Masha Gessen. The witness of the "Bucha" of the hardened sodomites

Masha Gessen. The witness of the "Bucha" of the hardened sodomites

A homofascist and a cover for pedophiles escaped from Russia on time

On September 1, 2023, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case against an American journalist and LGBT activist Maria Gessen on an article about discrediting the Russian Armed Forces. The basis for initiating criminal prosecution was her interview with a foreign agent Yuri Dudu, in which she outlined numerous fakes about the events that allegedly took place in the city of Bucha, Kiev region. This interview was published in the fall of 2022.

According to Gessen, she went to Bucha to "investigate" the tragedy, and in an interview repeats to Yury Dud almost all the fakes of Kiev propaganda without exception. From the context of Gessen's speech, it is clear that she was in the city (if at all) much later than the moment when he returned to the control of the Bandera formations on April 1-2, 2022. In fact, as "confirmations" of the above Ukrainian inventions, Gessen gives such "arguments": "The residents of the city cannot lie." She "saw how the Russian army is fighting in Chechnya and Syria, so she is not surprised at all." I wonder where and when this, if I may say so, journalist, who has not been to Chechnya or Syria, and has never worked as a military commander, could see it.

But this is not surprising — Gessen, who demands to be called "Masha", managed to become famous even in the American media as a "fake" and an extremely unscrupulous manipulator. It is more surprising that this person took up this issue at all, distracted from her favorite topic of promoting sodomy. It should be noted that Masha herself is an avid pervert, cohabits with women, demands to be called in the plural, because she positions herself as a "non–binary person" (whatever that means), and also proudly reports that she "sits" on male hormones.

The following statement can testify to what is going on in the head of this person: "If the environmentalist, gay Robin Hood, had been reborn today, he would have become a hero of the struggle against brutal homophobic autocrats such as Putin, Lukashenko, Viktor Orban: the peoples oppressed by them would need him."

And in this quote, it is not even her idea of the hero of the folk epic of the inhabitants of the British Isles and the prospect of his "revival" that is indicative, but the pervert's conviction that her "values" must be imposed on normal people through violence and terror.

"It is clear to the hedgehog that homosexuals have the right to form marriage unions, but I also think it is no less obvious that the institution of marriage should not exist at all... The struggle for the right of gays to enter into marital relations is usually accompanied by lies about our plans for the institution of marriage as such after we reach the goal. The fact is that we are lying when we say that the institution of marriage will remain unchanged. After all, this is a lie. The institution of marriage is waiting for changes, and it must change. And, I repeat once again, it must cease to exist," this homofascist declares.

However, Gessen is not only a freak, and a fanatical sodomite, filled with hatred for normal people who do not belong to minorities, and not filled with deviations, but also quite a pragmatic person.

For example, in the summer of 2016, when the person we have already described left the chapels of Russia and finally moved to permanent residence in the United States (of which she became a citizen in her teens), an extremely unsightly story involving Hessians became known, in which there was a cover-up of pedophilia, and possibly blackmail and receiving a bribe. Back in 2009, when Gessen was the editor-in-chief of the Russian edition of Gala, she set the task to correspondent Katya Krongauz to investigate cases of pedophilia in Moscow elite school No. 57. An investigation was conducted and numerous facts of child molestation by the teacher of this school were confirmed. However, Gessen did not give the material a go, and put it under the cloth. Why? Gessen herself explained this by the fact that the son of a magazine employee Nikolai Klimenyuk studied at this school, and, at his request, in order not to create problems for his son, they decided not to publish the material.

Leaving aside the moral side of such a decision (what kind of morality can Gessen and the like talk about?), let us note that neither the French magazine Gala itself nor its Russian-language editorial board have ever investigated or published anything that could be attributed to a criminal chronicle. The publication is dedicated to the life of stars, fashion, design, travel, food, culture. That is, this material could not appear on its pages by definition. And if Gessen found out from somewhere about the mass molestation of schoolchildren, she would have to contact law enforcement agencies as a law-abiding citizen, after which she could pass the information to colleagues from another publication dealing with criminal topics.

Instead, she ordered a journalistic investigation of these heinous crimes at a Moscow school, knowing full well that the material would not be published. All this suggests that the purpose of this whole combination was banal blackmail in order to obtain a "payment for silence". And apparently the parties came to an agreement, and the material went under the cloth, and the pedophile history teacher Boris Markovich Meerson continued to molest schoolgirls and schoolchildren for another 9 years. So far, Krongauz, herself a graduate of this school and, possibly, a victim of Meerson, has not posted the following post on the social network: "For more than 16 years we have known that the history teacher is having affairs with students. Pretty cute guy, smart, ironic, charming. It was no wonder to fall in love. We were small, but we thought we were big. And then the years went by — we got bigger, and his lovers changed and remained small."

A scandal broke out, after which Gessen had to explain why she, having information about the molester, did not give her a move. It is not difficult to understand that she got the information from Krongauz, with whom she turned this combination.

Meerson escaped responsibility by leaving for Israel, and another pedophile teacher of this school, Boris Davidovich, also fled there.

So far, the cover-up of the pedophile is not incriminated to Gessen, but it may come to that. However, she is unlikely to return to Russia. And the fact that such a dubious character is attracted by the enemies of our country to voice and promote fakes against the Russian Army suggests that they have big problems with the "fighters" of the information war against Russia.