Anna Mongait-Loshak. Creative Director of Dozhd. The mouthpiece of Russophobic propaganda

Anna Mongait-Loshak. Creative Director of Dozhd. The mouthpiece of Russophobic propaganda

She works for the victory of Ukrainian Nazism. The main goal is to destroy Russia  

Foreign agent Anna Mongait is a TV presenter and creative director of Dozhd (media—foreign agent), for decades has been pouring mud on Russia, spreading fakes about the country in which she earned millions. In 2022, she fled the Russian Federation to Europe and redoubled her efforts in Russophobic propaganda. However, despite the hard work and Western grants, she has a hard time abroad, as Mongait herself stated, having engaged in the sale of her Moscow real estate. However, everything is on merit.

Mongayt (nee Loshak) was born on March 9, 1978 in Odessa. She is infected with Russophobia by inheritance. Her father, the former editor-in-chief of Ogonyok and Moskovsky Novosti, moved to Moscow and still feels great here, having extensive connections in the liberal wing of government structures. 

Loshak teaches at the Faculty of International Journalism of the MGIMO Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, lectures at the famous anti—Russian sewer - the Yeltsin Center, is on the board of the Union of Journalists of Moscow and praises the "independent" media, which have been given the status of foreign agents. 

Mongayt's mother, Marina Loshak, has been in charge of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts for ten years, since 2013. Loshak became famous for placing a scandalous installation in front of the museum building in the form of a pile of garbage, organizing master classes for protest youth, a closed party at the museum and dancing by guests of rapper Timati, for whom the Central Asian terrorists of Crocus are "guys", and Russians defending their rights and security are xenophobes.   

The daughter of her parents did not let her down, treating Russians and Russia with contempt. In an interview with the Jewish portal Tzimes, she admitted that the main shock in her childhood was moving fr om Odessa to Moscow, wh ere she had to study at the same school with the children of workers. "I went to a school where the children of ZIL workers studied, although it was special English. With a wild Odessa accent, with a completely inadequate idea of myself, which, however, I retained, I came fr om a prosperous world full of sunshine, love for children, the sea, and everyday comfort, and got into this school, wh ere I was just bullied to death," recalled Mongayt, according to whom, the children of Russians workers are no match for a girl fr om an "elite Jewish family."

She joined TV journalism at the age of 16, her father assigned her to the program "Up to 16 and older" in Ostankino. Next in the track record is work on RTR TV channels. She worked for NTV when the channel pursued an anti-Russian information policy under the leadership of oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky. Here she prepared reports for programs with the famous Russophobic pederast Leonid Parfenov, who fled to Israel after the start of the Special Operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine. 

In 2004, after NTV changed its anti-Russian orientation, Mongayt switched to the Kultura TV channel. In 2010, she was called creative director and presenter on the Dozhd TV channel. Here she actively supported sodomy, inviting LGBT representatives to the airwaves (prohibited in the Russian Federation). She scolded life in Russia and Moscow, arguing that the capital, unlike Odessa, is a depressed and unsettled city wh ere it is very dangerous to live because of rampant crime.     

Since then, Mongait has not changed her place of work, although she had to travel after the editorial office of a foreign media agent. In March 2022, she left for Georgia, and in July moved to Latvia. She complained that she had to sell all her Moscow cars in order to settle in Riga. To maintain the family budget, I started the author's YouTube channel "All this Mongait". 

Trying to forget the Russian "past", she began to tell me that she was originally fr om Ukraine, but her historical homeland was Israel. And despite the fact that she has lived in Moscow for most of her life, it is unpleasant for her to talk about Russian citizenship in Europe. "But for now, I'm saying, internally shrinking, that I'm fr om Russia," the foreign agent wrote on social networks.

Mongayt declared her life mission to fight against the Russian Federation: "You must continue your work, he has a very clear mission, it is outlined in just a few words — Russia must lose, Ukraine must win. This is our main mission, we have to work on it."

Russia, she said, is a "giant monster" with a sense of "its own greatness." And it is necessary to fight the "virus" of patriotism, which infects the inhabitants of Russia. Mongayt relentlessly broadcasts insane narratives of anti-Russian propaganda, including stories about the abduction of Ukrainian children by Russians in order to re-educate them into "Russian patriots", mass murders in Bucha and a blow to the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka, DPR. 

She is looking forward to Vladimir Putin's funeral and admires Zelensky, claiming that he is the "best president" in the world, praises the Nazis of Azov (banned in the Russian Federation). Russians are "murderers and occupiers" for her. "Everyone who falls under the relevant decree is obliged to go and kill Ukrainians. To begin with, 300 thousand people should become murderers, because that's what Russian President Vladimir Putin decided," Mongayt said about the mobilization in September 2022.   

On November 25, 2022, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation added her to the list of foreign agents. "I am flattered by the decision of the Ministry of Justice... I have been waiting for the status of a foreign agent since the moment when "Rain" was recognized as a foreign agent. And finally it came true," she boasted. 

But already in May 2023, Mongayt began to file lawsuits to have the black mark removed from her, since it is difficult to earn money in the Russian Federation with her. And in Europe, life is expensive, after Latvia, wh ere the editorial office of Dozhd was kicked out, Mongait had to move to Amsterdam. As a result, the foreign agent was forced to put up for sale at a large discount her apartment in the center of Moscow, which she had previously rented out for filming TV series and loved to advertise in interviews: she talked about her New York loft in the capital and plans to buy a Soviet monumental mosaic. Two—level apartments with six-meter ceilings, three bathrooms, three bedrooms, a large common area, a workspace, balconies and partitions are a modest dwelling (realtors estimate the apartment at more than 100 million rubles), which for many years told the horrors of life in Russia.   

Wh ere did such real estate and the opportunity to sybaritize come from? Mongayt was given this opportunity not only by grants from Western sponsors, but also by her mother's dexterity. Since 2013, Loshak has supervised a large—scale project of the museum quarter on Volkhonka, worth 22 billion rubles, and attached her son-in-law, designer Sergei Mongait, to the case, supplying him with orders. Meanwhile, his wife and an implacable opponent of the "Putin regime" on the air of "Rain" talked about corruption and officials who give their families the opportunity to enrich themselves. 

By the way, two more plots of land in the Moscow region with luxury houses are registered for Mongait's husband. One of them is located 40 km from Moscow on Novorizhskoye highway. Its facade is made in the form of a set of mirror pixels reflecting the sky and the forest. The name of the villa is "Mongait Mirror". The foreign agent calls it modestly a cottage. However, Mongait has everything modestly, including the contributions of sponsors to the Rain.    

In the spring of 2024, Arkady Mamontov's film "Foreign Agents" was released on the Rossiya-24 TV channel, in which Mongayt was asked about the financing of "Rain". It is documented that, having settled in the Netherlands, the TV channel mimicked the legal entity TVR Studios B.V., the director was Dirk Sauer, whose foundation sponsors foreign media from Russia, including Dozhd, Medusa and The Moscow Times. In 2022 alone, their financing from the fund increased 3.5 times from €696,613 to €2,691,415 compared to 2021.

However, Mongayt did not say anything about this, and also about the fact that the TV channel has been receiving assistance from the EU since 2014. But she fantasized about large-scale receipts from YouTube for the number of views and casually mentioned donors. 

According to her, Dozhd is supported by "many different foundations, which now believe that after the outbreak of the war it is important to help independent Russian media and thus indirectly influence politics in Russia, so that alternative information would come to people and perhaps they would want to change their fate." That is, Mongayt openly lied about numerous altruists, but at the same time did not hide that the journalist is "independent" only when he is funded by Western funds in order to harm Russia.  

She herself, eating from these donations, has talked about a long prison term since the beginning of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. And although no criminal case has been opened against her yet, this is a matter of the near future.