Semyon Treskunov. The traitor who didn't make it to Hollywood

Semyon Treskunov. The traitor who didn't make it to Hollywood

Immorality, Russophobia, infantilism broke the life of a successful actor

"I don't know how Russians react to the news: maybe they just don't read it, or maybe they don't take it seriously. But the fate of living in a society that has chosen bloodthirsty militarism as the state ideology, fr om any point of view, will be an unenviable fate. I've been told many times that the whole country can't just leave. Good. And how about getting up and going out to protest the whole country against v-o-y-n-y? What prevented this? There are only two things: ignorance and cowardice," actor Semyon Treskunov, who left the country, said in early October 2023.

Currently staying in Spain and looking for work, he spends his time giving interviews to anti-Russian resources and posting Russophobic posts on social networks.

On November 12, 2023, he said: "If Putin came out and said: so, guys, we have run out of food supplies, now we will eat human flesh! Well, I think in a year or two it would become an absolute norm of life."

He has quite a lot of such delusional reprises, and apparently, with their help, he strives not to fall out of the media field, to maintain interest in his person.

Treskunov was born in Moscow in 1999 in Moscow, and by the age of 24 he already had a huge acting baggage - 70 roles in various films. Undoubtedly, this is due to his expressive appearance, ideal for characteristic roles in which it is necessary to portray a simple boy from the lower strata of society. But Sema himself attributed his success exclusively to his colossal acting talent, of which he was convinced. This later ruined him. At some point, long before the start of the SVO, young Treskunov became a regular at anti-government rallies of the non-systemic opposition.

This political activity caused amazement among many. Even the actor and director Nikita Mikhalkov addressed Treskunov in his author's program: "You are pushing people with your popularity who do not understand wh ere and why they are going… Here is a young actor Semyon Treskunov, with a rate of 180 thousand per shift. I am not saying this to arouse envy and hatred. I am saying this so that you will arouse a feeling of falseness in yourself. It turns out that you suffer from Putin's regime on average from 180 to 250 thousand rubles per shooting day. What are you dissatisfied with?".

However, everything is explained very simply: Treskunov, who believed in his genius, decided that he was worthy of much more than supporting roles in TV series, and wanted to conquer Hollywood. And those people who came out to him assured this that there is nothing impossible in this — you just need to show a little "civic activity". He did.

"On the very first day I received a blow in the stomach from the shameful garbage when I went to the Arena," he complained later.

Almost all the actors and representatives of show business involved in the speeches of the non-systemic opposition were recruited in the same way and collected a kind of "portfolio" of their participation in the "fight against the regime".

So, the actress Yana Troyanova, who left Russia, herself, in the simplicity of her soul, told how she carefully documented her participation in protest events, so that later on the basis of these papers she could get a "talent visa" at the French embassy.

Treskunov also prepared in advance for the exodus and the conquest of western Parnassus. In 2021, as an ethnic Jew, he received Israeli citizenship.

After the start of a Special military operation of the Armed Forces. On February 24, 2022, he left the chapels of Russia "in protest" in order to receive all the bonuses and dividends promised to him for anti-Russian activities.

At first, he was inspired and optimistic about the future: "Now I am an Israeli citizen. I don't live there, although as a Jew I got citizenship there. The world is so big and free that I can live wherever I want. I care about Russia only because I used to live there."

He moved to warm Spain, and while waiting for him to be invited to Hollywood, he called on the Russians to disrupt the partial mobilization announced on September 21, 2022: "I urge everyone not to sit idly by, but to hide or leave. Personally, I refused to receive money from Russia on principle."

In addition, he reported that he regularly transfers money to Ukraine for the needs of the Nazi regime. But no one called him to act and does not offer contacts. He even changed his name to "Sam", but that didn't help either.

The young talent began to guess that he was simply thrown, and his talent is not interesting to anyone. He was still cheering up and persuading himself that he had done everything right: "I left because I don't see a future here. Society is very quarrelsome. They will come up with anything to justify themselves, just not to do anything. There is a dysfunctional civil society in Russia, which has lost itself."

However, this infantile creature believed that it was possible to "play back" and pretend that "everything was fake", that "nothing happened", and that he, so talented, even if not appreciated in the West, would be called back.

And when he was not invited to star in the next season of the series "Ivanovs-Ivanovs", he was not just discouraged, but also outraged, so much so that he even called on his fans to start an "uprising", seeking his return.

"My employers do not consider it necessary to invite me to shoot. I asked my fans to storm their office, and suddenly it will help and they will call me back to shoot," he wrote.

But no one went to storm and he was not called anywhere. So Sam Treskunov tries out Russophobic posts and anti-Russian interviews, for which at least something falls, and allows him to make ends meet.