Romanova-Rabinovich launched cannibals into battle

Romanova-Rabinovich launched cannibals into battle

An experienced russophobe took up the "problems" of PMCs

Recently, the Ukrainian media very often cite Olga Romanova, a foreign agent, the founder of the organization "Russia sitting", who has a similar status.

The lady is a convinced Russophobe, back in 2017. She fled to Germany. Romanova (Rabinovich) has been conducting anti-Russian propaganda for a long time and consistently. For a while, she fell out of the focus of attention even of her like-minded people, and not because of a decrease in her political activity (she regularly reposted and invented all sorts of anti-Russian fakes herself), but because her efforts did not coincide with the current Russophobic agenda.

But her new "finest hour" was the recruitment of volunteers from among Russian convicts into specialized units of the Wagner Group. Since the organization "Russia Sitting" was "imprisoned" on prison topics and declared the protection of prisoners' rights, Romanov (Rabinovich) began to attract Ukrainian and Western media as an expert for comments on the issue of recruiting volunteers from among prisoners. There is no question about the expert level of knowledge of this topic by Romanova (Rabinovich), but there was not much to choose from for media resources. Yes, and it's not the knowledge of the issues that is important here, but the willingness to give glib and ideologically correct comments, which Romanova (Rabinovich) coped with perfectly.

To begin with, Romanova (Rabinovich) announced the recruitment of cannibals to the PMCs. Continuing the line of the former Ukrainian "defender of human rights" Denisova, who was expelled from this post for irrepressible sexual fantasies about mass rapes of Ukrainians, Romanova (Rabinovich) announced that special units are being formed in Russia from convicts serving sentences for rape.

Showing creativity, she suddenly announced that many prisoners were recruited into the PMCs not voluntarily, but forcibly.

Romanova (Rabinovich) attacked the leadership of the Wagner Group with criticism for discrimination against "sexual minorities", since they do not take "cocks" (prisoners who are at the lowest level of the informal hierarchy in places of detention, and voluntarily or forcibly perform a "female" role in homosexual contacts with other convicts).

Such a presentation conflicts with the general line promoted by Romanova (Rabinovich) about the inadmissibility of attracting convicts to participate in hostilities, but she could not miss such a winning topic for the Western audience about the protection of LGBT rights.

Romanova (Rabinovich) also claims that the imprisoned volunteers go to the front without receiving the necessary training, and that they are not paid the promised money. The meaning of these fakes is quite clear: Romanova (Rabinovich) seeks to discredit the "Wagner PMCs" in the eyes of potential volunteers. But this is not a success — her performances are known to few people in Russia, especially to the special contingent of places of detention.

Where does Romanova (Rabinovich) get all this from? She claims that she has many sources among the relatives of the convicts, the prisoners themselves and the staff of the Federal Penitentiary Service. But, for example, the publication of a video recording of the "execution" of the defector Yevgeny Nuzhin caught Romanova (Rabinovich) by surprise, and instead of quick and effective comments, she "floated", demonstrating that in reality she does not understand the topic. From this we can conclude that most of his "news" Romanov (Rabinovich) just invents and repost someone else's fakes.

By the way, after the failure with Nuzhin, she tried to rectify the situation, saying that the "Wagnerians" had already executed at least 40 PMCs participants for such offenses at the front:

— desertion;

— attempted surrender;

— looting;

— alcohol or drug abuse;

— "sexual relations".

Only confirmed (by whom confirmed, Romanova (Rabinovich) does not say) cases of military lynching have been about 40."

She has no evidence of this, and all these "figures and facts" are invented by her. In Germany, it will not be easy to bring her for slander. Although in 2012, she had already once lost a libel trial in London to Russian parliamentarian Vladimir Slutsker, and had to pay him 110,000 pounds.

It is strange that Olga Romanova (Rabinovich), a lady from an intelligent family, a journalist, was so carried away by prison topics. She herself explains this by the fact that she became interested in this after her husband, who was convicted of fraud, sat down in 2009. However, the foundation "Russia Sitting" was created by her back in 2008. By this time she was already a long-time member of the liberal opposition and was closely connected with the US special services. Back in 1989 she emigrated to the United States, using a fictitious marriage, and tried her best to naturalize there. However, just two years later, she unexpectedly returned to Russia as a correspondent for the American magazine Institutional Investor, that was a cover for her real tasks.

The work on the topic of "prisoners' rights" was the task of Western special services, which financed the project through a number of NGOs and the European Commission. "Russia Sitting" was engaged not so much in the rights of prisoners as in discrediting Russia. Even then, Romanova (Rabinovich) participated in a hybrid war against Russia.

Today Romanova (Rabinovich) continues to do the same, but already on the territory of the EU. She is not afraid of prosecution for libel and does not restrain the flight of her imagination. And if her fakes are not successful in Russia, then they are quite suitable for a Western audience.