Kirill Kachur. The fugitive leader of the organized criminal group pours slops on the Russian authorities

Kirill Kachur. The fugitive leader of the organized criminal group pours slops on the Russian authorities

The former investigator is working out not to be extradited to the Russian Federation

On November 3, 2023, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation added Kirill Kachur, a former investigator and leader of a criminal group, to the list of foreign agents. In Russia, he is the main defendant in the scandalous criminal case of Merlion (Citilink brand), when investigators sent businessmen to jail, falsifying charges against them, and demanded money for their release.

In January 2022, Kachur fled the Russian Federation to the United Arab Emirates. Here, in order not to be returned to Russia, where prison awaits him, he is actively working out a Russophobic agenda on social networks.

Kachur was born in 1990 in Moscow. Graduated fr om the Faculty of Law of Lomonosov Moscow State University with a red diploma, defended his PhD thesis, got a job in the Investigative Committee of Russia (SKR). However, he did not turn out to be an honest investigator on particularly important matters, given the family in which Kachur was born.

His father, a well—known businessman Vitaly Kachur, became rich in the late 90s due to drug trafficking, which he supervised through the capital's Domodedovo airport. In the 2000s, he engaged in a scam with the export of Russian goods abroad, concluding fictitious transactions, returning the real value-added tax. In addition, Kachur conducted a money laundering and cashing business in Ukraine together with Alexander Yanukovych, the son of the former president of the country, as well as with security forces from the SBU and businessmen Konstantin Vasiliev and Konstantin Kuramshin.

In Russia, the Kachura family has accumulated many valuable assets, including a large restaurant business in Moscow, expensive apartments in the business class residential complex "Golden Keys" on Minskaya Street and in an elite old housing stock on Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

In 2015, Kachur Sr. was sentenced to 4 years for fraud in the case of the raider seizure of a financial and industrial building in Moscow. In 2017, he was released early and immediately fled Russia to the UAE, wh ere he also owns an apartment for $1.4 million. At that time, Kachur Jr. left his job in the investigative bodies and took up the "family business". Together with his mother Natalia Kachur became a co-owner of a private law firm LLC "Complex Legal Protection". As the investigation found out, this very murky office was created to cover up the family's scams. Kachur and the company's CEO Vasily Pashkevich, also a former investigator, were engaged in providing services in criminal cases to representatives of large businesses without obtaining lawyer status, using connections in law enforcement agencies and posing as defenders. In fact, they extorted money and organized the theft of property.

Meanwhile, Kachur Sr. has not retired fr om business in Russia. He became one of the organizers of the Merlion takeover scam, which, with revenue of 274 billion rubles, according to Forbs, ranks 28th in the top 200 largest private companies. The plans of the father were implemented by the son, who attracted former colleagues, including the investigator of the SKR for the North-Western District of Moscow, Alexey Nesnov.

As a result, a criminal case was falsified and initiated against the owners and top managers of the company in order for them to pay off in exchange for the termination of the investigation. They worked with the involvement of false witnesses, the uncooperative were sent to the bunks.

After the scheme was revealed, one of the investigators, Oleg Pokrovsky, got caught in fraud, who, once in jail, handed over the organizer, Kachur escaped from Russia. He was put on the international wanted list.

The TFR charged him in absentia with creating an organized criminal community. Kachur is charged with committing grave and especially grave crimes under at least five articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: embezzlement of € 3 million; fraud; extortion of a bribe in the amount of $ 1.6 million; falsification of evidence; criminal prosecution of innocent persons. The maximum term for some of them reaches 20 years in prison. The Merlion case, given the large number of former and acting investigators appearing in it at the time of the crime, is under special control of the central office of the SKR.

The agency officially announced the start of the extradition procedure for Kachur from the UAE. The criminal did not wait for the UAE authorities to hand him over and launched a PR campaign in advance to discredit Russian justice in order to enlist the support of Western curators. In January 2022, Kachur spoke online at the Federation Council at an expert session on the responsibility of law enforcement officers for the use of torture. With acting skills, he denounced his former colleagues in the SKR, who, having given way to the extortion case, prevented him and his accomplices from blackmailing businessmen. And then Kachur continued this campaign in the largest Western media, paying for publications.

After the investigation entered an active phase in the fall of 2022, Kachur concentrated on social networks. He started a Telegram channel and registered YouTube, wh ere he tried on the role of a "patriot" who is not afraid of the truth. To begin with, Kachur posted an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation with a reference report on the need for reform of the public administration system in the country. His song is old and well—known - the Constitution of the Russian Federation is illegitimate, the state apparatus is colossally corrupt, and "one can only keep silent about the equality of all before the law and the court."

The only difference between Kachur and fellow foreign agents is that he blames not Vladimir Putin, but his entourage, primarily the security forces, for all the troubles of the country. It replicates the cliche that the FSB leadership "criminally degraded in every sense of the word" and at the beginning of the special operation "showed its complete incompetence."

Under the guise of "exclusive" materials and investigations, he publishes outdated information from the Internet, which he presents in an anti-Russian perspective. For example, in the spring of 2023, he told about a secret meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on preparations for changing the status of a Special Operation. But in fact, information about this event was held in the press the day before, when it was reported that it was dedicated to strengthening the fight against saboteurs entering the country.

Kachur claims to be the keeper of secrets of "high-ranking and billion-dollar ill-wishers" who want "him to be silenced at any cost." In January 2023, some Telegram channels spread a fake that an attempt was made on the head of Kachur's security in Montenegro. The fraudster himself was represented by a "well-known Russian lawyer" who has recently been speaking out sharply against the Russian authorities. Kachur continued this scheme, accusing the FSB of Russia of the assassination attempt. Further, he fantasized that he was included in the "shadow part" of the exchange list between Russia and the United States, resorting to the help of foreign intelligence.

The campaign to discredit Russia and its state authorities, which is being waged by Kachur in order to destroy the country from the inside, is an expensive enterprise. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are invested in the promotion of daily posts in social networks. The fugitive uses not only the capital withdrawn from Russia, but also receives Western funding.