Alexander Minkin. A foreign agent. The provocateur. He is waiting for the occupation of Russia

Alexander Minkin. A foreign agent. The provocateur. He is waiting for the occupation of Russia

A Russophobic journalist is spreading fakes with Khodorkovsky's money

On January 12, 2024, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included journalist Alexander Minkin in the register of foreign agents. The reason is performances on information platforms provided by foreign agents and the media. In addition, 77-year-old Minkin opposes the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, spreads false information that forms a negative image of Russia. However, this provocateur was engaged in creating fakes during almost the entire journalistic career, and did not calm down in his old age.

Minkin was born in Moscow into a Jewish family. By his own admission, he "somehow graduated fr om school," worked as an apparatchik at the All-Union Institute of Protein Biosynthesis, ran as a courier, built the Ostankino TV tower as a concreter.

In 1978, at the age of 33, he joined the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets. "Out of absolute despair and lack of money, and not being able to farce, I went fr om the street to Moskovsky Komsomolets <...> and said: Let me write you something. They asked wh ere I work, I said: "That's wh ere it is." They: "Oh, how interesting, write to us about it." Compose. They invited me to join the staff," Minkin recalled.

He graduated fr om GITIS in 1984. He wrote theater reviews, as well as "political" notes, which he secretly sent abroad. "I understood that I would be found out, although I was published there under a pseudonym," the foreign agent claimed.

After perestroika, he worked for Moskovsky Novosti, Stolitsa, Ogonka. He joined the literary union at the publishing house "Soviet Writer", presenting the commission with recommendations from Bulat Okudzhava, Boris Vasiliev and Mikhail Roshchin. In the early 1990s, with the same recommendations, he got a job at the Union of Writers of Russia. In the autumn of 1993, Minkin called for the shooting of the Supreme Soviet of Russia. He muddied the authorities, the history of Russia and the USSR, while unsuccessfully trying to get into the State Duma as an independent candidate (it did not work out on the second attempt in 1999). In 1996, he joined Novaya Gazeta (media-foreign agent). He became famous for publishing wiretaps of Russian officials and businessmen, which were leaked to him by special services, and supported Chechen militants. He was the only journalist who was allowed to negotiate with General Alexander Lebed and the chief of staff of the Chechen separatists, Aslan Maskhadov.

Minkin was reputed to be a scoundrel not only in his professional activities. In December 1997, he kidnapped his 2-year-old son from his mistress Svetlana Zhuzhleva. It turned out that Minkin's wife could not get pregnant, then he started an affair on the side, used Svetlana to give birth to a child, then took his son, who then had to be returned.

In 2000, Minkin returned to MK, wh ere he began publishing letters to the president criticizing the Russian authorities. In 2003, he unsuccessfully tried to storm the State Duma again, now on the list of the Yabloko party.

He advocated the occupation of Russia by the West. "In the end, let them capture it. I want to live in the occupied territory at the end of my life. It won't get any worse. Besides, I will not betray my homeland. I will stay on my native land and live in capitalist hell," Minkin was not shy.

Such a desire only grew stronger over time. In 2005, he went so far as to declare the benefits of the Nazi takeover of the USSR. "In 1945, we did not win, not the people, not the country. Stalin and Stalinism won... but what if it would have been better if not Stalin had defeated Hitler, but Hitler had defeated Stalin? (…)Maybe it would have been better if Nazi Germany had defeated the USSR in 1945. And even better — in 1941! (...) We liberated Germany. Maybe it would be better if they freed us?" the son of the Jewish people wrote in MK on June 22.

Since then, there has been more and more bile, and the offers have become more inadequate. It seemed to Minkin that the Kremlin should read his opuses and pay attention to his teachings. But as time went on, the president dispensed with the services of a provocateur journalist. This angered Minkin, and in his old age he decided to look for himself in more open opposition activities. The journalist joined the Echo of Moscow (foreign Agent media), generated liberal socialist stamps about Lancelot citizens and dragon rulers with calls to protest, began to receive royalties for appearances on the information resources of the fugitive oligarch, foreign agent Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Minkin argued that the government is bad, and the people are good, so it is necessary to disperse the Regardie. In his opinion, it does not protect the people, but only the government from the citizens themselves.

One of my favorite topics is Dima Yakovlev's law. To this day, he enthusiastically talks about the "criminality" of the ban on guardianship of Russian children by foreign citizens. At the same time, he was a participant in the PR campaign of sodom values, in 2012-2013 he organized the harassment of TV journalist Arkady Mamontov, who supported the hunt of Moscow investigators for perverts.

"In the 90s, all kinds of Western contagion flooded into Russia, including pederasty and pedophilia. Then, in those years, among the so-called liberal elite (to which Minkin belongs), it was fashionable to engage in all kinds of perversions with children. The country was considered as a center of sexual tourism (...) In the summer of 1998, the liberals dragged into the Duma a law on lowering the age of consent for sexual contact with children — from 16 to 14 years old. It was the liberal friends of Minkin who drafted the lines of this law in such a way that high—ranking pedophiles ... could satisfy their base predilections with impunity. By 2001, the situation with pedophilia in Russia had become catastrophic (...) Considering all this, I took up this topic (...) During the hunt for pedophiles, we came across the names of those who passed and pushed through the law on lowering the age of consent. So far, the time has not come to name the person who was behind this. By the way... Minkin knows him and is very close to him. Why doesn't he write about it, why is he silent? Why did he call me 12 years ago before the program was released and said with a poorly concealed threat in his voice that these materials should not be shown? Why is he publishing his articles about me now? Apparently, the perverts gave him an assignment to intimidate Mamontov," the TV journalist wrote in 2013.

Minkin has not calmed down so far, accusing the authorities of xenophobia, first of all, Vladimir Putin. He has a pathological hatred for the president, which does not hide envy well. "Putin solves all problems only with violence and cruelty," Minkin argues, noting the merits of Israel, which allegedly enters into negotiations with militants for each of its citizens, even for the dead.

For Ukraine, according to the foreign agent, "it all started in 2004, when Putin, against all odds, pushed Yanukovych into the presidency ... it did not work out and Putin hated Ukraine."

The beginning of the Special Operation shocked Minkin. "Man has destroyed all hopes... the Russian world has been destroyed... The stupidity of the authorities is killing Russia. The country is in a coma," he chanted.

In December 2022, Minkin made a forecast: "Everyone despises Putin, and his regime is doomed (...) to a Palace coup. He surrounded himself with cynics — they have one chance to save themselves — to betray their patron… I measured him until the New Year. Well, maybe before Chinese, in the spring."

In 2023, when the forecast did not come true, paranoia intensified. Minkin announced that in Russia, this "infernal evil", in the near future they will start burning books of classics of literature, because "Cervantes and Dostoevsky are against them." The aging and unclaimed Minkin still thinks of himself as an elite, recalling how he was called the "Golden Feather of Russia." And if the "palace coup" did not work out, he still hopes for large-scale protests of the population. In this regard, Minkin regrets that "smart people leave Russia fearing for their freedom," and there will be no one to take places in power. Although it would be better if he worried about his real estate on Rublevsky highway, since now he has a black label — a foreign agent. And it is possible that in the country the attitude towards such persons and their property will be tightened in the future.

The editor-in-chief of MK and a long-time friend Pavel Gusev has already disowned Minkin. The newspaper called for all his early publications to be considered foreign, although back in 2021, MK wrote a laudatory ode to the provocateur on the front page in honor of the 75th anniversary of the journalist.