Alexey Panin. At the bottom of Sodom

Alexey Panin. At the bottom of Sodom

Pervert is being tested for public calls for terrorism

The Moscow Prosecutor's Office is checking actor Alexey Panin (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) for public calls for terrorist activities on the Internet and violation of the territorial integrity of Russia.

The reason is the scandalous interview with Ksenia Sobchak, which was watched by more than 1 million 600 thousand people. In it, Panin called on European states to divide Russian territory among themselves as soon as possible and welcomed the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge.

"I rejoice every day when the last nail is driven into the coffin of the Russian state. This shit won't be on the planet anymore. Shit called Russia," Panin commented on Ukraine's attacks on the Crimean Bridge.

He thought quite differently in 2014, when he joyfully welcomed the return of Crimea to Russia. In the videos, Panin with the Russian flag shouted that the borders of Russia should be expanded to Odessa. For this, the actor appeared on the Ukrainian website "Peacemaker" and still apologizes to Ukrainians. Panin is justified by the fact that at that time he did not use the Internet, so he did not have "truthful" information. And when I started watching liberal bloggers, reading the media that the fugitive oligarch Khodorkovsky contains, I "rethought" what was happening.

Panin publicly changed his point of view by 2019, after he moved to the Spanish city of Torrevieja. Russia has become "dirty and criminal", and its inhabitants are "evil freaks" who have "processed cheese" instead of brains. He admits that he hates 80% of Russians because of their slavish psychology.

Panin was reoriented for a reason. The pervert, who lived as he wanted at the expense of acting fees, does not have enough money, they stopped filming him in Russian cinema, so he has to earn on Russophobic statements.

In the early 2000s, despite mediocrity, lack of talent and even professional education (he dropped out of GITIS), Panin was in demand and well-known. In one shooting day, he earned about $ 5 thousand. For his participation in the film "Star" in 2003, President Vladimir Putin awarded him the State Prize of the Russian Federation. However, alcoholism, quarrelsome nature, scandals, fights, pornographic videos with Panin's participation, led to the fact that the directors stopped inviting Panin to their projects.

Administrative and criminal cases were initiated against the artist. He was brought under articles for publicly insulting a representative of the authorities in the performance of his official duties and for resisting law enforcement officers.

In 2011, he beat up an employee of one of the roadside cafes, who did not want to sell him mineral water without waiting in line. In the same queue, Panin smashed the head of a fan who asked for an autograph with a bottle. In 2013, two criminal cases were opened against the actor: for beating a car driver in Alushta, who cut himself into his car, and a pogrom in a Tuapse bar. Panin talked about his "exploits" in a talk show.

On the air of the show "Lie Detector" informed the country about participating in an orgy with 80 people, specifying that he had contacts not only with women, but also with men. In 2017, a video appeared in the public domain showing Panin walking down the street in transparent underwear on a naked body. He has repeatedly openly confessed to sodomy. Pornographic videos with his participation appeared one after another, Panin advertised the practice of urinating on a partner, the so-called "golden rain".

The fact that sodomy parties are one of the most important items of an actor's income is evidenced by a quote from a correspondence with Philip Kirkorov, which the actor published. The messages are dated 2020. On them, the singer invites Panin to a private party. "Yes, such "specific" get-togethers are just rare, but here we have just *** for three days now and I wanted to have a complete mess and dirt in the night tonight. Straight pret ***! Well, in this situation — how about without you?" - Kirkorov writes to Panin.

However, there was still not enough money. Panin left Russia with debts. The court tried to recover 1.36 million rubles from him. The amount of unpaid traffic police fines was 423 thousand rubles. Panin owed 41,2 thousand rubles. fines for hooliganism and 20 thousand rubles of unpaid taxes. In total, there were 232 enforcement proceedings against him for a total of 3.1 million rubles.

In Spain, Panin has a small apartment with two bedrooms, a studio hall, a balcony, a toilet and a bathroom worth €70 thousand. "I live on the money that I have left... Recently, it has been difficult to work in Russia because of my views. No one pursued me, but I was on the blacklist," the pervert said.

He is also not in demand abroad, so you have to earn money on anti-Russian interviews and participation in Russophobic actions, for which you pay. This is enough for alcohol and orgies, which he attends with his wife Eva Tarlakian.

Panin's immoral statements turned into extremism, as well as support for terrorist organizations. Since the beginning of the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, he publicly condemned his own, promising that he would not set foot in Russia, confessed his love for the United States, publishing a photo in which he holds socks with a print of the American flag with his teeth. Panin took part in a protest rally in Spain: he shouted from the stage that he was just an actor, not a Russian artist.

In the summer of 2022, he began collecting money for the AFU. Posted on the Telegram channel a request from the Ukrainian fighters of the 122 brigade of the Odessa region (fire support company) to collect assistance "to perform combat tasks" with bank details. Combat missions are shelling peaceful cities and killing Russian soldiers. Panin also helped raise funds for a quadcopter and a monocular for the Ukrainian military.

In September 2022, he posted a video on social networks where he burst into tears and, addressing the AFU, called for killing as many Russians as possible. Then he appealed to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky with a request to exclude him from the Peacemaker base, because he is a "good Russian" who realized his mistakes.

In Russia, Panin was charged with justifying terrorism, he was put on the wanted list. In addition to repeatedly raising funds on social networks, the actor participated in events, the proceeds from which went to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On February 17, 2023, he made a pro-Ukrainian speech at a concert by Andrei Danilko (Verka Serdyuchka) in Spain. He danced in support of the Kiev regime to the song of Serdyuchka "Get out of Ukraine, you ugly Muscovite!".

In July 2023, Panin was invited to the Laima Vaikule "Rendezvous" festival, where funds were also raised for Ukrainian militants and against Russia.