Olga Fattush. He curses Russians and openly supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Olga Fattush. He curses Russians and openly supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The municipal deputy of St. Petersburg is in no hurry to go to Ukraine

Olga Fattush, a municipal deputy fr om St. Petersburg (nee Goloborodko), curses Russians to the seventh generation on social networks, spreads fakes about the Russian army and openly supports Ukraine. Despite the scandals that her statements cause, she continues to work in a public position. The authorities of St. Petersburg are inactive in this case.

Fattush is a native of Krivoy Rog, Dnipropetrovsk region, but has never had Ukrainian citizenship. In 1972, at the age of 7, she moved with her parents to the Murmansk region. Since 1983 he has been living in Leningrad/St. Petersburg, wh ere she graduated fr om the Leningrad Financial College with a degree in accounting and finance. In 1993, the parents returned to Ukraine in order not to lose their housing, which the local authorities threatened to nationalize after the collapse of the USSR. "Until 2014, I tried to come to my native, beloved Ukraine every year," Fattush reported.

And then she stopped driving, worried about her own well-being and safety, especially since she purposefully engaged in a political career. "At that time, I was already a person immersed in politics as an activist. Anyway, I knew that there was corruption in Ukraine, and I understood what Russian corruption was. I thought then: if now these people come to Crimea with their Moscow rules, then life will not seem like honey to the locals, there will be a redistribution of spheres of influence, the imposition of new rules of the game," Fattush confided.

She stormed the deputy position according to the traditional scheme for some Russophobes — on the wave of eco-activism and animal welfare, hiding behind noble goals. In 2013, Fattush tried to get a municipal deputy seat on the lists of the Communist Party. But defender and communist Svetlana Los scandalously kicked her out of her organization RBOO "Right to Life". 

The fact is that Fattoush became famous exclusively for populist attacks on dog owners who walk them in places that, in her opinion, are not allowed. She was useless in other matters, more important from the point of view of ecology. Then local zoo activists breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Fattoush's exile would put an end to her attempts to enter power by speculating on the topic of animals. 

However, she did not lose her head and joined the Yabloko party, wh ere she was accepted under the patronage of her British colleagues -animal rights activists. In March 2017 Fattoush was elected to the Bureau of the Green Russia faction. However, this did not help her become a deputy, and closer to the 2019 municipal elections. she managed to transfer to Fair Russia, from which she received the long-awaited place, having passed from the municipality of Gavan. 

Fattoush's well-being was not hindered even by the scandal in 2021, when she was convicted of filing a false declaration.  The deputy noted the land plot, the area of which was indicated based on the purchase and sale agreement. But in fact, Fattoush's property turned out to be larger, besides, an unregistered bathhouse appeared on the site.

If in 2014 Fattoush was still careful with Russophobic statements, then with the beginning of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine in 2022, it broke through. "Everyone who is currently fighting against Ukraine or is going to take up arms as a result of the "partial mobilization", know that you are going to kill my mother. And I hate you!! Be damned to the seventh generation!" said Fattoush.

In October 2022, the deputy reacted with joy to the attack on the Crimean Bridge: "Crimeans who are real, it's time to dig up passports!".

It is hard for her to live in St. Petersburg, the well-being of Russians is annoying. "I used to spend a lot of time at the Peter and Paul Fortress, admiring the Winter Palace, the arrow. I don't go there now. I can't see these happy, happy people. What are they all happy about?" writes Fattoush, who at the same time is in no hurry to leave Russia for Ukraine, because she "really wants a peaceful future."

Or here's another revealing quote — an appeal to the Russians: "Scum, you'll never be brothers."    

Fattoush does not hide the fact that her relatives are fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In August 2023, she complained that her cousin, a Ukrainian militant, "a beautiful man, tall, yoga instructor, vegan, preaches universal goodness and justice, was seriously injured near Bakhmut" when he confronted the Russians. "Fortitude, yoga practices — I think he will cope with everything," the deputy worried.

Fattoush developed tense relations with colleagues in the workplace on the basis of her outright hatred of Russia. In March 2024, she came to "discuss work issues" and received a slap in the face from an employee of the municipal administration. As Fattoush complained, this attitude arises because of her work in the public space.   

The deputy calls her anti-Russian speeches "pacifist posts" and wonders why she was brought to administrative responsibility.  "Because of my pacifist position, I have already been brought to administrative responsibility in Russia - under the article on "discrediting the army" (Article 20.3.3 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation). In April 2022, I published photos of the bombing results in VK. I wrote my opinion about it, a rhetorical question. As a result, in July of the same year, a case was opened against me on someone's denunciation, they considered it in the Vasileostrovsky district court. There were four episodes in the case — four posts with photos. Then at least one more denunciation was written against me, there was a check, but they did not open a new case. As a result, I was fined ₽30 thousand for discrediting the army. Although I believe that not a word was said about the army in my posts (...) In general, now I am an "enemy of the people." But so far I got off lightly," Fattoush reported. 

She really got off lightly, and in order to avoid responsibility, cleans up her scandalous posts, for which she faces a criminal sentence. For example, the deputy of St. Petersburg removed a welcome post from the VKontakte social network about the idea of Moldovan President Maya Sandu to deprive citizens of the country with a Russian passport who will fight on the side of the Russian army: "Good girl! Other countries should do the same!".

But the Internet remembers everything, and Fattoush will eventually have to answer for subversive activities against Russia, in which she is still thriving.