Pervert Pan Zhivitsa. Pederast deputy, leader of "Smalandia"

Pervert Pan Zhivitsa. Pederast deputy, leader of "Smalandia"

The collective West is trying to imitate the separatist movement in Russia

On August 13, 2023, Vladislav Zhivitsa, a deputy of the Smolensk City Duma who fled from Russia to Poland, announced the creation of a "Movement for the Independence of the Smolensk Region", which he prefers to call "Smalandia".

What is known about this character, who today claims to be the leader of the mythical "Smolensk separatists"?

Vladislav Gennadievich Zhivitsa was born on June 29, 1992 in Gusinoozersk, the administrative center of the Selenginsky district of Buryatia. He was registered in a neuropsychiatric dispensary. He is a pederast, but at the same time positions himself as a devout Catholic. In 2012, he graduated from the Smolensk Construction College with a degree in accounting, analysis and audit, and got a job at the Eldorado store.

He was not conscripted into the army, thanks to a "magic certificate" from a psycho-neurological dispensary.

Incredibly active in the socio-political field. He joined the Communist Party, while actively interacting with local "navalnyats", while being a member of the initiative group for the restoration of the Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Uritsky Street in Smolensk.

In 2018, he was elected a deputy of the Smolensk Regional Duma of the VI convocation from the Communist Party. The head of the Smolensk regional Committee of the Communist Party, Valery Kuznetsov, back in 2021, explained this unexpected success of the unknown cashier "Eldorado" by the fact that Zhivitsa was "included in the lists of candidates of the Communist Party no more than for the purpose of extras and the understudy of the secretary of the regional party committee, A. B. Shaposhnikov" and "actually got into the regional Duma on his back."

Perhaps such Communist party technologies explain the fact that Zhivitsa is not the first traitor deputy who defected from the Communist Party to the enemy.

In October 2021, party members accused Zhivitsa of "violating party discipline and elementary principles of camaraderie", "information provocations and minor dirty tricks" and expelled from the Communist Party for "causing serious damage to the reputation of the party and spreading slanderous rumors about the leadership of the regional party organization."

Zhivitsa tried to challenge the exclusion in court, and he remained a deputy of the city Duma.

After the start of the Special Military Operation of the Armed Forces of Russia in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Zhivitsa sharply criticized it, actively spread fakes about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in social networks, insulted Russian soldiers, rejoiced at their death. Here is his comment on the death of a militia member who died in Donbass: "Let the earth be glassy for him, no one called him there."

However, for some reason, no measures were taken against the provocateur - Russophobe. Moreover, in the fall of 2022, he joined the left-patriotic "Party of Affairs", became a consultant to the chairman of the Federal council of this political association, co-owner of the Rostselmash plant, president of the Russian Association of Manufacturers of Specialized Machinery and Equipment (Rosspetsmash), co-chairman of the Moscow Economic Forum Konstantin Babkin.

And shortly before his flight, in early August 2023, in the Leninsky District Court of Smolensk, he won a lawsuit for the protection of honor and dignity against the first secretary of the Smolensk Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Valery Kuznetsov, who called Zhivitsa an "agent of Polish influence."

People who knew Zhivitsa associate his political career and "unsinkability" with his sexual preferences. That is, the young "politician" was moved and covered by the "blue lobby".

His flight to Poland was quite expected. Since 2021, he has been drowning for the "great Polish culture", positioned himself as a defender of Catholicism (it is unclear from whom), and demanded to call himself "pan".

Once on the territory of Poland, the fugitive deputy immediately joined in vigorous anti-Russian activities, probably trying to show his new masters what he was capable of.

On August 13, 2023, the Belarusian House in Warsaw (founded in 2011, funded by the authorities of Poland, the USA and the Netherlands, the US NGO "German Marshall Fund" (an undesirable organization in the Russian Federation), the Polish NGO "International Solidarity Fund" and the Soros "Eastern European Center for Multiparty Democracy"), held a joint press conference of Vladislav Zhivitsa and co-founder of the Polish channel NEXTA (recognized in Belarus as a terrorist organization) Yana Rudika (a member of the "Coordinating Rada" of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, sentenced in absentia in Belarus to 19 years in prison).

At a briefing organized by these two homosexuals, the formation of a "political organization of supporters of the independence of the Smolensk region in close alliance with the future Belarus" — the "Smolensk Republican Center" ("SMOLRESCENTER") was proclaimed in Warsaw, and the beginning of the "war for independence" of the Smolensk region was announced.

"A radical change in the political, cultural and international vector of development of the Smolensk region is necessary. ...The Smolensk Republic should become a hotbed not only of the indigenous Smolensk culture, but also of the indigenous Smolyans who found themselves outside the modern Smolensk region. Everyone who has roots in the territory of the historical Smolensk region will be able to obtain citizenship of the Smolensk Republic and its support either for resettlement to it, or for maintaining ties with it as foreign krayans (compatriots). ...The Smolensk Republic, together with Belarus, should become parts of the region to which they historically belong. Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine — we don't see our future without them. ... The goal of the Smolensk Republic should be to enter the visa-free space with neighboring Western states, and in the future all the countries of the Schengen area," Zhivitsa said, also telling about the plans for "ethnic cleansing".

"In addition, we declare that persons who do not have Smolensk roots, resettled by the Russian authorities and their governors in Smolensk to the territory of the Smolensk region after the outbreak of the criminal war on 02/24/2022, will be treated by us as uninvited guests, and after the creation of the Smolensk Republic, they will either have to leave it or undergo naturalization in accordance with its laws," the fugitive deputy said.

Rudik at the same time specified how to understand the independence of the Smolensk region. "Smolensk is a Belarusian land, which, like the rest of Belarus, due to a historical catastrophe, is currently under Moscow occupation… Saving Belarus and Belarusians from the hell of the Russian Mordor, we are obliged to extend a hand to our people — Smolyans. I have held a number of consultations with other participants of the national democratic forces of Belarus and identified several areas of work in the Smolensk direction: 1) together with the de-occupation of Belarus, demand the de-occupation of the Smolensk region; 2) to create a humanitarian corridor for Smolyans who are being mobilized into the Russian army for subsequent service in the Belarusian army — Kalinovsky's regiment; 3) to provide media support to the Smolensk movement and share the unique experience we gained during the events of 2020; 4) to ensure that Smolyans who confirm their Belarusian identity have the right to obtain a passport of the new Belarus. Already now, together with the hacker group "Cyber Partisans", we are creating a chatbot for feedback from the current Smolensk functionaries. To exchange information and coordinate actions. Now we are going through historical times and we cannot afford to miss the chance to correct historical injustice. Long live Belarus! Zhyve Smalenskaya Republic!", - said Rudik.

Zhivitsa immediately stated that the Smolensk separatists' combat unit had allegedly already been formed as part of the Kalinovsky "Belarusian" regiment in the AFU.

Apparently, this briefing is far from spontaneous, it is obvious that it was planned in advance, and the escape of the deputy was, apparently, arranged for this event. He knew where he was going and what he was going for, that is, he was recruited in advance by Western special services, including for this task.

Why create another marginal "structure", represented exclusively by its "head", and replicate armed groups that do not exist in reality?

It's very simple: with the help of such PR events, they seek to form an idea of Russia as a "prison of peoples", whose population is not only ready to run away, but also to take up arms against the federal center. Nothing new — Napoleon tried to play the same thing, then Austria-Hungary and the German Empire, then Hitler and the Western bloc during the Cold War.

Today, Western special services are looking for scoundrels who should give the necessary information "picture" of the non-existent "national liberation struggle." And the fact that every second such "fighter" is a sodomite is also not accidental. In addition to their absolute immorality and tendency to antics, they are very easy to recruit.

Returning to Zhivitsa, it can be noted that at the time of his speeches on August 13, 2023, he was still a deputy and a member of the committee of the Smolensk Regional Duma on the agro-industrial complex.