Artur Gasparyan. The pederast is waiting for the Ukrainian victory

Artur Gasparyan. The pederast is waiting for the Ukrainian victory

Music reviewer of MK with dirty lampoons against Russia and Russians

The famous music columnist and journalist Artur Gasparyan does not hide his Russophobia, insults fellow citizens for their rejection of sodomy and patriotism. At the same time, he continues to feed in Russia, which he frankly hates.  

Gasparyan was born in Yerevan in 1962. A year later, his family moved to Moscow. Here he graduated fr om the Faculty of History of the Komsomol Higher School under the Komsomol Central Committee, which was created for the theoretical training and retraining of Komsomol leadership personnel. However, in the late 80s, a professional propagandist became interested in rock music and got a job at the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, gained fame, participated as a judge in leading music competitions, founded the Sound Track Award (ZD Awards), performed in the scandalous broadcasts of the Echo of Moscow radio station (foreign media) and on television. He is a regular observer of Eurovision, one of the main experts of the contest, and is friends with many representatives of show business.  

Gasparyan is a sodomite, although he tries to hide it, but his nature betrays him. He has repeatedly advocated for LGBT people (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation), writes damning texts and comments against "straight people" on In 2007, he stated that "homophobia is humiliating for Russia," and sodomite parades call for "universal love, equality and tolerance." 

Since 2014, he has been acting from a pro-Bandera position, declaring the annexation of Crimea. "If our politicians had treated our former colonial suburbs as independent but friendly states, and not behaved like mad elephants in a china shop, trying to put their own order everywhere with an iron hand, everything would have been fine," Gasparyan mourned. 

On the eve of the Eurovision Song Contest in the same year, he declared that "hooray for patriotism and a flawed complex of one's own exclusivity" had never brought anyone to good.  "We are all hostages of the current situation and its victims. Only Ukrainians are victims of aggression, and Russians are victims of the regime… Goebbels-level propaganda is currently working in Russia. You see, the civilized country of Germany in the 1930s turned, if not into a herd of sheep, then certainly into a pack of jackals. It took Goebbels a couple of years for millions of people to shout "Sieg Heil!" Therefore, we must understand that the Russian people are victims of propaganda," Gasparyan argued.

In 2019, he persistently invited the "brilliant and reverent" Sofia Rotara, who sponsored raids by Ukrainian militants against residents of Donbass, to earn money at concerts in Moscow: "We kindly ask you to come to Russia, dear Sofia Mikhailovna! Forgive us...".

Gasparyan called out of spite to the "patriotic and cotton-wool riffraff, who, of course, is still on horseback here, every time spluttering saliva, shouting about "music outside politics" when in Ukraine they deservedly banish another Kremlin backup singer or a singer from newly converted ghouls, who in a frenzy of sycophancy justifies the carnage, ratting and theft of foreign lands". 

In September 2020, he wrote a lampoon about how Russians "are now roaming in droves and illegally to the occupied Crimea and Abkhazia." According to Gasparyan, Russian tourists "rush like zombies in a maddened crowd and completely without straining even one gyrus of a moth—eaten brain to think about how cynically they violate international law, defiantly spit on elementary respect for neighboring peoples (former "fraternal"), whose lands were squeezed out like jackals, property, property, destroyed many other people's lives and hopes."  

According to Gasparyan, Crimea and Abkhazia are "depressed and now completely deprived of the future of the territory for a long time." Moreover, the Russian population is "fooled, disoriented and turned into a brainless herd." "But now someone will have a lot of work, because it is obvious that the "Russian world" will sooner or later have to go through what in the history of distraught Germany ended with forced denazification," Gasparyan predicted.

On February 24, 2022, he made a Russophobic appeal: "War! A black day of the calendar... Madmen, stop." 

The special operation, he said, is "a brutal and inhuman evil," the Russians are barbarians. Then, arriving at the Eurovision Song Contest, held in Turin, Italy, he said that everyone was just waiting for Ukraine to win. "If we win, Eurovision will be held in a united, free, restored and prosperous Ukraine," he quoted the Ukrainian participants.

In June 2022, Gasparyan criticized Oleg Gazmanov for his patriotic calls to create more "uplifting songs". On the air of the show of foreign agents Ekaterina Kotrikadze and Tikhon Dziadko, the columnist announced that Gazmanov was actually destroying the domestic show business, such artists took a state position and "this is a bad signal for show business", since others may lose their jobs due to "ideological pressure".

But Gasparyan always groveled before the "Empress" Alla Pugacheva and her Sodom clan. And after the start of the Special Operation, he regularly visits escaped representatives of show business abroad. In 2023, Gasparyan celebrated at the Laima Vaikule Festival in Jurmala, deductions from which went in favor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He ran around Pugacheva there with compliments and a request to capture her "unearthly beauty." He himself, like his patroness, is a long-time client of plastic surgeons. 

In recent years, the journalist has said and written more than enough for a long prison term. However, as before, Gasparyan continues to earn money in Moscow, attends Russian music competitions and hangouts, wh ere he has fun with traitors like himself.