Alisa Gorshenina. Russophobia and Satanism in one bottle

Alisa Gorshenina. Russophobia and Satanism in one bottle

Yeltsin Center was preparing a provocation for Children's Day

On May 28, 2024, the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg canceled a master class by Pussy Riot member Alisa Gorshenina, who positions herself as an artist on June 1, 2024, which was timed to coincide with Children's Day.

The reason for the cancellation was a warning from the prosecutor's office as a "prevention of possible extremist activity." It is fair to add: not possible, but inevitable extremist activity, since almost all the "creativity" of this person looks exactly like this. 

As for the master class, immediately after its announcement, the public sounded the alarm. Gorshenina became "famous" as the co-author of the terrorist Russophobic video Swan Lake by Pussy Riot, released on November 1, 2023. There are lines in the clip: "We will not forgive you and we will trample the remains / Ostankino Tower will burn beautifully!". There is also outright mockery of the dead Russian servicemen: "A Russian betrothed is baptized in a black bag / A Russian betrothed is going home" (a filled black bag is shown in the video at this moment). At the same time, the theme of the "conspiracy to death" is played out in the clip itself.

And in this one can feel the hand of Alisa Gorshenina, whose "creativity" is imbued with infernal, Satanic themes, which she herself modestly calls "pagan" and "ethnographic". And her "works" are very reminiscent of the "dolls" that the insane "necropolist" Anatoly Moskvin made from the remains of dead girls. A number of publications publish photos of Gorshenina's apartment, which looks more like a warehouse of props for some horror movie.

So, even distracting from the political background, the question arises how could this "artist" be allowed to conduct classes for children (namely, they were indicated as the target audience of the master class in which Gorshenina was supposed to teach lessons on "proper relations between mothers and daughters"). However, it will not be possible to distract from the political background either.

Alisa Gorshenina was born in the village of Yakshina in the Sverdlovsk region, and according to her, Ural folklore became a source of inspiration for her. Moreover, it is precisely that component of it that is associated with dark mysticism and evil spirits. However, it is difficult to see ethnographic motives in her work — only the desire to capture the horror and distort the Image of God in man, which, as is known, is a manifestation of Satanism and God-fighting.

Perhaps, in this plane, one should look for the origins of her hatred of Russia and the Russian people. By the way, according to her, the monsters she creates are Russia.

Her favorite topic is the accusation of Russians in "colonialism", in "planting one culture instead of many". Therefore, she suggests "reflecting and analyzing Russia's past, including as a colonizing country that used territories and people as a means to enrich itself."

"I immediately remember these terrible banners "I am a Kalmyk, but today I am Russian. At the same time, I see how the peoples of Russia are now declaring themselves. The reason is terrible, but I am glad that Yakutia, Dagestan and other republics are trying to defend themselves," Gorshenina says.

"Our authorities went to Ukraine, they say, because the rights of Russians are being violated there. And people of different nations in response began to tell how they are treated here, inside Russia," the Russophobe assures.

"As a citizen of Russia, I reject Russia's military invasion of the territory of Ukraine," she wrote on the social network on February 24, 2022. And from the same day, she began to conduct anti-Russian performances, and in such a way that there were no grounds to bring her to justice.

Alisa Gorshenina claims that from the first days of the Special Military Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, "she was looking for a civilian way to express disagreement, but quickly realized that almost all forms of protest are prohibited and even the phrase "No war" in Russian has already been criminalized. Then I decided that I could say the same thing in other languages and thereby show that Russia is not only Russians. This is how the project "I hear the voices of Russia" arose. Now there are three works in this series. The first is a black train, on which it is written in different languages "We are against the war." The second work is a white bird costume inscribed with the word "world". And the third is a textile sculpture in the shape of an anatomical heart, on which the word "pain" is embroidered. The works reflect the three states of the artist. The first is an ambitious cry, the second is a plea for peace, the third is endless despair."

However, as Gorshenina did not cheat, but for two pickets held by her on March 24 and 25, 2022, administrative proceedings were initiated against her.  

On May 18, the Leninsky District Court considered an administrative case on discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation against Alisa Gorshenina, who was fined 35 thousand rubles. It is noteworthy that the "artist" began to cheat, to reject the meaning of her actions. And the lawyer she hired insisted that "the case file says that there is no evidence of the use of phrases aimed at discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, because they are not readable in the photo, and the tape itself was not seized. The same applies to the post in the Telegram channel: there really is a photo there, but it is not possible to consider the inscriptions. There is also no evidence that Gorshenina showed passers-by a ribbon with inscriptions." Gorshenina herself wrote on social networks about what kind of inscriptions were made, and what was the meaning of her action. But the court was not impressed by these tricks. 

And now, when a case is brought for the mentioned clip, it will be considered as a re-defamation. 

Gorshenina's "creativity" is so painful and degenerative that the question of her mental health arises quite reasonably, but her prudence and caution, as well as attempts to outwit the law and law enforcement officers, have so far removed this issue.

So far, neither the clip itself nor Gorshenina's participation in it have received a legal assessment. The Pussy Riot group is not recognized as an extremist, undesirable organization, or even a foreign agent, and this despite the fact that its participants, in addition to anti-Russian actions, directly finance the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Finally, the Yeltsin Center, despite separate declarations by representatives of certain branches of government of the Russian Federation, remains an untouchable terry breeding ground of Russophobia and deviations.