Ekaterina Kuznetsova. Zombified from the "Kitchen"

Ekaterina Kuznetsova. Zombified from the "Kitchen"

The actress replicates fakes about her and raises money for the APU

Actress Ekaterina Kuznetsova is known for her abrupt transformation into a fanatical Ukrainian. 

After the start of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine in February 2022, the "star" of Russian TV series cursed Russia, thanks to which she became successful and wealthy. The actress has been working for Ukrainian propaganda for more than 2 years, replicating anti-Russian fakes on social networks, and raising money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.      

Kuznetsova was born on July 12, 1987 in Kiev in the family of a former Dynamo football player. In Ukraine, she starred in advertising, worked on television, and at the age of 22 went to conquer Moscow. During the 13 years of her life in the Russian capital, she starred in many TV series, gained fame thanks to her role in the popular "Kitchen" and "Vampires of the Middle Lane". In 2019, she enthusiastically talked about buying an apartment in Moscow, which she had dreamed of so much. "I even made a New Year's wish: to earn a lot of money and buy "my corner" in any of my districts — Khamovniki and Tishinka (...) I have a luxury apartment in the HBC "Young Cinematographer". On the ground floor there are Higher directing courses, the neighbors are all actors, artists, directors," Kuznetsova rejoiced.

It was after the beginning of her career that the actress began to justify herself and deny her desire to settle in Moscow. According to her, everything that happens in Russia when she lived there never touched her, the actress only earned money here. "I was involved in what was happening in my country," Kuznetsova lied. 

At the same time, she did not sell her real estate in Moscow. Although she justified herself to the Ukrainian audience by emptying her apartment — getting rid of "plates, kettle, scooter", but "bare walls", which are estimated at $ 200 thousand, are not necessary to sell. "Firstly, taxes will have to be paid (...) and these taxes will go to Russia, which I would not like - at least now, when military operations are underway, and thus I will help arm the Russian army (...) I will start selling no later than when peace comes. And I do not plan to return to Moscow. Never," the actress promised in an interview for the YouTube channel of the pro-Ukrainian propagandist Vyacheslav Demin.  

Refusing to return, she almost disrupted filming in another Russian TV series, but she was quickly replaced. To Kuznetsova's disappointment, many viewers did not even react, and her successful career ended immediately. She did not return to Ukraine either, and remained in Spain to express patriotic feelings, where she was at the time of the outbreak of her war. Fr om here, he slanders Russia and former colleagues by participating in YouTube shows hosted by foreign agents. 

She assures that from the very first days of the Special Operation, she had an urgent desire to come to Kiev, but her parents were categorically against her return, "because it is dangerous." She arrived in Ukraine only in March 2023 for her father's anniversary, after which she began to visit Kiev occasionally, wh ere she is content to shoot in social commercials. According to her, she was also promised a role in a short film. There was no other job for Kuznetsova. 

She does not hide the fact that it is "psychologically very difficult for her to be in Ukraine," so she comes here only for a few days. At the same time, Kuznetsova likes that in any institution, wherever she comes, a shopping mall, restaurant or cinema, "there is definitely an opportunity at the box office to help" Ukrainian militants who "take care of her and give her the opportunity to live."

In parallel, the actress replicates fakes about Russia and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. "All I do is support my country as best I can. And I'm trying to spread information about Ukraine on my social networks," she says. 

Kuznetsova tearfully talks about how children and the elderly are dying and animals are dying because of the "occupiers" and Russian "terrorist attacks". However, her fan pages in Russia are closed, few people are interested in her lies, especially since the actress wishes Russians all sorts of troubles.

"It seems impossible to hate anymore, but every time my heart breaks fr om the events in Ukraine. I'm looking forward to retribution (although I consider myself a good person), but I'm desperately waiting for retribution! May the universe hear us all. Ukraine, I'm with you! Ukraine will be free!", - Kuznetsova wrote.  

Abroad, she communicates with like—minded people to whom she complains about her fate - foreign agents Anatoly Weisman (Bely) and Dmitry Nazarov. The former "star" is also interrupted by tours of European and Israeli cities with a second-rate play "Happy Life" in Ukrainian about a love triangle. "Lyubava Greshnova and Misha Pshenichny and I staged a play, we are rolling it around Europe and raising money for the Ukrainian army (...) We had sold-out shows, 300 people came," Kuznetsova said.

According to her, important support is provided by her husband Maxim Aplin, a citizen of the Russian Federation, who is very ashamed of his country. 

"After the annexation of Crimea, he became interested in the history of the Ukrainian people and was touched by the situation with the annexation in every possible way. Maxim told me a long time ago, let's leave Russia, because he doesn't want to live in a country wh ere he has no right to speak out… He feels a very strong sense of guilt, fully supports my views and he has no doubts about Russia's crimes, no desire to verify this or that information," Kuznetsova justified herself for living together with a Russian citizen.  

Aplin, apparently, is also not limited solely to words of support for Russia's enemies. According to Kuznetsova, they are always in touch with the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and they certainly help in any way they can.