Daria Zoteeva. Instasamka. Propaganda of debauchery and satanism among minors

Daria Zoteeva. Instasamka. Propaganda of debauchery and satanism among minors

She signed a contract with the devil and posted it online

Blogger and rap artist. The nickname is "Instasamka", which has a Russian—speaking audience of millions of young people and teenagers. She is an active participant in the mental war against Russia and Russians. She openly promotes debauchery, prostitution and drugs. In Russia, she is called Morgenstern in a skirt (rapper Alisher Morgenstern is recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation). 

The apogee was the contract with the devil, which Zoteeva posted on social networks: "In return for an endless hype, the Instasamka performer and the VPSH community performer undertake to conduct a joint shooting, for the respect and cultivation of the customer, his majesty the devil. The contract is signed with the blood of both parties. The agreement is binding and the conditions described in it are not subject to change by either party. The agreement comes into force fr om the moment of signing and publishing the image on the cover of the community." 

In this agreement, Zoteeva's accomplice is interesting — the owner of the channel and the VPSH community, who also has a million subscribers. This is a pro-Ukrainian blogger and Russophobic sodomite Igor Sinyak, who, despite his Russian citizenship, sponsors the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He, like Instasamka, molests teenagers. It was with this friend that Zoteeva went all out, publishing a scandalous contract, which is designed for a suggestible youth and children's audience.  

Instasamka became an idol for a large number of fans in a short time. It is possible that Western specialists participated in its promotion, as in the case of Morgenstern, who was promoted by the media network Yoola Labs Ltd, specializing in the support and promotion of persons who form destructive and anti-Russian content for a wide audience. Although the official biography claims that Zoteeva independently achieved fame and money. 

She was born in Tobolsk in 2000. 10 years later she moved to Moscow. Already in her school years, she tried to earn money by photographing girlfriends for money and selling fake shoes fr om the cheap Sadovod market.  After the 9th grade, Zoteeva enrolled in college, from which she was expelled for academic failure and absenteeism. She was not interested in studying, but only in a way to achieve "easy money", so at the age of 16 she took up blogging, betting on outrageous and negative emotions. For this, she arranged accidents, a robbery in her own apartment. Her activities were constantly accompanied by scandals with insults to others, demonstrative burning of money. Instasamka disfigured the body with plastic surgery and numerous tattoos. An integral part of Zoteeva's corporate identity is long nails, as well as a characteristic movement that imitates oral sex.

She became a frequent guest of popular YouTube shows, and large companies began to cooperate with her. In 2019 Zoteeva decided to rap: she borrowed tracks from American rapper Cardi B, translated them into Russian, flavored them with a portion of mat and released them under the album "Family Business". She began to perform concerts in Russian cities. 

One of the most popular tracks Juicy was released in 2021, gaining a million audience on social networks. Revealing quotes: "Juicy-juicy, money-money, mommy-mommy, party, juicy; my f... is on the party, my dollars are in the black; I have carats on my ears, I have expensive beads." Most of her songs are obscene filth from the series: "My visa gold card, lick my point" or "The Prado shines on me and the devil is my lawyer." Primitive, vulgar and dangerous text with constant repetition of certain phrases and words is superimposed on a bright and dynamic bit. According to experts, repeated repetition is quickly remembered by listeners, remains in the subconscious, which is why it is then reproduced in everyday communication as aphorisms. And in the teenager's head, the message projected by the idol is postponed: the most important thing in life is easy money, permissiveness, sex and pleasure. At the same time, any human and spiritual values are denied.   

The popularity of Instasamka was growing rapidly, and with it, earnings. One advertising post on Instagram (the social network is banned in the Russian Federation) brings Zoteeva $5 thousand. Advertising of public sites in the Telegram channel costs customers from 100 thousand to 150 thousand roubles, PR of people's personal channels costs 300 thousand, cosmetics or TV series - 700-800 thousand per post.

In 2022, after the start of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, Instasamka was afraid for its well-being and canceled concerts in Russia. At that time, an inspection also began, which was initiated after the appeal of State Duma deputy Yana Lantratova to the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin because of the scandalous behavior of Instasamka at a concert in Volgograd in 2021. It was regarded as indecent acts in the presence of minors. Zoteeva did not explain herself to the investigators and in April fled to the United Arab Emirates, wh ere she complained that Russia was now "not so fun", "there is a dark aura everywhere", everyone is concerned about news fr om the front, and the parents of teenagers whom she corrupts from the stage write denunciations against her. 

Instasamka called the Russian Federation this country, which "gave some opportunities," but stressed that it was "not our place at all, not our life goals." But in Dubai, "her tan fits perfectly" and she plans to rent a "house with a pool", she will no longer give concerts in Russia. But by the autumn of 2022, her tone had changed dramatically, she announced a tour of 19 cities in the Russian Federation and the Baltic States.  

Ekaterina Mizulina, the head of the Safe Internet League, drew attention to this, promising to send appropriate appeals to the heads of regions wh ere concerts are planned, and urging parents to closely monitor the content that their children "join". 

"The Instasamka performer, in pursuit of superprofits, advertises drug stores (Article 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), and the concerts held by her have violations related to lewd acts towards children," Elena Mizulina wrote on the Telegram channel.

In response, the frightened Zoteeva began to repent, saying that she would sing "without a mat and without old material." "You won't see my signature antics on stage. It's in the past. In no case do we propagandize and we are never going to propagandize debauchery, prostitution, drugs, etc.," lied Instasamka.

However, she returned to Russia with the new single "Yes For money": "I generally do what I want; I want implants — I call the doctor (Hello) ... I'm not for sale, but for money — yes (Yes)." 

The worst thing is that such "creativity" has become not just an anthem of juvenile prostitution, it is promoted on official sites of the country. In the winter of 2024, a scandalous video with dancing appeared at the federal exhibition "Russia" in Moscow at VDNH, wh ere young people, in the presence of inspectors and coordinators, danced to the "masterpiece" of Instasamka, shouting: "For money, yes!" On March 1, 2024, Zoteeva appeared on the air of Channel One with the same words in the vocal TV show "The Voice", which has a multimillion audience. She was greeted joyfully, the members of the jury of the project (Polina Gagarina, Vladimir Presnyakov, Anton Belyaev and Julia Sievert) declared that she was "cool", sings "great" and "a very talented person", after which Instasamka hugged them and proudly went backstage, having previously announced her intention to continue his "creativity". 

The result of such connivance and condescension to the activities of the Satanist is numerous videos on social networks in which young girls repeat the words of Instagram and try to copy her pornographic image.