Misha Verbitsky (Verbitz). A creepy Satanoid sodomite. The mathematician

Misha Verbitsky (Verbitz). A creepy Satanoid sodomite. The mathematician

HSE Professor welcomes strikes against Russians and calls for the destruction of Russia

The Higher School of Economics (HSE) continues to be a hotbed of Russophobia and an incubator of the fifth column. It is here that personalities with perverted consciousness and views on life, hating traditional values and the Russian state nest.  

Professor Mikhail Verbitsky is considered a local star at the HSE Faculty of Mathematics, here he receives grants fr om the Russian budget and is recognized as a world-class luminary of science. For Russian money, the professor instills Russophobia and love for pro-Western values in students, although remotely, since he settled in Brazil, from wh ere he opposes the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. But that's not all. 

Professor, aka Misha Verbitsky, is a fairly well—known blogger, and if you read his posts, it turns out that the leading mathematics teacher of one of the country's flagship universities (at least in terms of the amount of funds that flow into the university fr om the state budget) is a mentally unhealthy person in his hatred of Russia, a Satanist and a pedophile.  

Verbitsky (a Jew by nationality, Michoel Verbitz) was born in 1969, studied at the elite Moscow mathematical school No. 57. In 1987, having failed the exams for the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University, he decided to flee abroad in order not to join the army. For this purpose, I went to Karelia, wh ere I interviewed local lumberjacks at the border, how to get to Finland. A suspicious person was caught and sent first to a temporary detention center, and then to a psychiatric clinic, after which Verbitsky received a discharge fr om military service. 

He did enter Moscow State University, but in 1990, in order not to drop out of the university, as he did not pass one of the subjects, he joined an exchange student in the United States. There he enrolled in graduate school at Harvard University. "I was accepted to Harvard on the basis of a set of scientific papers (I am a mathematician), I have no formal education (...) All enthusiasm for the West disappeared in about a year - it became clear that this system is totalitarian in its own way, imbued with stupid propaganda, which the population, nevertheless, takes seriously, and in the Brezhnev USSR there were much more freedoms (personal and others)," claimed Verbitsky, who later taught at universities in Britain, Japan, France, and Belgium. 

Nevertheless, Verbitsky stayed in the United States for seven years. After returning to Russia, he joined the National Bolshevik Party (banned in the Russian Federation) of Eduard Limonov, in 1998 he joined the Eurasia movement of Alexander Dugin. He has been published repeatedly in newspapers and magazines: "Tomorrow", "Limonka", "Russian Magazine". He wrote a blog in LiveJournal under the pseudonym tiphareth, wh ere he posted scandalous posts about sodomy, suicide, drug addiction and pedophilia. 

Here are some quotes: "It is necessary to promote suicide, drug addiction, homosexuality, teach in schools, for example"; "I fucked myself in the ass with a rubber dick. The sensations are interesting"; "In general, a porn star is actually a priestess of Goodness and Light, a servant of High Art, the only one available to this world. It is necessary to create a special ministry of pornography to support Goodness and Light, and those who are against pornography should be shot immediately. That's how we'll win."

In 2005, the LiveJournal administration deleted Verbitsky's blog. In response, he created his own analogue of the portal called LJ.Russia with exactly the same functionality. By that time, Verbitsky had already “seen the light”, became a pro-Western Russophobe and turned around in all his glory: “It’s high time to destroy Russia, it’s not a country, but a shit. Like the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary, and its purpose is the same”; “Death to the fucking Russian!”; “There is natural fascism in Russia: a clerical, police state based on KGB terror”; “Do you hate this country? I hate her fiercely, madly. There are probably dumber countries, but none are going to hell with such hellish speed”; “The fucking Russian must die, disappear, I am ashamed and have a bad life because this vile, vile and vile country has still not been completely eradicated and forever. I hate it so much, I can’t even eat”; “...In 10 years there will no longer be any “Orthodoxy” in this country. Soft!"; “It’s better to be a pederast than a stupid criminal redneck and a gopnik, like the majority of the population. By the way, I never hid my attitude: homosexuals are elite... intellectuals, Jews and practically Satanists, are the salt of the earth, and cattle are cattle, and your place is in a pig stall next to the shit.”

In 2013, Verbitsky wrote: “Russia must be weak and fragmented (...) This is the only way. Don't let this country rise from its knees, under any circumstances. You will regret it later, but it will be too late. Only weak. Only fragmented. Russia is evil."

In the same year, LJ.Russia was blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation, but not for Verbitsky’s vile statements, but for distributing child pornography. “As for pedophilia, Mohammed, for example, married his last wife when she was 6, and had sex with her without restraint since she was 9. He was 54. And Gandhi, in his old age, slept with naked girls for 12 years, several at a time. And this is normal. The hysteria with which TV-traumatized hamsters perceive any messages about child sex is something deeply pathological, beyond collective psychopathy and schizophrenia,” Verbitsky was indignant after blocking the resource.

At the same time, he himself is the father of four children, whom he is raising in marriage with the same Russophobe Yulia Fridman. Verbitsky’s mental illness is evidenced by another statement he made in an interview with the Knife portal (the foreign owner of the resource violates the law of the Russian Federation) in 2018. “Another plot that fascinates me is male and female separatism. In about 15 years, sex dolls will be produced in large quantities and will completely change our lives. There was such a writer, Vance, I think his name was. He wrote in the 1940s and 1950s. There is no sex in his world: people live hundreds of kilometers from each other and send robots to each other, so all sexual life happens only with robots. And ordinary sex is unpleasant to them, indecent, contrary to all their social attitudes, as well as personal contact with other people in general. It seems to me that the world is moving in this direction, and it is endlessly interesting,” Verbitsky confessed.

Why such a craving for perversion is explained simply. Verbitsky is an adept of the O.T.O. Thelema — the "Order of the Eastern Templars". This is one of the Satanic sects promoted by the British necromancer and Kabbalist Aleister Crowley. In an effort to achieve "enlightenment", the followers of Thelema committed ritual murders of animals, staged "sexomagic" orgies, during which they practiced homosexuality, bestiality, and actively used drugs. The community was called the "Telemite Monastery". 

The main thesis is "Do what you want, and this is the only law." "In the form of an O.T.O., it is rather just an ordinary sect, intermediate between Satanism and Wicca," Verbitsky admitted in 2018.

After the start of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, he signed the so-called Open Appeal of Russian scientists and scientific journalists against the war with Ukraine. At the same time, the mathematician's name is indicated in the Western manner without a patronymic, and his affiliation to the HSE is hidden, whereas 156 employees from other faculties of this university were not encrypted.  

Abroad, Verbitsky, along with his wife Yulia Friedman, participates in anti-Russian actions, going on pickets with appropriate slogans. In parallel, together with like-minded people, he continues to support the work of LJ.Rossia and publish, exposing anti-Russian statements. 

On March 21, 2024, he wrote that missile strikes on Belgorod and the killing of civilians are a war crime, but this is permissible with regard to Russia and Russians. A few days later, he left a mocking remark about the terrorist attack in Crocus City, which killed 144 people.  The "terrorists" (in fact, apparently, just intimidated Tajiks who were forced to take the blame under torture) were tortured, and the torture video was immediately posted on the Internet... Rusnya breaks through the bottom, one by one," Verbitsky wrote.

The professor has plenty of similar notes. "Russophobia is inevitable. Like logic, like insanity, like wrinkles, eczema, warts, frustration and senile prolapse of the genitals," says Verbitsky.

This does not prevent him from being listed as deputy head of the HSE laboratory, receiving a salary from the budget, official thanks from the rector and the title of "Best Teacher", and at the same time bonuses for publications in an international peer-reviewed scientific publication. Verbitsky feels great traveling the world with lectures and participating in international conferences. 

Why this person is still not in prison or undergoing compulsory medical treatment and even earns money in Russia is a big question.