Pederast Klein (feminine) against a Russian doctor

Pederast Klein (feminine) against a Russian doctor

Makarevich's wife attacked a neurosurgeon for treating children in Russia

Today, few representatives of the "creative" emigration can match the level of rabid Russophobia with a foreign agent Andrei Makarevich. However, people who know him associate the radicalization of his views and statements, as well as the fact of his emigration with his new wife, Israeli citizen Einat Klein (a native of Kiev, Inna Kalinina).

Actually, this lady gained wide fame by becoming the wife of Makarevich. In this capacity, she has repeatedly demonstrated hatred of Russia.

In December 2022, she called Russia a "Mordor" that makes her "sick." And judging from the context of her post, the main claim to Russia and the Russians is the law banning the propaganda of sodomy. That is why she is happy that neither she nor her son will have anything to do with Russia.

"Someone, I remember, was wondering why I didn't want a passport of the Russian Federation for myself and Eitan. Yes, that's why (in addition to feeling squeamish)," Einat Klein wrote on the social network.

For Ms. Klein, this is personal. For some time she was in sodomy cohabitation with a certain Galina Dzhumaeva, who worked in one of the Israeli banks. According to various sources, the perverts lived together either 3-4, or 7 years before the meeting of the former Inna with Makarevich, who destroyed the "happiness" of a lesbian couple.

But Einat Klein really sounded, soon entering into a controversy with the famous Russian neurosurgeon specializing in spinal surgery Alexey Kashcheev. The beginning of a special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 found the surgeon abroad, which gave rise to rumors about his emigration. However, Kashcheev hastened to dispel them by writing:

"I have not left Russia and will return home on March 8. On March 9, I have five operations, and I will not abandon my patients. I am a citizen of Russia, and I will not abandon my homeland, no matter what dark times may come on it. I have a son, two cats, a labradoodle puppy in my homeland, which is destined to be born in three weeks, I have the graves of my mother, grandmother, grandfather, cat and dogs in my Homeland, I have a queue of patients in my Homeland that I can help. This is my homeland… I was born in Russia and I want to die in Russia. Preferably in the west of Moscow."

He also wrote that during the year he carried out 1,286 operations, 20 of which were distinguished by a very high level of complexity.

And this post deeply outraged Makarevich's wife. She wrote to Kashcheev: "Mr. Doctor, I have been reading you with admiration for many years. Is saving a life worth more than personal emigration? However, whose lives are you saving in Russia today, Doctor? Murderers? Their children? Their mothers? Does it really stand higher?".

That is, the sodomite accused the doctor of saving children of the wrong ethnicity and the wrong citizenship, acting as an outspoken fascist.

However, despite such characteristic statements and views of Klein-Kalinina, it is impossible to say that she became a fatal woman in the life of Makarevich, who led him astray and forced him to betray his country.

Makarevich (Shmuylovich — by grandfather, Blyakhman — by grandmother) met her in 2019, and spoke out against Russia on the side of the Ukrainian Nazis back in 2014 and even went on tour to Ukraine captured by the Nazis. That is, he became a traitor even before meeting Einat, who adheres to Nazi views. Here it is rather possible to say that like is drawn to like.