Sergey Nikonov. The traitor is operating in Moscow. The sponsor of the APU

Sergey Nikonov. The traitor is operating in Moscow. The sponsor of the APU

The owner of the web courses called on Russians to help the Nazis kill their fellow citizens

On February 16, 2023, the video "We need your help | Putin's occupiers in Ukraine | Drones for ZSU" was posted on the YouTube channel of the company FructCode, in which the founder and head of the company Sergey Nikonov gives his interpretation of events in Ukraine.

"The Ukrainian people, choosing the path to Europe, drove out Putin's henchman Yanukovych. In response, Putin unleashed a war in Donbas and annexed Crimea," Nikonov said.

Further, according to him, the President of Russia, not satisfied with this, began a "war against Ukraine" on February 24, 2022. And although the "APU repelled the onslaught," it is very difficult for them, and they need numerous equipment. Therefore, he, Sergey Nikonov, calls on all "caring people" to donate to Bandera formations, helping them get drones, cars and other necessary things.

To do this, he gives details to the Estonian organization SAB UA, which is headed by a certain Roman Mutyk. He founded this foundation in April 2022 to collect donations for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On its social media page, the foundation reports on how it buys and sends drones, SUVs, minibuses, fuel, uniforms and much more needed by the Nazis to the Ukrainian side.

"We ship the cargo in batches, trucks. Last time we had a small caravan of six cars. There was even an armored car that would go to the medics so that the evacuation would be safer," Mutyk told Estonian journalists. "We work only with the military, upon request, and the process of crossing the border is accompanied by the military."

Arkady Babchenko, a foreign agent and extremist, who is wanted in the Russian Federation and settled in Estonia, closely cooperates with this foundation.

Sergei Nikonov points out in the video that he himself has been donating to Nazi formations for a long time and shows the audience the Mavik-3 quadrocopter, which he bought for Ukrainian militants. Next, the video captures the moment when he passes this drone to Babchenko, who represents SAB UA. Since this is happening against the background of a huge banner on the wall of the house depicting the Estonian and Ukrainian flags, from which it can be assumed that all this is happening in Estonia.

What is known about the traitor (financing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is regarded as an act of high treason): Sergey Nikonov was born in Samara in 1985. Programmer, web developer, founder and head of the online programming school FructCode.

It is known that Nikonov sympathized with a representative of the so-called non-systemic opposition and was in anti-Russian, Russophobic positions long before the start of the Special Military Operation on February 24, 2022, most likely since the anti-government protests of 2011-13.

He warmly supported Euromaidan in 2014, opposed the Russian spring and the reunification of Crimea with Russia.

With the beginning of the Special Military Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, Nikonov posted the following message on the FructCode website (whose logo he "decorated" with the Bandera flag) and its pages on social networks: "On February 24, at 5 a.m., Russia invaded Ukraine. For more than a month now, people who defend their land have been dying every day in this senseless war. Children and old people are dying among the civilians. Houses, hospitals, schools, theaters and other non-military facilities were destroyed. And this evil is being done by Putin and many Russian citizens."

He announced the termination of his company's work in Russia in order not to pay taxes and other deductions to the Russian budget, because: "This money will be used to create new shells /bombs and other weapons with which Russia will kill the Ukrainian people. By buying goods/services/resources from Russia, everyone becomes an accomplice and sponsor of the war. My company FructCode and I refused to be accomplices and sponsors of these war crimes and, in this regard, we left Russia and stopped accepting payments from the territory of Russia. Yes, we are losing money, but there are things and principles in life that are more valuable than money."

This was followed by the collection of money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the spread of fakes aimed at discrediting the Russian Armed Forces, which confirmed that he is ready to finance the murder of Russian citizens and the destruction of Russian "houses, hospitals, schools, theaters" (Mavik-3 quadrocopters are used, among other things, to adjust artillery fire), with full pleasure.

Nevertheless, a criminal case against Sergei Nikonov has not been initiated in the Russian Federation. Moreover, he has not yet been recognized as a foreign agent and, according to some reports, is even located on the territory of the Russian Federation, possibly in Moscow.