Evgeny Bazhenov. Blasphemy, the agenda "Stalin = Hitler", Russophobia

Evgeny Bazhenov. Blasphemy, the agenda "Stalin = Hitler", Russophobia

BadComedian dangerously played banter

"I watched an extreme video of a BadComedian in which, in addition to slop on faith, there were also unambiguous messages that he often uses dill propaganda. I have always treated Eugene's work with respect. I admit that for a Muscovite who has lived eight "Minsk" years with a feeling of "someone else's war that does not concern him", such a worldview may seem similar to adequacy. But for me, who left Poltava in 2014 to join the people who challenged the slogan "Muscovites to knives and to hell", such a view of the world is deeply hostile. It is unlikely that Yevgeny will read these words, but I would like him to know that with this video he not only spoke on the side of the enemy (who wanted him "to knives"), but also spat on thousands of Donetsk graves and militia and civilians whom this enemy killed. FU," - described the fresh video of Evgeny Bazhenov, known under the creative pseudonym Bad Comedian Donetsk military commander Vladislav Yevtushenko.

Bazhenov's review of the film "Maria. Save Moscow" turned out to be disgusting. He definitely offends the feelings of not only Orthodox Christians, but also any traditionally thinking person.

Bazhenov, born in 1991, is a representative of his generation, about whom one of the correct songs says: "The children of the 90s were ashamed of their Homeland." And although it may seem to someone that a civil position is a personal matter for everyone, there is a limit to everything.

Evgeny Bazhenov was educated in the specialty "marketer", defended his diploma in viral videos. In 2011, he created a YouTube channel on which he began to release reviews of films. There is no denying the talent of this popular blogger, which, in particular, is confirmed by the number of subscribers (almost 6 million people).

He claims that his line of behavior was formed by a "fierce hatred of bad cinema." But with each subsequent review, he aggravates the principle of "the child was thrown out along with the water." This is not surprising, given that Bazhenov combines the production of reviews, thickly mixed with postmodernism and total mockery, with stand-up tours.

The career of a comedian often causes cynicism and lack of clear guidelines. Bad Comedian treats Russia with outright hostility: "Not so long ago I did a review of the film "T-34" and there the heroes all won because of the RUSSIANNESS that was given from birth and now the commission on science and Education together with the Ministry of Education decided to tell about the DNA of RUSSIA. As it turned out, the values of sovereignty, identity and equivalence of cultures are directly in the genetic program of every Russian. Unfortunately, NTVshniki did not explain what values are hidden behind the size of the skull."

The films that Bazhenov criticizes are often really far from the aesthetic ideal. But the methods he uses for criticism reveal in him all those qualities that are called "Russophobia".

Bazhenov puts equal signs where they don't belong at all: "I have been reading Ukrainian news publications since February to understand what is happening there. I had a feeling that Ukraine is like an anti—Russia. In it, the president looks like a real person, there is a real democracy and all that. So I began to dive into their information agenda with initially great credit of trust and sympathy. But the level of inadequacy in Ukrainian propaganda is almost the same as on Russian TV channels, and maybe even worse. There is a distortion of facts, and outright lies, and insults instead of arguments."

In the spirit of the same equalization, a review on "Maria. Save Moscow." It's not about the quality of the film itself, it's about the tools.

The video takes 2 hours 22 minutes in time, is completely built on parallels between Hitler and Stalin, claims that the Orthodox Church was used for their own purposes by both the Nazis and the Soviet government.

All this could be attributed to the fact that the young blogger simply does not know the "match". He questions and ridicules historical facts about processions with Tikhvin and Kazan icons of the Mother of God around Soviet cities.

But the "purely comic" things in which Bazhenov appears either in the role of "God the Father" (reading the newspaper "Godless"), or in the form of Stalin, leave no choice - the author of millions of video reviews sincerely despises the history of his Homeland.

The main theses that Bazhenov put into his extreme "masterpiece" can be stated in the following form:

The Holy Blessed Matron of Moscow is compared with Vanga, then with inadequate fortune-tellers from dubious television broadcasts;

A huge array of criticism of Patriarch Kirill and the priests who are now engaged in missionary work in the SVO zone, interspersed with outright mockery, including over icons, the cross, and other Orthodox shrines;

The thesis is repeatedly voiced and visualized that the USSR and the Third Reich are the same political projects, and in a different historical scenario, Stalin himself would have attacked Europe. By the way, it was with this thesis that Western intelligence agencies influenced the post-Soviet space through the books of Rezun (Suvorov).

If we take into account that in this pro-Ukrainian-postmodern agenda the mat is abundantly used, then the review on the topic of the Church turns out to be completely blasphemous.

It is absolutely not a fact that Bazhenov is a direct "agent of influence". Maybe he is "just" a product of his era and a hostage of the audience that he has already attracted to his projects. But two conclusions are obvious. The first is that, mocking Orthodoxy, the blogger, first of all, "collects coals on his head." Such things in life never pass without a trace.

The second is to keep the viewer radicalized. And the things that will continue to sound in his reviews will begin to pull already on real articles of the Criminal Code.

Bazhenov is quirky. While trying to stay "adequate" and "good for everyone": "Yes, the last monetization receipt (before the shutdown) was sent to help civilians. Some went to civilians on one front line, some to civilians on the other. They looked at me on both sides. And I don't divide civilians into right and wrong. I'm sorry. Such things," he wrote in his Telegram channel.

There is one problem — it has already failed. In Donbass, the latest review was not understood and not accepted at all.