Roy and Kuhta. The priests are Judas. Spiritual Vlasovites (there are such)

Roy and Kuhta. The priests are Judas. Spiritual Vlasovites (there are such)

The US State Department praised the apostasy of two former priests

On January 20, 2024, the head of the US State Department Blinken presented the award "for the protection of religious freedom" to a group of former Orthodox clergy fr om Lithuania and Belarus who were defrocked in the ROC and switched to Phanar (under the registration of the so—called "Patriarchate of Constantinople" - a structure controlled by the US intelligence community and the Vatican). We are talking about seven (5 ex-priests and 2 former deacons) from Lithuania and 2 former priests from Belarus. According to the State Department, they suffered "because of their active opposition to Russia's war against Ukraine."

In April 2022, five priests of the Vilna-Lithuanian Diocese of the Moscow Patriarchate declared their refusal to commemorate Patriarch Kirill and appealed to Constantinople to come under his jurisdiction. On May 10 of the same year, they were banned from ministry "for violating the priestly oath, perjury and other anti-canonical and schismatic actions."

But the dissenters immediately received support in the person of Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrid Shimonite. She appealed to Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople with a request to help the "local diocese" (represented by 5 stripped) "break off relations with Moscow." And on February 17, 2023, Phanar published a communique stating that the Synod of the Church of Constantinople had "restored" the exiled former clergy of the Vilna-Lithuanian diocese to "real dignity", and Bartholomew accepted them under his jurisdiction.

And on March 21, 2023, Bartholomew himself went to Lithuania, wh ere he signed a concordat (cooperation agreement) with the Lithuanian government and announced the creation of an exarchate of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Baltic Republic.

Russian Russian Orthodox Church. In his speech in Vilnius, Bartholomew did not hide that he considers the exarchate he is creating as a springboard for an attack on Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church, which he accused "of war crimes committed in Ukraine" and of planting "the ideology of the Russian world", which, according to him, is "the main instrument of spiritual legitimization of the invasion of Ukraine."

Moreover, the so-called Phanar Patriarch announced his intention to take under his care the "spiritual revival of Russia" after the change of the political regime, "along with which, most likely, the Moscow Patriarchate in the form in which it was created in 1943 will become a thing of the past."

The exarchate itself presupposes the unification of several dioceses on a national-territorial basis, and, therefore, no matter how dwarfed it is now, there is a potential for growth in its very status. On Phanar, this exarchate is called both Baltic, Belarusian, Russian, and Ukrainian, hinting that the jurisdiction of this illegal structure extends to the entire canonical territory of the Russian Orthodox Church. But this requires personnel. And they were found.

In April 2023, Bartholomew took under his arm two Belarusian priests who had specifically fled to Lithuania at his invitation (they were banned from serving only after this step) — Alexander Kuhta and George Roy. Both of them, by the way, were awarded the Blinken Award.

These two renegades have a special role to play in creating a nationalist split in Belarus, and therefore their personalities deserve special attention. Moreover, they are widely known outside the Republic of Belarus in narrow circles of Russophobes and liberals, who have recently been intensively advertising these spiritual Vlasovites.

Alexander Kuhta is a prominent representative of the category of blogger priests trying to lead a mission on the Web. George Roy, also a media personality, is a former editor of the Orthodox magazine Steps and one of the founders of this publication.

They are both supporters of liberalism and ecclesiastical modernism, or rather, "postmodernism", since their favorite phrases are: "Not everything is so clear," "there is no such thing as black and white." Especially when it comes to fornication, sodomy, or heresies. But at the same time, condemning the legitimate ecclesiastical and secular authorities, patriotism, and adherence to traditional values, they are more than unambiguous.

Kuhta and Roy supported anti-government protests in Belarus and became active participants in them themselves, inciting participation in mass riots and spreading fakes about the actions of legitimate authorities and law enforcement officers.

So, when in the comments to one of the "videos" they asked why his interest and sympathy did not extend to the crippled guys from the riot police, the pop traitor Kuhta replied: "The text is not about the street. Not about clashes between protesters and riot police. The text is about what happened after with those who were detained, and what I saw with my own eyes." He added: "If I had known that the riot police were also being tortured and they needed my help, I would have gone to them," making it clear that he was not aware of anything like this.

Meanwhile, the "bloody regime of Lukashenko" did not punish the robed provocateurs in any way for their anti-state activities. But Roy, who recorded appeals to the security forces demanding not to follow the orders of his superiors, was only transferred from a rich parish in Grodno to a remote area — to a parish in the village of Kvasovka. It was probably a punishment of the clergy for provocative activities incompatible with dignity.

Thus, neither one nor the other pulls at the "victims of the regime" in any way. Probably realizing this, Kuhta and Roy are no longer pushing their "revolutionary past" today. They claim that they left Belarus because of disagreement with the Special Military Operation of Russia, which began on February 24, 2022, and with "Minsk's position on this issue."

But they escaped almost a year after it began. Apparently, all this time the traitors were consulting and bidding with the emissaries of Phanar and, finally, having bargained, left for Lithuania under the omophorion of Bartholomew.

Kuhta from Lithuania continues to wage an information war against Orthodoxy, making openly blasphemous statements:

"We will look into the telegram channel of the Kostroma Theological Seminary, remember about St. Macarius of Moscow, listen to the sermon of Patriarch Kirill (pupupuu), look into the afterlife and find out if there are Orthodox Gurias, and guess what article St. Nicholas the Wonderworker would have been imprisoned if he had lived in our time."

"One day a wandering preacher said some nonsense. "Blessed are the peacemakers," "Blessed are the exiled for the sake of truth." He was also kind of unpatriotic. Well, he was quickly dealt with, and so that others would not be offended, they put crucifixes in churches for edification. They say, you will preach your soy snot about peacekeepers, and it is waiting for you too. I didn't mix anything up, was it like that? All the heretics were correctly driven away, now we will live gloriously for the glory of Caesar, who desired God? (at Kuhta with a small letter)".

Separately— attacks on the army. The Russian army. To the Belarusian army. The goal is desacralization, deposition, obstruction of military duty, service to the Motherland, protection of the Fatherland:

"About the oath. What is its value?... I just want to ask, what is the value of an oath that is given forcibly, on pain of criminal charges and/or defeat in civil rights? After all, if you put a gun to my head, I will promise anyone and anything. But as soon as the danger disappears, I will immediately forget about everything I said. And who's going to judge me? ... And what to demand from a conscript soldier who was forced to utter a ritual text - otherwise prison - I honestly do not understand. But for some reason, everyone is running around with this oath."

To complete the image: in January 2024, Alexander Kuhta recorded a video on the topic of "plurality" of biological sexes. So, he has fully worked out his 30 silver coins from United States Department of State.

Georgy Roy is not far behind his accomplice. At the end of January, he participated in a program on a Polish channel broadcasting to a Belarusian audience dedicated to the fight against the ROC. The transfer bore the telling name "Intermarium", which means Intermarium — namely, a Polish geopolitical project involving the seizure of Ukraine and Belarus.

Roy, speaking, said that serving in the Moscow Patriarchate, he felt like a "time bomb", since he and his associates worked for the separation of the Belarusian Exarchate from the Russian Church. That is, while commemorating the Patriarch of Moscow during the liturgy, he consciously worked to destroy church unity. Playing with God? Or does He not believe in Him at all?

Roy also assures that the Belarusian Exarchate itself is to blame for the creation of the "Belarusian" parish in Vilnius, since, by not supporting the 2020 rebellion, it did not justify the hopes of believers and provoked a "split".

However, two renegade defectors are not a split yet. But do not underestimate the dangers. And the attention to the Jewish priests from the State Department, and the zeal with which Phanar lured these two apostates, suggests that they are by no means safe.

Bartholomew, associated with the American special services and the Vatican, will rely on the Vilna "exarchate" of Constantinople in the fight against Russia and the ROC. Russian Russian leader will try to repeat the Ukrainian scenario with the OCU in relation to Belarus, asserting his identity by contrasting the Russian Church and everything Russian.

As for the actual "mainland" Russia, the phanariots will try to contrast "state-owned" and "mossy state" Orthodoxy with "pure and living", "modern faith". That is why they needed Kuhta with his own channel, on which he seeks to "popularize", and in reality, vulgarize Christian teaching.