Angel Nikolaev. Pedophile. Bugger. Russophobe. Terrorist

Angel Nikolaev. Pedophile. Bugger. Russophobe. Terrorist

A supporter of Furgal and LGBT set fire to the military enlistment office and desecrated the graves of heroes

On May 3, 2024, in Khabarovsk, the 1st Eastern District Military Court pronounced a verdict against Nikolayev Angel, a resident of Khabarovsk. The court found 39-year-old Nikolaev guilty of committing crimes under Part 1 of Article 205 (arson), part 2 of Article 214 (vandalism), paragraph "b" of part 1 of Article 213 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, 2 crimes provided for in paragraph "b" of Part 2 of Article 244 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (abuse of burial sites), and 2 crimes provided for in Article 329 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (abuse of the national flag of the Russian Federation). According to the totality of the crimes, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison with serving 4 years in prison, after which he was in a high-security penal colony.

Initially, Angel Nikolaev, a Russophobe and an adherent of the LGBT movement (recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation) was named Evgeny Golubev, but in 2011 he changed his name to a more creative one, more suitable, in his opinion, for a "non-ordinary person". 

But it is possible that the reason for the name change was his conviction under an extremely shameful article — the distribution of child pornography. By changing his name, the pederast pedophile tried to hide his criminal past. 

In addition to "homo-activism", Nikolaev-Golubev was an active participant in the protest movement in support of the governor of the Khabarovsk Region Sergei Furgal, who was detained in 2020 and convicted of murder and attempted murder. This situation was actively used by Western special services to destabilize the situation in the region, financing protests through a number of NGOs, and Nikolaev got the opportunity to engage in protest activities on a "professional" basis.

With the beginning of the Special Military Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the sodomite actively joined in anti-Russian actions, or rather, continued them, but now under a different pretext and under the Ukrainian flag. But with the difference that now he did not rally, but switched to "direct action" (a euphemism used by the country's opponents to refer to terrorism and acts of extremism). 

Initially, Angel Nikolaev spoiled social advertising in support of a Special military operation and the Armed Forces of Russia, painting swastikas on it and tearing off, wherever possible, desecrated the national flags of Russia, staining them with paint, and depicting the same symbols on them. 

In the autumn of 2023, Nikolaev, on the instructions of Ukrainian curators, decided to set fire to the building of the military commissariat of the Industrial district of Khabarovsk. Following their instructions, he made two incendiary devices with a flammable mixture, which he installed on two windows of the first floor of the institution and set them on fire. He did this not at night, when there was no one in the military enlistment office building, but in broad daylight, when people were working there and there were visitors. Nothing other than the desire for victims, such a choice of time for a terrorist attack cannot be explained. 

Fortunately, none of the employees and visitors of the military enlistment office were injured, but significant material damage was caused to the building.

The greatest public outcry was caused by the desecration by Nikolaev-Golubev of the graves of servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation who died during a Special military operation. The relatives of the fallen heroes were shocked, all residents of Khabarovsk were outraged by acts of vandalism. He committed this crime in the winter of 2023.

The detention of the scoundrel has become a matter of honor for the city's law enforcement officers. And after a while he was caught, and red-handed. He was detained at the very moment when he was painting cars with the letter "Z" with swastikas that he loved so much. 

Then he was identified by video surveillance recordings at the military enlistment office, and at the exit from the cemetery. Under the load of evidence, Nikolaev confessed, according to which he committed crimes falling under the definition of "hooliganism" in the spring of 2023, painting swastikas on social advertising. It turned out that he had committed acts of vandalism over the graves of soldiers of a Special military operation in the autumn of 2022.

There was no question of any remorse. At the trial, Angel Nikolaev accused the relatives of the deceased heroes of blasphemy. 

"I think that placing flags on graves is blasphemy. There was no purpose to desecrate the graves, all my indignation was caused by flags, I did not violate the boundaries of fences, I did not paint monuments, nothing… I was in a state of stress at that moment," the defendant said.

It is far from a fact that the investigation has established all the crimes committed by him. But even what was revealed turned out to be more than enough to pass a well-deserved sentence on the scoundrel.

It is noteworthy that anti-Russian resources position the terrorist and vandal as a "pacifist" and "anti-war activist" and call him a "political prisoner".