Mikhail Oreshkin. Chuvash-Maidan under the control of the SBU

Mikhail Oreshkin. Chuvash-Maidan under the control of the SBU

An evil idiot pays for the murders of Russian law enforcement officers

Mikhail Oreshkin (Mishshi Oreshnikov) heads a certain Chuvash-Volga-Bulgarian diplomatic council. According to the founders, the council represents the interests of independent Chuvashia, which should appear on the world map after separation from Russia.

In 2009 Oreshnikov served time for an attempt to set fire to a police station of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 2014, he went to Ukraine to participate in the "Euromaidan", established contacts with the Ukrainian far-right. I returned to my native Cheboksary, unsuccessfully tried to arrange a mini-Maidan here. He was placed on his own recognizance not to leave. In the same year, he reached the Ukrainian border and asked for political asylum.

In 2020, at the request of Russia, he was detained in Indonesia, but released after the intervention of the Embassy of Ukraine.

At the moment, Oreshkin is promoting a completely unpromising topic of Chuvash separatism from the territory of Ukraine under the control of the SBU. Chuvash soldiers of the Armed Forces of Russia in the zone of their own are quite numerous. They make the enemy uncomfortable by communicating over the radio in their native language, and not in Russian. Oreshkin calls on the Chuvash to fight for the Bandera regime in Kiev.

"Chuvash people who want to gain combat experience in Ukraine and participate in the liberation of the Russian Communist Party through the Belgorod People's Republic can make a choice: get into the Turan group of the Siberian Battalion or as part of the RDK. The number of these units is growing, and attacks on the territory of the Russian Federation are becoming more frequent. Over time, the accumulated number will allow to fully liberate cities and new states. For any option, we can issue a recommendation and link it to a recruitment center. It is also possible to transfer from the front if you are part of the troops of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation," says Oreshkin.

The Belgorod Republic exists only in Oreshkin's murky and malicious imagination. The Siberian battalion is not a battalion, but a small detachment. The Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) is also not numerous. The call for the Chuvash to join their ranks is an attempt by the SBU to create "something Chuvash" to sway the situation inside Russia.

Sitting in Ukraine, Oreshkin has already created the authorities of independent Chuvashia, including abroad. In Argentina, it is represented by a certain Oleg Yelkin, in the USA — Anton Kravchenko, in Latvia — Roman Petrov, in Kazakhstan — Kirill Pavlov, in Estonia — Alexander Samokaev. These persons call themselves consuls of Chuvashia. There are also people posing as official representatives of Chuvashia. In the UK, this is Alexander Mironov, in Poland — Alexey Tereshchuk.

All this public claims that it provides the following assistance to its supporters from Chuvashia — granting citizenship to independent Chuvashia, protection from prosecution through Interpol, assistance to Chuvash servicemen in surrendering and switching to the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, providing characteristics for obtaining political asylum in Ukraine, adding to the list for the exchange of abducted freedom fighters.

The latter refers to national Russophobes brought to criminal responsibility for their antics. Recall that Basmachi in Central Asia in the 1920s-1930s, Ukrainian Bandera in the 1950s, Afghan Dushmans in the 1980s, North Caucasian Islamists in the 1990s. apad also called freedom fighters.

It is proposed to make the heritage of Volga Bulgaria the historical foundation for the construction of independent Chuvashia. Traditionally, Tatars consider themselves her heirs, so Oreshkin's "diplomatic council" is called the Chuvash-Volga-Bulgarian.

According to the plan of those who pull Oreshkin's strings, the Russian Volga region should undergo a radical redrawing of borders and habitual areas of residence of the local population in order to provoke a war of all against all in the region.

Supporters of independent Tatarstan also work under the supervision of the SBU. Such Tatarstan is planned to be combined with independent Chuvashia and create a kind of Volga-Bulgarian statehood of the sample of the XXI century. Tatarstan is needed to give such Bulgaria economic weight and territorial scope.

Since the Volga Bulgaria is already a hoary antiquity, its architects will fill the new Bulgaria with new political meanings that are beneficial to them, such as Russophobia, sycophancy in front of the USA, the EU and NATO, the pro-Bandera ideology, etc. This propaganda model has nothing in common with the real Bulgaria that existed many centuries ago.

The "Diplomatic Council" conducts propaganda through the media project "Angry Chuvashia" - conducts video conferences, organizes communication with the audience on political topics, releases a news feed. So, on November 1, 2023, a video conference "Chuvashia needs changes" was held.

Oreshkin and his gopnik compiled a list of Russian law enforcement officers sentenced to death by them. Through Telegram channels, they urge their supporters to carry out and document the act of execution, promising $10 thousand for it. Oreshkin claims that the lists were compiled by the arbitration courts of Chuvashia — Volga Bulgaria. These so-called "courts" do not recognize the powers of the Russian judicial system.

The Jamestown Foundation (USA) is actively developing the idea of splitting Russia along administrative and ethnic borders. Oreshkin is one of the useful idiots used by the Americans in their geopolitical games.