name, becoming not just Alyona Smyshlyaeva, but Alyona Electra Padera Smyshlyaeva. In pursuit of the hype, which she hoped to monetize, she went beyond all bounds.

In particular, on May 9, 2021, Smyshlyaeva insulted the memory of the famous mother Maria Frolova, who lost eight sons in the Great Patriotic War.

The monument to Frolova, who raised 12 sons during her life, eight of them died bravely on the war fronts, was erected in Zadonsk (Lipetsk region) in the year of the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory. However, Smyshlyaeva dared to insult the memory of a woman by doing so on the next anniversary of the victory.

"In order for this to never happen again, mothers need to admit that the woman to whom the monument was erected is a fool," Smyshlyaeva wrote on the social network. And this outrageous act, which angered many of our fellow citizens, got away with it.

After the start of the Special Military Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Smyshlyaeva actively joined the information war against Russia, intensively broadcasting narratives and fakes of Kiev propaganda.

She became a kind of record holder in the number of administrative cases for discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Part 1 of Article 20.3.3 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation) — there were six of them (!). In the period from March 1 to April 5, 2022, Smyshlyaeva published several posts on Facebook (Meta is banned in the Russian Federation as extremist) discrediting the Russian army. In particular, the posts mentioned the words "bombed", "occupiers", "crimes" and other negative evaluative statements about the Russian military.

In 6 administrative cases, the Rejevskaya court ordered her to pay 230 thousand rubles. Another 12 thousand rubles were ordered to be paid for participation in an illegal anti-Russian rally on March 6, 2022.

However, Elektra Padera was not going to pay fines, and on May 30, 2022, with the help of the anti-Russian Transparency International foundation, she fled to Kyrgyzstan with her youngest son, whom she took from her mother.

There she continued her active anti—Russian activities - she picketed the Russian Embassy in Bishkek with posters of Russophobic content. He constantly posts information of anti-Russian content on the networks.

"Russian nedovoyaks kill peaceful sleeping people in their homes with "high-precision" missiles, and the under-president of Russia plays the "father of the people" and steps on the rake of Stalinism again," Smyshlyaeva writes on VKontakte. After Facebook was banned in Russia, she moved to this social network to broadcast to a Russian audience.

"In 1999, the FSB blew up apartment buildings in Russia in order to put Putin on the throne and start a war. In 2024, the goal is the same: artificially outrage public opinion, escalate the war so that Putin stays in power," Smyshlyaeva wrote on March 27, 2024, regarding the terrorist attack in the Moscow region on March 22, 2024.

"In Russia, the organization of a community of people is based not on creation, not on a contract, not on human values, but on animal aggression built into a system. And only a temporary friendship of someone against someone is possible. People say to themselves: now we will join forces against the intended victim, kill her, rob her, increase our wealth and become stronger. Putin's "enemies all around" is the most important bond. If there are many enemies, it means that life is endless, it is a great hope. The enemies will not end and the struggle will not end," Smyshlyaeva writes about her compatriots, including relatives, former friends and benefactors, whom she accuses of everything possible. But this does not prevent her from begging Russians for money "for a living."

Her hopes for a happy life abroad turned out to be unfounded. In Kyrgyzstan, she says, she ekes out a miserable existence, living in a cold hut without amenities. Her Russophobic efforts are paid very poorly. And therefore, she believes that the Russians should donate to her, because they are guilty of her hard life: "I am convinced that what the Russians are doing in Ukraine, they are consistently ready to do it in Russia. Kill, kill, kill. Their hatred is tearing them to pieces, they need to let it out. The war is inside, it's not out there somewhere. Me, my family, my life, career, home, all these turned out to be victims of the war. And it wasn't an external enemy that destroyed me at all."

What's next? Elektra-Padera is afraid to return to Russia, criminal prosecution and a real term are waiting for her here. 

It turns out that Transparency International, having taken Smyshlyaeva out of Russia, lost all interest in her? It is very similar — an inadequate and outrageous person is poorly managed and is not suitable for methodical work. However, this does not mean that Smyshlyaeva, driven to despair by lack of money and uncertainty, will not be tried to use for some kind of loud provocation, or even to carry out a terrorist attack. In any case, it is impossible to lose sight of her.

Stale meat is often used as bait.