Igor Sinyak. A poisonous sodomite. Satanoid. The sponsor of the APU

Igor Sinyak. A poisonous sodomite. Satanoid. The sponsor of the APU

A pact with the devil. "Even your children will be under me"

Igor Sinyak is a pro-Ukrainian blogger, and a Russophobic sodomite who sponsors the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Together with Instasamka (scandalous blogger and singer Daria Zoteeva) signed a contract with the devil, posting it online. Sinyak is the owner of the VPSh public with 1 million subscribers. All the poison that the blogger spreads to his audience is designed for Russian-speaking youth.  

Sinyak was born in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region in 1995. Five years later, his family moved to Vorkuta. Since childhood, Sinyak suffered fr om obesity, while even then, according to him, he behaved liberally, loved bright and non-standard clothes, for which he got fr om his peers. As a teenager, he took up blogging, registering a YouTube channel in October 2011. The first series of published broadcasts were videos from the series "The Whole Truth of the Show" (VPSh), in which Sinyak ridiculed popular media characters, inventing gossip about them. This name was later transferred to the Telegram channel.

The scandalous manner of presenting information allowed Sinyak to quickly gain an audience and earn money. He moved to Moscow, wh ere he continued to shoot provocative videos, took up beauty blogging, and began to talk about how to apply makeup correctly, demonstrating by example. In 2017, Sinyak launched his cosmetics brand, organized a marketing campaign to promote a series of matte liquid lipsticks. At the same time, he promoted LGBT (banned in the Russian Federation).

In 2020, with the help of his subscribers, he organized a large-scale harassment of blogger Volodya XXL, who spoke out against sodomy. Then Sinyak declared that he had created "gay troops". He also shocked the public with provocative images and candid photos with other sodomites, wh ere he showed naked bodies and vulgar makeup. He told fans who noticed changes in his appearance that he was undergoing hormone therapy for a sex change. 

In public, the sodomite also liked to appear in women's clothes and with makeup. In 2021, a scandal broke out after a Sinyak appeared in a dress at the MUZ-TV award ceremony. Since the broadcast of the event took place before 23:00, accusations of propaganda of non-traditional values among minors followed. The channel had to pay a fine.

In the spring of 2021, Sinyak announced his retirement from the beauty industry and the liquidation of the YouTube channel. At the same time, he remained the administrator of the popular VPSH community in Telegram and VKontakte, continuing to publish "star news". The blogger has been repeatedly awarded for it, it was recognized as the best public by Oops magazine. Sinyak also maintained a Telegram account "Dirty VPSh" with appropriate information content. And the Sinyak started singing. The names, as well as the filling of his vile, obscene "masterpieces" are indicative — "The Anthem of the fat ones"; "The gayest song"; "Gay rap" (quote — "Everyone looks at me on the Internet, even your children will be under me"); "Nedotrah"; "I love sucking"; "Sex rules this world."

In 2022, the head of the Army of Defenders of the Fatherland, Ivan Otrakovsky, filed an appeal to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with a request to check the "creativity" of the Sinyak of his sodomite friend Andrei Petrov for violations of the law banning LGBT propaganda. "These bloggers have millions of subscribers. The content they broadcast on their pages affects the minds of our youth, including schoolchildren. Public figures cannot ignore complaints from citizens about these bloggers," Ivan Otrakovsky said.

In August 2023, another Telegram channel of the blogger - "Sinyak here" — was included in the list of banned sites of Roskomnadzor, because it distributes information dangerous to children. In October, a court in Moscow fined Sinyak 200 thousand rubles for an article on LGBT propaganda. The administrative case against the blogger was initiated after the appeal of the head of the "Safe Internet League" Ekaterina Mizulina.  

After the start of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, Sinyak escaped from the Russian Federation, but at the same time continued to earn money from the Russian audience by running social networks. In 2023, he announced the launch of a new romantic show "Sinyak for Love", the main prize of which he named himself and a trip to the Maldives.

The sodomite is not only waiting for love, but also sponsors the APU through its employees. The profile of the VPSh indicates an advertising manager who, in his personal channel, tells how he sends money to the militants of the Right Sector (an extremist organization is banned in the Russian Federation), Azov (an extremist organization is banned in the Russian Federation) and encourages his subscribers to forward finances for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He claims to have come up with a scheme to help Russian donors remain anonymous.  

The VPSh positions itself "above the fray" (as the description says), that is, it tries to objectively and impartially cover news from different fields. That's a lie.

If we evaluate the information posted by the channel, then the pro-Ukrainian position is clearly felt (Sinyak's parents left for Ukraine) and love for LGBT people. The Sinyak itself is engaged not only in the promotion of sodomy, but also Russophobia. Being in Kazakhstan, Turkey or the United Arab Emirates, he periodically reports his dislike of the Russian authorities. 

Sinyak said enough not only to block his resources, but also to ban entry into Russia. However, he is in no hurry to return. "Think about it, if I were in Moscow, I would no longer be able to go to events in makeup and in my usual image. It's just a craze. Even in the Emirates and religious countries it is much freer than in Russia. Thank God I left, because I did not plan to live in North Korea," the sodomite reports.