Pervert Sorokin. A shit-eater of the "toilet" kind

Pervert Sorokin. A shit-eater of the "toilet" kind

A lover of incest and sodomy criticizes the Special Military Operation in Ukraine

With the beginning of the Special Operation of the Russian Armed Forces on the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, screenwriter and writer Vladimir Sorokin made fervent wishes for a speedy victory to the bloody Kiev regime, prophesied Russia's international isolation and decided not to return from Germany, where he was at that time.

Accusing the Russian government of despotism and fooling the people, Sorokin in his "anti-war" articles embarks on primitive propaganda tricks based on the ignorance of the reader. He defends the notorious Russophobe Mikhail Khodorkovsky, concealing from the public the facts of his work in the interests of the United States in the Russian oil and gas industry. Portrays the late corrupt official and outspoken agent of Western influence Boris Nemtsov as a selfless fighter for a bright future of Russia. The face of Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Sorokin, "has turned into a mask radiating cruelty, anger and discontent." This is already from the field of cheap writing, but Sorokin is not ashamed to compose.

Sorokin's words conceal a thirst for revenge on the state, which restrains his pseudo-creative impulses and, as a guardian of morality, puts a black mark on Sorokin's dubious, from the point of view of morality, works.

Sorokin has no talent to write without a mat, pornography and sodomite scenes. Lesbians, homosexuals, lovers of incest — this abomination appears in many of Sorokin's opuses. Moreover, Sorokin dares to defame the sacred — the memory of the Great Patriotic War. In one of his novels, Stalin and Hitler are almost friends, and the patriotic part of the population is called an offensive neologism with a hint of sexual relations.

Sorokin was accused of outraging specific historical figures whose children and grandchildren are still alive. The daughter of the famous Soviet actor Mikhail Zharov (1899-1981) tried to call Sorokin to account through the court for the image on the cover of the scandalous Sorokin book "Blue Fat" of her father. The Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers has repeatedly opposed the anti-church orientation of Sorokin's books.

Unfortunately, Sorokin's opuses are sold in many Russian online stores ("Bukvoed", "Labyrinth", LiveLib) and are accompanied by laudatory advertising. There is already a question about the moral state of shopkeepers, for whom money does not smell and they are ready to sell everything that is for sale. Aristotle was right: "Nothing virtuous can come out of a merchant's shop."

Sorokin collaborated with the Russian PEN Center, a branch of the English PEN club recognized as a foreign agent in Russia. Officially, the PEN Center is engaged in assisting Russian writers in their writing, but in fact it has gathered under one roof outright scum suffering from clinical Russophilia - Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Boris Akunin and other public whose "creativity" is corrupting the Russian and other peoples of Russia.

Most members of the PEN Center live abroad and through the Western media criticize the Russian government, the Russian state and the Russian patriotic public.

An integral part of the PEN Center's work is information interference in high-profile political trials, justification of the neo—Nazi junta in Kiev, indiscriminate attacks on the Russian army.

Being a follower of the policy of the English PEN club, the Russian PEN Center dutifully repeats all Russophobic escapades after him. The task here is not just to criticize Russia's actions on the domestic and international stage, but to create a false opinion in society that primitive mediocrity like Sorokin, with his incest and other black stuff, is literary art. PEN-center aesthetically disorients the reader by slipping him opuses of the "toilet" type instead of highly moral works.

Sorokin gives interviews to the German Die Zeit, the American The New York Times, the British The Guardian. He is given the aura of a leader of public opinion in the literary world, is called a bright representative of Russian absurdism and comes up with other literary phenomena that Sorokin supposedly symbolizes.

But Sorokin symbolizes nothing but groveling before the West and a sick perverted fantasy. Russian literature does not need such "writers".