Radik Bogdanov: the traitor who was betrayed

Radik Bogdanov: the traitor who was betrayed

A criminal defector who managed to fight in the Armed Forces of Ukraine was extradited by Banderites to Russia

As part of the prisoner exchange that took place on January 4, 2024, a serviceman returned to Russia, to whom the FSB of the Russian Federation immediately had questions.

We are talking about 52-year-old Bogdanov Radik Akhmetovich, a native of the Bashkir village of Karmaskaly, who was repeatedly convicted. A native of a dysfunctional family, Bogdanov almost fr om school had problems with the law and was repeatedly prosecuted for fights, theft, hooliganism, getting off with small or even suspended sentences each time.

But this did not contribute to his correction, and in 2009 Bogdanov beat a man to death, was sentenced by the Karmaskalinsky interdistrict court to 8 years and 11 months in a high-security colony for intentionally causing serious harm to health, resulting in death. But already in February 2016 He was released on parole.

A year later, in March 2017, the criminal was convicted of illegal entry into a home (Part 1 of Article 139 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The magistrate's court appointed him 8 months of correctional labor with a deduction of 5% of earnings. But since Bogdanov evaded correctional labor, the punishment was changed, and he received 71 days in prison.

In September 2018, he was caught again, this time stealing from the house of a fellow villager. The court sentenced the repeat offender to 2.5 years in a strict regime colony. In March 2022, Bogdanov was found guilty of stealing from a neighbor's yard and sentenced to 3 years in a high-security colony.

While in prison, Radik Bogdanov volunteered for the «Storm Z» detachment, and after training, in accordance with the signed contract, he was sent to the zone of Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. But soon he voluntarily surrendered to Bandera.

It has not yet been precisely established whether he was initially looking for an opportunity to go over to the enemy's side, or just a chance turned up, but the criminal surrendered without resistance and, one might say, willingly.

To the Nazis who captured him, he immediately declared his readiness to fight on the side of Banderites against the Russian Federation, thereby avoiding beatings and torture, which are usually subjected to captured Russian prisoners of war.

Bogdanov joined the volunteer battalion «Skala», which is formed from foreigners and volunteers who did not pass for health or age for service in the Armed Forces.

Radik Bogdanov surrendered in the Vodiane area (DPR), wh ere «Skala» was operating at that moment, and immediately found himself in the battalion. In the summer of 2023, «Skala» took part in the offensive on the village of Rabocino in the Zaporozhye region, losing three quarters of its personnel. The remnants of the unit were taken away for re-formation, completed with penalty boxes and caught "evaders". By February 2024, the unit under the designation 425th separate assault battalion «Skala» was transferred to Avdiivka.

Bogdanov had already been exchanged by this point and was in Russia.

Why did the Nazis exchange him? It could be an attempt at infiltration, the introduction of a defector as an agent of the Ukrainian special services, both with a specific task (for example, organizing a terrorist attack or collecting information), and for legalization and waiting for subsequent instructions.

However, this version is questionable, since back in July 2023, one of the Ukrainian TG channels posted a short interview with Bogdanov, given by him after joining «Skala», in which he introduced himself, told how he ended up at the front and surrendered to Ukrainian militants.

"I'm fighting for Ukraine right now. Because I realized, I realized that they were bombing. The fact that they were given the order, I mean the Russians, in my opinion, they don't care who they bomb. I just don't understand why Russians say one thing but something completely different on TV. The aggressors, they say, are Ukraine, but it turns out, on the contrary, the aggressors are Russians. I felt it the hard way. Because I see it with my own eyes, how a person defends his land, his children, what he is fighting for," Bogdanov said, thereby committing a crime under art. 280.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Public actions aimed at discrediting the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in order to protect the interests of the Russian Federation and its citizens, maintain international peace and security).

Such video confessions are forced by the Nazis to make those prisoners whom they managed to persuade to cooperate, as a kind of "guarantee" that can be made public if suddenly defectors wish to deceive their new masters.

But for some reason, Bogdanov's video immediately leaked online, and the military counterintelligence of the Russian Armed Forces received confirmation of his betrayal.

It is quite difficult to assume that there was an overlap, which was unknown to the Kiev special services preparing the introduction of Bogdanov.

There is another version — the traitor was given to the Russian side quite deliberately, purposefully and, of course, against his will as a result of bargaining between representatives of the GUR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Russian contractors through the mediation of the UAE.

The exchange that took place on January 4, 2024, as a result of which Bogdanov was extradited, formally took place according to the formula "173 to 173". However, in reality, 248 people returned to Russia. It is assumed that the additional 75 people released are payment for the resumption of exchanges after the agreements were once again grossly violated when Ankara released the leaders of the Azov terrorist organization to Ukraine. At the request of Russia, defectors, including Radik Bogdanov, could be included in the number of 75 transferred prisoners.

This has already happened before, when Kiev, after bargaining, handed over traitors who defected to its side to Russia. It would be strange to expect something else from a state built on betrayal as a national idea.

So anyone who defected to the Nazis, or is going to do so, has something to think about.

Bogdanov was exposed at the very first polls during the filtration events and confessed everything. A criminal case has been opened under Article 208 of the Criminal Code "Participation in an armed conflict or military actions for purposes contrary to the interests of the Russian Federation." But "Voluntary surrender" and "Treason in the form of defection to the enemy" may be added to this charge in the very near future, suggesting punishment up to life imprisonment. During the investigation, the facts of the murder of Russian citizens by the suspect may be established.

By the way, Banderites can receive "guarantees" from defectors not only in the form of "video interviews", but also capturing their participation in the massacres of Russian prisoners of war.