Foreign Agent Weissman is shitting again

Foreign Agent Weissman is shitting again

The fugitive actor disrupted the Lenkom tour in Israel

The foreign agent Anatoly Beliy (real name is Weissman, The New Insider wrote about him in detail in July 2023), having settled in Israel, fulfills the opportunity to play in performances in the West not only with Russophobic statements, but also with deeds.

According to the denunciations of this actor and thanks to the harassment that he organized, the tour of the Russian Lenkom theater in Tel Aviv was disrupted. The troupe planned to show the play "Memorial Prayer" based on the cycle of stories "Tevye the Milkman" by Sholom Aleichem. The tour was scheduled to take place in October 2023. Funds were raised by Israeli patrons, an agreement was signed with a hall for more than 900 seats, but the meanness of Beliy spoiled all plans.

"The fact is that a bunch of hooligans led by actor Anatoly Beliy, who is well known in Russia, are threatening and are going to prevent the Lenkom tour. We don't need any problems. As the head of the theater, the health of my artists and employees is much more important to me – and we had to go there with a large team of a hundred people – than the tour (...) Therefore, we informed the management of the Gabima theater about our decision to postpone the tour until better times, when it would be possible to come without any fears. It's a pity only for the audience who have already purchased tickets, and they were sold out in Tel Aviv in a few days," said Mark Varshaver, director of Lenkom.

The producers of the national theater "Gabima", which provided its stage for the performance, agreed with this decision, saying that they did not expect such a resonance and do not want to inflame the situation.

Beliy did not act alone. First, he published a post on Facebook (the social network is banned in the Russian Federation), in which he stated that the Russian theater supports the Special Operation in Ukraine and called for the tour not to take place. First of all, the dirty trick was directed against actors Andrei Leonov and Olesya Zheleznyak, who publicly advocate for their own.

It didn't end with a post on the social network. Beliy together with pro-Ukrainian activists created a protest petition, which was signed by more than 4 thousand people. This was followed by sending denunciations to Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, Interior Minister Arya Deri and written threats to the owners of the premises, the producer of the tour. After the tour was canceled, the organizers of the harassment together thanked all those involved — those who sent threatening letters, called, advertised and signed the petition. "Lenkom is following the Russian ship!" the scoundrels rejoiced.

In response, the staff of the Russian theater wrote an open letter: "Russian immigration knows many examples of great cultural figures, such as Chaliapin, Bunin, Rachmaninov. Rostropovich, Solzhenitsyn, Tarkovsky, Brodsky, Unknown, Nureyev (the list can be continued), who never descended to the low-grade level of "ball", loudly "yapping" and insulting ordinary compatriots and colleagues in the shop. Of course, we understand that it is not easy for colleagues to survive in a small country and the space for work should be "cleaned by any means". But the methods are too uncultured...".

Given the scandalous biography of Beliy, it is unlikely that his methods can be different. After the start of the Special Operation, the actor left Russia at the first opportunity, where he was in demand, successful and secured. In July 2022 at the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov was informed that Beliy decided to take a break in his work at the Moscow Art Theater. It turned out that the actor settled in Israel, where his relatives live, and after ten days he began to call this country his homeland, boasted of his newfound "freedom". In parallel, a series of Russophobic statements followed from Beliy, stories about the threat of repression and that nothing good will happen in Russia "for a long time to come."

"I realized that I don't want to live here, I can't live here, I won't live here," Beliy argued, adding that Russians are a herd, and it's so convenient for them.

In Israel, he also recalled his Ukrainian roots. In an interview, Beliy says that he supports Ukraine, which he considers his "second half". He was born near Vinnytsia in the Hasidic village of Bratslav, had the surname Weissman before meeting his first wife, actress Marina Golub, who took up his career. Thanks to her, he became Baly, began acting in films and playing in the capital's theaters. In 2006, Beliy abandoned his wife, who was 15 years older than him, and with whom he was married, for the sake of designer Inessa Moskvicheva.

Betrayal is Beliy's calling card. In 2023, he framed his friends from the rock band "Bi-2" (Lyova soloist, Egor Bortnik - a foreign agent), called on the Russian—speaking community to attend their concert in Turkey, since they secretly direct part of the funds from their performances to the needs of the Ukrainian army. Beliy also handed over his former head, the director of the Moscow Art Theater Konstantin Khabensky, voicing his farewell words: "Just know that the doors of this theater are always open for you, if something changes, this theater will always accept you."

After moving to Israel, Beliy became a Weissman again, but he still has a hard time. Here he never became his own. The actor complains about the financial difficulties that have arisen, difficulties with learning Hebrew. In December 2022, due to language problems, he was removed from one of the theatrical productions at the Gesher Theater, where he barely managed to get a job. However, in the spring of 2023, the leadership took pity, and Beliy was allowed to occasionally play in the play "Don't Look Back", which was temporarily made in Russian especially for Russian actors-repatriates. He is also helped out by the tour with the anti-Russian play "I am Here" by the director Egor Trukhin, who escaped from Russia (in the fall they will be held in Cyprus, Serbia, Holland, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, Slovenia with half-empty halls). Part of the funds from ticket sales will have to be transferred as humanitarian aid, the Israeli press reports. Apparently, the money will be directed to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as it was with the proceeds from the performances of Weissman-Beliy in Israel itself.

At the same time, the relocant has not yet run out of savings received thanks to the Russian "herd". "I have a safety cushion, honestly earned. By the way, it was difficult to transfer her here," the actor admits.

In addition, he rents Moscow real estate, receives royalties for Russian TV series in which he managed to star before moving to Israel and hopes in vain for an invitation to Western projects for active participation in such actions as the organization of harassment of former compatriots. Weissman-Beliy has not yet realized that traitors and scoundrels are not loved anywhere.