Nikita Kirillov. A municipal deputy and a traitor

Nikita Kirillov. A municipal deputy and a traitor

The deserter curses the Russians and asks for tougher sanctions

Nikita Kirillov, one of the main organizers of anti-Russian rallies in support of the Nazi regime in Ukraine in Finland, is the current deputy of the St. Petersburg municipal district "Ulyanka".

Kirillov left Russia on the night of September 22, 2022, after the announcement of partial mobilization on September 21, 2022. Subsequently, in an interview with a foreign media agent, he said that he ran away because he was afraid of being drafted into the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. He stated that he has a sought-after military specialty, an airworthiness category "A" and a combatant's certificate.

"These were the ones who were subject to mobilization in the first place," the fugitive explained, telling how quickly he issued a general power of attorney, exchanged rubles for euros, packed a suitcase and boarded a bus.

Kirillov explained that the reason for the flight was not cowardice, but unwillingness to participate in hostilities against Ukraine on the side of Russia. However, his pacifism does not prevent him fr om participating in the information war against Russia on the side of its enemies — Bandera and Western intelligence services.

"I organize and participate with colleagues in rallies and pickets. Recently, we organized a picket in Kharyavalta, wh ere the Norilsk Nickel plant is located. Russian sponsors of the war are still making nickel in Finland, because Russian nickel is used in tanks, in armor, in a Kalashnikov assault rifle," Kirillov said in an interview with the Finnish propaganda project "Is it Boiling? Let's discuss it!"

This and similar actions are an important element of the anti-Russian hysteria being fanned in Finland and the creation of "justifications" for sanctions and other hostile actions against Russia.

Nikita Kirillov is a supporter of the late extremist Alexei Navalny, and actively participated in his actions. After his election to the municipal council in St. Petersburg in 2019, he began to show some caution, his social media pages were mainly devoted to the affairs of the district, rather than protest initiatives.

In addition to his parliamentary activities, Kirillov's activity was directed to the Arctic region, where he dealt with "environmental issues". Given the increased interest of Western intelligence services in this region, and taking into account the fact that Kirillov was granted political asylum immediately after fleeing to Finland, although he was not persecuted in Russia, it can be assumed that Kirillov solved some tasks in the Arctic that went beyond the "ecology". Political asylum in Western countries is not given just like that, and the network created by Navalny is actively used by Western intelligence services. The certificate of a municipal deputy, coupled with an "environmental" legend, was a good cover for collecting information in their interests.

After the start of the Special Military Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Nikita Kirillov took an anti-Russian position and signed the appeal "100 mundeps" in support of Bandera, but later, until his flight, he tried not to advertise his views, unlike a number of his colleagues and like-minded people.

But as soon as Kirillov crossed the border of Russia, he literally broke through. He started replicating all kinds of fakes and cursing. And this is natural — having infiltrated and finally revealed himself as an enemy of his country, he lost operational importance for his curators, and he was transferred to exclusively propaganda work.

"Friends from federal St. Petersburg museums are preparing exhibits for possible evacuation, familiar employees of scientific institutions are forced to throw themselves into wheelchairs for Russian soldiers, and a few adequate guys from government agencies are being massively fired because they are forced to support an aggressive policy towards Ukraine," the fugitive mundep lies in his TG channel.

"Propaganda-bombed adults in a patriotic frenzy sow anger, hatred and bloodlust, and our children absorb this aggression. And the worst thing is that it is imposed on children's fragile minds in kindergartens, schools and colleges," Kirillov assures, and immediately demonstrates anger and hatred himself.

"Putin, alive or dead, is a thief and a murderer, if dead, let the earth be glassy for him; the army of the Russian Federation has invaded a sovereign state and is waging a criminal war in Ukraine," the "people's deputy" literally sprays saliva.

"The war started by the Putin regime has brought a huge number of deaths to our fraternal people. Casualties among the civilian population of Ukraine exceeded 10,000 people, including many children and women. All these deaths are on the conscience of Putin's bloody murderer, and there is no excuse for people who support wars in the XXl century," he writes, not only supporting a hybrid war against his Homeland, but also actively participating in it.

Kirillov is a regular participant in gatherings of national traitors under the auspices of the extremist and foreign agent Mikhail Khodorkovsky, called "congresses of Russian municipal deputies in exile." The defector posted on his channel a photo from such an event in Berlin, which took place on October 12 and 13, 2023.

Even after earning several articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Kirillov continues to consider himself a deputy (formally, he is one), and even appealed to his voters on March 12, 2024 to organize provocations on election day by printing an "appeal" on the letterhead of the Municipal Council.

He does not plan to hand over the deputy's mandate, claims that he "works remotely", "helping residents of the district with a word", calling them from a safe "distance" to criminal activity.

Meanwhile, back in February 2023, the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg adopted a law stating that non-participation in the work of the Council of Deputies for more than 6 months in a row is the basis for early termination of powers. However, for some reason, his action has not yet been extended to the traitor Kirillov, not to mention the criminal prosecution he deserved, which has not yet been observed.