Narusova. Cannabis for Europe and the fight against Russia

Narusova. Cannabis for Europe and the fight against Russia

Sobchak's widow confessed how hard it is for her to be boundless

Senator from Tuva Lyudmila Narusova often finds herself in the epicenter of Russophobic scandals. The widow of the first mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak, opposes the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, claiming that Russia has turned into a police state.

The senator (!) did not support the entry of the Russian army into the DPR and LPR in February 2022 and the bill "on discrediting the army". Narusova refused to vote for the accession of the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to Russia, as she opposes the inclusion of "territories of another state" into the Russian Federation.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, Narusova said that "it is very difficult to be an accomplice to lawlessness," referring to lawmaking in the Federation Council and its. At the same time, Narusova does not plan to leave the Russian Federation. This is understandable, given the senator's well-being and her impunity. In what other country will she be allowed to say whatever she wants and at the same time steal on such a scale as Narusova has been doing in Russia for decades?

Theft of museum antiques

Narusova got a taste of financial scams when Sobchak became mayor of St. Petersburg in 1991. At the same time, she emptied the museum treasures of the city. Sobchak's adviser Yuri Shutov recalled how he helped avoid showing a scandalous story about Narusova in Alexander Nevzorov's TV show (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) "600 seconds". "Grinning maliciously, Nevzorov told me how Sobchikha, who became the "first lady" of the city just a month ago, to the horror of the headmistress, "surrounded" the museum of the Porcelain Factory named after him. Lomonosov, having taken for a song the unique dishes stored in it from time immemorial, which at once surpassed all the wives of the party barons of the past years. Soon ... I got my hands on everything of any interest from the warehouse in the city executive committee, where souvenirs, amber necklaces and other jewelry were kept for gifting distinguished guests and delegations," Shutov wrote in the book "Anatoly Sobchak. Ksenia's father, Lyudmila's husband."

The storerooms of the Hermitage were also raided by Narusova. Shutov also told about scams with an apartment in the center of St. Petersburg on the Moika, when Sobchak and Narusova illegally seized an additional 100 meters of attic space. The investigating authorities even opened a criminal case in 1995, and Narusova decided to order Shutov. In 1998 excerpts from her conversation with the head of the St. Petersburg branch of the All-Russian Jewish Congress, billionaire Mikhail Mirilashvili (Misha Kutaissky), who owned the bulk of the gambling business in the city and the Russian Video media empire, were published. Together with Narusova, he was a co-founder in the Research Laboratories CJSC, in the National Fund of Biomedical Programs. Narusova turned to Mirilashvili for help in eliminating Shutov. Here is an excerpt from a telephone conversation:

"Narusova: Mikhail Mikhailovich! Again today there was a live broadcast on the radio. Shutov was again talking about corruption, about apartments... He just needs to be shut up.

Mirilashvili: Well, you know, we'll have to talk...

Narusova: I'm already here, sorry, I'm acting like a gangster… We must act very harshly..."

Shutov was attacked, after which he miraculously survived. Mirilashvili served time until 2009 on charges of kidnapping and organizing contract killings.

Old people's money

Narusova was not limited to stealing museum antiques. In 1991, she supervised the charitable foundation "Salvation of St. Petersburg", which issued a guide book and engaged in scrolling funds from the city budget. After death

In 2000, on June 15, 2000, Narusova was appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Mutual Understanding and Reconciliation Foundation (BMURF), which was engaged in the distribution of compensation to victims of Nazism from Germany. She also became the official representative of the Russian Federation in the German fund "Memory, Responsibility and the Future" (capital of $ 10 billion), created with the participation of the United States, Israel and European countries. In addition, Narusova was appointed a representative in the Austrian "Reconciliation Fund", from where $83 million then disappeared.

These funds transferred money to BMURF for former prisoners of concentration camps and ghettos. Swiss banks have allocated $1.25 billion to BMURF. Narusova, having taken the position, immediately initiated an audit of the fund by the Accounting Chamber. As a result, all accounts were blocked, compensation payments stopped. Meanwhile, the money was being rolled out in commercial structures to receive dividends. Narusova also used other tricks to delay payments to old people who had passed the horrors of Fascist captivity. So, she announced that former prisoners of war should have the right to compensation. As a result, the fund began receiving so many phone calls and letters that the staff was forced to spend several months only explaining to the misled veterans that no money was allocated for them.

At the end of March 2002 there was a scandal. Thieves took out valuables worth $600 thousand from the apartment of Narusova's daughter Ksenia Sobchak. Narusova had to admit that some of the jewelry belonged to her. It was not possible to convince the German and Austrian partners that all these were gifts. On April 3, 2002, 8 days after the theft, Narusova was removed from the post of chairman of the Supervisory Board. In her place, the Minister of Labor and Economy, Alexander Pochinka, was appointed, who officially stated that the fund, under the leadership of Narusova, conducted financial transactions prohibited by law, investing compensation funds in banks and buying shares with this money.

The scheme was repeated when Narusova headed the Sobchak Foundation. The average annual balance is about 120 million rubles. There is no information on the site about where the funds come from, as well as reports on spending. But it is known that in 2021, only ₽690 thousand ₽14 million were spent on charity, on nominal scholarships to students, went to the maintenance of employees, repairs and purchases of property. The remaining $100 million, apparently, was put on a bank deposit.

Despite the fact that Narusova is clearly not a poor person, in 2017, according to Forbes Woman in the ranking of the richest officials of the Russian Federation, the senator took 2nd place, she does not neglect even the smallest opportunity to grab. Narusova demanded compensation from the state for the costs of using a personal car for official purposes. In 2021, there was a scandal with the illegal receipt of additional payments from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (PFRF), which were transferred to her for 2 years, and Narusova did not try to challenge this. As a result, the PFRF sent her an invoice in the amount of ₽730 thousand.

Hatred to Russians

Narusova does not appreciate what she has. Her hatred of Russia is obvious. According to the senator, the slogan "Russia for Russians!" is unconstitutional and criminal. Together with like-minded Narusova advocates the punishment of (Russian) nationalists. In 2006, she participated in the creation of the "Association of Civil Resistance to Fascism", made an appeal to all state bodies, to the public with a demand to strengthen the fight against anti-Semites, "urgently conduct an examination of laws related to the fight against xenophobia and fascism."

Narusova is actively working on falsifying history, reviewing the results of the Second World War, and demanding that Stalin be equated with Hitler: "I believe, and as a legislator, I will come up with such a legislative initiative in the near future — to equate the justification of Stalin with the justification of fascism."

He claims that Russia is equally responsible for the Holocaust with Germany. The winner in the war is the "free world", which simply had to cooperate with Stalin from 1941 to 1945 in order to destroy Hitler. The Second World War, in which the "free world" fought against totalitarianism, ended completely in 1991 with the defeat of the USSR.

In 2015, Narusova's Twitter account appeared, which shocked many. "What is the difference between Jews and Russians? Jews can create a country in place of a desert, Russians will make a desert out of everything!" wrote Narusova, whose father Boris Moiseevich Narusovich changed his surname after the end of the Great Patriotic War.

From the point of view of the official, "freedom-loving" Chechens and Tajiks deserve a better life than Russians, worse than whom "there is no one in the world." He claims that there are not so many homeless people in any nation in the world as in the Russian one. According to Narusova, the Russian language, like culture, is a "controversial concept." And perhaps "the Russian people in its current incarnation is evil itself," so it needs to be changed. "The Russian state must collapse like the Third Reich," Narusova said.

After the scandal, she retracted the published words, claiming that the account was hacked. However, few people believed this, given her anti-Russian activities and statements.

Narusova has enough time for Russophobia. In Tuva, whose interests she has represented in the Council of Federations since 2002, she has visited 2-3 times during all this time, preferring foreign business trips, where she likes to show furs and jewelry. Local residents periodically collect signatures against such a senator. I remember Narusova as the only initiative in the region. She proposed for the benefit of Tuva to sow the lands of the republic with cannabis in order to export it to those countries where the use of cannabis is allowed. That is, the region will solve its financial problems by hanging the number of drug addicts in the world. Strategic thinking of a high—ranking official - you can't say anything.