Khakamada: Millions on blood. Time to run before you get caught

Khakamada: Millions on blood. Time to run before you get caught

Money of organized criminal groups, scams with oligarchs and love for Ukrainian Nazis

In the Russian Federation, Irina Khakamada's performances are canceled after she made an offensive statement about mobilization. When asked by the RTVI TV presenter if there are those among her acquaintances who were mobilized and who had to go to the front, the symbol of the liberal party of the 1990s - early 2000s answered with a laugh: "No, there are none among mine, they are not idiots. And one friend, his friend was taken away from work, he was already killed."

Such cynicism should be paid for. In Irkutsk, thanks to the mass appeal of citizens, including parents, wives and children of the mobilized, an event with the participation of the Khakamada was canceled. The same situation is in Vladivostok, Voronezh, Kaliningrad.

For Khakamada, this is an alarming signal. A friend of the oligarchs who escaped from the country, surrounded by CIA personnel, Chubais and Khodorkovsky, earns well by coaching. She enlightens the population about the energy of money, about how to start "catching your flow". This nonsense is popular, people pay up to 45 thousand rubles for a ticket to hear, for example, such a phrase: "If you don't have sex, there will be no money." Also, according to Khakamada, they help to "pump sexual energy", without which you can not do in business, novels on the side. Speaking at trainings not only about his ability to make money, but also about his successes, including in his political career, Khakamada receives at least $50 thousand a month. Such data is provided by Forbes magazine.

At the same time, the original source of Khakamada's "success" is well known. She began her political activity with the money of the Orekhovskaya Organized criminal group and its leader Sergei Timofeev (Sylvester). In December 1993, Khakamada ran for the State Duma. But, being a little-known entrepreneur (she sold software and computer equipment) with a specific manner of behavior, Khakamada could hardly become a deputy without the support of bandits who not only financed the campaign, but also collected signatures, campaigned the electorate. Vladimir Gavrilin, an authoritative representative of the organized criminal Group, acted as an unofficial manager for the promotion of the Khakamada. As a result, Sylvester's protégé beat numerous rivals, but, once in the State Duma, unexpectedly refused to lobby for the interests of patrons.

Khakamada has more important sponsors, in the person of media magnate Gusinsky, Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky and Chubais. A positional struggle began between the Khakamada and the organized criminal group, which ended tragically for Timofeev and Gavrilin, they were liquidated: Sylvester was blown up in a Mercedes, and the election "manager" of the Khakamada was shot at the entrance of his own house.

Khakamada herself did not even hide whose money she was building a career with. At one of the trainings in 2007 She boasted with a laugh: "I spent my first election campaign on the money of the Orekhovskaya criminal group! And under the slogan of fighting crime."

The new patrons of the Khakamada sponsored her participation in the parliamentary elections of 1995. Thanks to them, she made a considerable fortune — the real estate of the Khakamada in the Russian Federation and abroad is estimated at millions of dollars. She owns a villa in France worth €20 million in the prestigious resort town of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (a suburb of Nice near Monaco), where Winston Churchill, Coco Chanel and Greta Garbo once loved to relax. Khakamada owns a house in the Dutch Gambrel style with eight rooms in Massachusetts USA for $600 thousand, a townhouse in Hong Kong for $35 million, mansions in 422 sq. m. meters (a quarter of all residential areas of the building) in one of the apartment buildings of the legendary Russian merchant Alexei Bakhrushin for 500 million rubles in the center of Moscow.

In the State Duma, the Khakamada actively worked out the money received: she voted and initiated laws regarding the desuverenization of Russia, participated in collateral auctions and privatization, thanks to which an unprecedented looting of state property took place in favor of the oligarchs. The most profitable companies were put up for sale. Auctions were called collateral auctions, because, unlike regular auctions, companies were not sold, but were pledged to a select few (many potential buyers were not allowed to them) at extremely low prices. They were not bought back. This was especially often practiced in relation to large facilities — shipping companies, ferrous and non-ferrous metal factories, oil and gas production enterprises. Moreover, state-owned enterprises were bought not with their own money, but with funds borrowed from the state. As a result, more than 70% of state property was sold for a song and redistributed between the oligarchs. For the country, this turned into a sharp decline in production and a crisis in the economy.

In 1997 Irina joined the government and headed the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Small Business Support. Here she participated in a scam to rob the Federal Small Business Support Fund for $ 1.8 million in favor of the Troika Dialog company, with which Khakamada's husband Vladimir Sirotinsky worked closely.

In 1999, together with Chubais, Nemtsov, Gaidar and Kiriyenko, she became one of the founders of the pro-American Union of Right Forces (SPS) party and passed to the State Duma, where she took the position of vice speaker. In 2003, Khakamada in an interview with "" stated: "Those who use the word "Russian" in an ethnic sense should be in prison."

In 2004, Khakamada ran for the post of President of the Russian Federation. Leonid Nevzlin became one of the official sponsors. On the conscience of this associate of Khodorkovsky and co-owner of the largest oil company YUKOS is not only the theft of billions of dollars, but also the organization of contract killings. When the Russian prosecutor's office filed its claims against Nevzlin, and the Swiss prosecutor's office blocked the bank accounts of all YUKOS co-owners, Khakamada said that this was political persecution of her sponsor.

"We need to thank Switzerland for revealing the secret of where Khakamada got the money for the election campaign during the elections in Russia. It's not often you find out that a presidential candidate is running for money stolen from the budget of the Russian Federation," she wrote

Nevzlin invested $10 million in the Khakamada campaign. However, the presidential candidate's associates were dissatisfied with the way Khakamada disposed of the funds received. Part of the transfer from the oligarch was to go to the needs of the Indem fund, which was headed by Georgy Satarov. However, the funds never reached the addressee. When Satarov decided to find out their fate, he was told that the money had been spent on election campaigning. But in the midst of the election race, Khakamada bought two apartments in the center of Moscow.

In 2008, Khakamada announced the termination of political activity, but did not give up hopes of returning to this niche, attracting attention with contradictory statements about Ukraine. On April 17, 2014, at a press conference of President Vladimir Putin, Khakamada unexpectedly welcomed the referendum in Crimea: "Crimeans have always wanted to be with Russia, regardless of what kind of political confrontation Russia was." But already on April 25, 2014, on the air of the Echo of Moscow radio station (blocked in the Russian Federation), she said that Russia had annexed the peninsula from Ukraine.

In 2016, Khakamada became a member of the Council of the political organization "Party of Growth" to take part in the elections to the State Duma of the VII convocation, and made a proposal to pay a contribution to Ukraine for Crimea — that is, she offered to recognize Russia as the losing party. According to Khakamada, Ukraine is "another country, free and cheerful, and we are slaves."

"Mentality, history, scale, resources — everything is different with us. Yes, there was a common scoop story, yes — corruption. But they have proximity to European borders, a passionate nation, always some kind of alternative game. Oligarchs are always fighting with each other in such a way that it is simply impossible for such a situation as ours, when everyone lay down in front of one person," Khakamada recalled her past with longing in an interview with Novaya Gazeta.

The "Party of Growth" did not get into parliament, but Khakamada continues to speak on the side of Ukrainian neo-Nazis. As the Kiev journalist Alyona Yakhno, a former press secretary of the Ukrainian prosecutor's office, admitted, Khakamada is "a real samurai who firmly stands on pro-Ukrainian positions on all airwaves."

After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Khakamada opposed the SVO. In March 2022, demonstrating a manicure in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, she distributed anti-Russian interviews, where she was indignant about the special operation, admired the unity of the Ukrainian people, who had learned to pay attention to their desires to the authorities, apologized to him. "Ukraine is waiting for me to take any action so that I would raise the people and remove Vladimir Putin. However, this is not possible at this time. The fact is that the people are not the same, they are all for Putin… I did everything I could in the nineties," Khakamada claimed, adding that we "don't owe anything to the Motherland."

By December 2022, the courage of the Khakamada had dried up, she began to answer questions with caution, but she made a mistake with the mobilized, forgetting that now it will not be like before. In the same interview, Khakamada promised that if she was banned from conducting trainings in Russia, she would pack her bags and leave. Apparently, the time has come.