Milokhin. The pederast came back to escape again

Milokhin. The pederast came back to escape again

Pervert changed his mind to give Russia a "second chance"

There are those who fled Russia, succumbing to the herd feeling in order to "be on trend." Their participation in the information war against Russia has the same motivation.

One of these characters is the pederast Daniil "Danya" Milokhin, the former "face" of Sberbank and the St. Petersburg Economic Forum SPIEF-2021. He did his best to turn this serious event into a freak show, screamed several times on the panel: "Oh, they show me on TV," and ended the interview with the words: "I'm going to pee."

He became known to most residents of Russia after he came to the Muz-TV awards ceremony in the summer of 2021 in a strange outfit combining a man's suit and a woman's dress. This scandal was appropriately assessed by the Basmanny Court of Moscow, which in November 2021 found MUZ-TV guilty of promoting non-traditional relationships among minors. As a result, the channel paid a fine of 1 million rubles.

There is every reason to believe that Daniil Milokhin was purposefully invited to such events and artificially created popularity for him by those forces that seek to promote "LGBT values" in the public consciousness of Russians, and, above all, our youth. As a result, Milokhin became one of the most notorious perverts. Sodomy is the basis of his image.

After the start of Russia's Special Military Operation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, he went abroad and took part in an anti-Russian information campaign, expressing support for the Nazi regime of Ukraine. In particular, he poured Bandera slogans, and in one of his streams he performed the anthem of Ukraine.

Whether he was recruited, or he left foolishly, but it was impossible to achieve more than slogans and singing "I'm not dead" from him simply because of his extremely limited intellectual capabilities. But the most important thing is the very fact of his departure, by which he seemed to instruct his audience to follow his example.

But all this was not at all what you can provide a comfortable life abroad. The bet on his main role in the image of a pederast and a transvestite failed — due to the fierce competition, it was not necessary to count on the same fees as in Russia. The sodomite idol, who settled in Dubai, began to suffer. And naturally, I decided to come back. Milokhin did this not too successfully, declaring on the spot: "He left in a hurry then, it was stupid to break all ties. As you get older, you become more tolerant and realize that countries, like people, deserve a second chance. I'm giving this chance, that's why I'm here."

Milokhin announced that he was giving Russia and its people a "second chance" to fix everything and achieve his forgiveness. But the Russians did not appreciate such generosity, and the news of the pervert's return caused a real wave of indignation, both among ordinary citizens and among politicians and public figures. In particular, Ekaterina Mizulina, director of the Safe Internet League, suggested that Milokhin be drafted into the army in the autumn draft.

He has been on military registration in the Russian Federation since 2018, and according to Mizulina, Milokhin does not have the right to delay. However, Daniel's adoptive father, Dmitry Tyulenev, hastened to announce the problems with his stepson's eyesight, which allegedly do not allow him to fulfill his sacred duty to protect the Fatherland, and suggested that instead he could perform in front of Russian soldiers with his songs.

"Danya, in general, is a patriot, and the country would forgive him for his anti-Russian statements and the performance of the anthem of Ukraine on the air if he organized a concert in support of the Russian military, who are defending their Homeland in their own country. Dana should show masculine qualities: apologize to Channel One for the offensive song, to Zhenya Medvedeva. He needs to be responsible for his actions and clearly define his position," Tyulenev said.

Fortunately, the Russian servicemen were spared from the performances of the pederast, and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation from such a fighter — Milokhin again left the aisles of Russia, and did it so quickly that many had doubts whether he returned at all.

This situation actualizes a number of issues. In particular, why, despite the obvious anti-Russian actions, has he not yet been declared a foreign agent? Who promoted and promoted it in Russia and for what? And wasn't it these mysterious patrons who invited him to return under certain guarantees?

It is noteworthy that, commenting on the situation with the failed return of Milokhin, Vice-Speaker of the State Duma Vladislav Davankov said that Ekaterina Mizulina, by her actions against blogger Milokhin, influenced the decision of thousands of citizens, including IT specialists, scientists and businessmen, not to return to Russia.

The vice-speaker of the lower house of the Parliament of the Russian Federation, in fact, put in a row a half-witted sodomite and IT specialists and scientists, who, by the way, are legally exempt from mobilization, hinting at their equivalence for the interests of the country.

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