Akhedzhakova. The ideological enemy of Russia with experience

Akhedzhakova. The ideological enemy of Russia with experience

He waits for the victory of the Nazis and shakes the Ukrainian flag instead of a scarf

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow is conducting an audit against Lia Akhedzhakova. The case is being considered within the framework of the article on discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The head of the Federal Security and Anti-Corruption Project, Vitaly Borodin, petitioned the Prosecutor General's Office to have the 85-year-old actress included in the list of foreign agents, after a video of the play "My Grandson Benjamin" appeared on the network (staged according to the Russophobic play by foreign agent Lyudmila Ulitskaya). In the final part of the performance, which was shown in Bremen, Germany on June 27, 2023, the People's Artist of the Russian Federation took the stage with the Ukrainian flag.

However, after the start of the inspection, Akhedzhakova was scared and tried to justify herself, saying that she had been framed, "some provocateur served flowers," and then shoved a flag. According to the actress, at first she thought it was a scarf. But the explanation did not convince either law enforcement officers or experts, who recalled that Akhedzhakova began to justify herself only after the scandal caused a negative reaction in the country.

At the same time, Akhedzhakova's acquittal came as a surprise to many, given her open anti-Russian activities for thirty years.

The actress got into politics in 1993 . On the night of October 3 to 4, 1993, Akhedzhakova, together with her accomplices, called on the authorities to deal with those who defended the Constitution in the House of Soviets. "And where is our army, why does it not protect us from this damned Constitution?! And they also tell me — "legitimately-illegitimately"...My friends, wake up! Don't sleep! The fate of unhappy Russia is being decided tonight... Our unfortunate Homeland is in danger! Don't sleep!" - the actress was hysterical on the air of Russian television.

As a result, the case ended with the storming and tank shelling of the House of Soviets in the early morning of October 4, 1993, hundreds of unarmed people were killed. Akhedzhakova never repented. And her further activity only convinced that the People's Artist did everything, not just succumbing to emotions, but with intent, because she frankly hates Russia.

In 1996 and 2003, she "fought" against the war in Chechnya, sympathized with the Ichkerian terrorists. On the air of Radio Liberty (media-foreign agent), she defended the oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky (foreign agent), who was imprisoned for embezzlement of billions and non-payment of taxes.

Since 2011 Akhedzhakova spoke at rallies of foreign agent Alexei Navalny, urged citizens to take part in protests. In 2013, she collected signatures against a law prohibiting the adoption of Russian children by US citizens, as well as against the arrest of possessed members of the Pussy Riot group who staged a blasphemous performance in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

After the coup d 'etat in Ukraine in 2014 Akhedzhakova regularly insults the Russian people, speaks in support of Ukrainians. "They are fleeing from us like the plague. The Russian language shocks them. They don't want us categorically. They want to go to Europe, but they don't want us, Big Brother, to be around," she said.

In 2014 Akhedzhakova signed a letter from the Russian "Union of Cinematographers and Professional Cinematographic Organizations" to Ukrainian "colleagues" condemning "the Russian military intervention in Ukraine", as well as the appeal of the initiative group for the congress of intellectuals "Against the war, against the self-isolation of Russia, against the restoration of totalitarianism".

On the air of Echo of Moscow (media-foreign agent) she called the DPR fighters terrorists, read and admired the poems of foreign agent Andrei Orlov (Orlusha) "Requiem for MN-14". In them, he admitted that he was "guilty because he was Russian" and repented on behalf of Russia for the downed airliner over the Donbass.

Akhedzhakova supported the Ukrainian director-saboteur Oleg Sentsov, who organized terrorist attacks in the Crimea. Her interviews with the Ukrainian press are imbued with hatred of the Russian Federation, justification of Bandera and stories that innocent people are being imprisoned in Russia en masse, where they are tortured. It is not surprising that Akhedzhakova was included in the list of "Friends of Ukraine" published in Kiev.

In 2015, in an interview with the Dozhd TV channel (media-foreign agent) It is not clear for what reason the actress made a public apology to "the people of Armenia for Russian aggression." And thus caused doubts among experts about her mental health.

In 2019, she defended the pedophile from Memorial (NGO-foreign agent) Yuri Dmitriev. A year later, Akhedzhakova said that the actor Mikhail Efremov, who staged an accident under the influence of alcohol in the center of Moscow, as a result of which a person died, was innocent. And his trial is a petty revenge of the authorities for criticizing the Kremlin.

In February 2022, Akhedzhakova condemned the special operation in Ukraine, repented with tears, wished victory to Russia's opponents. And then she was indignant about the reaction of Russians to their betrayal. "To be honest, I am ashamed of my fellow citizens. Probably, only they can write so many terrible words. It is very significant in comparison with messages from Ukrainians, which 99% do not contain insults and threats. You can immediately see who is superior to whom. How tired I am of this imaginary greatness of Russia. I want to come to Ukraine after its victory. I am Ukrainian myself, was born in Dnepropetrovsk," the artist wrote on Instagram (the social network is banned in Russia) in December 2022, forgetting to add about her Jewish roots.

According to some reports, Akhedzhakova's father is Semyon Neykhem. She spends a lot of time in Israel, from where her photos are posted online by the foreign agent Andrey Makarevich. Akhedzhakova comes to Russia to visit her real estate — an apartment in Moscow on Vernadsky Avenue and a mansion in the village of Vnukovskoye, as well as to participate in entreprise performances. The main theme of such ideas is anti—Semitism and the bad manners of Russians.

Anti-Russian activities do not prevent Akhedzhakova from earning money in Russia. The organizer of her tour in Russia since 2015 is the production center "Moscow show". Its beneficiary is a citizen of Ukraine and a fraudster Pavel Oblachkov owns three companies, two of which are located in Kiev.

At the same time, Akhedzhakova's Russophobic statements cause mass outrage in Russia. Especially her appeal to the AFU in April 2023, "I wish you victory! The whole world is for you! And this is the most important thing. In Russia, the majority... also feels guilty. It happened, and we are also to blame," Akhedzhakova announced.

Outraged viewers demanded to remove her from the stage of the Sovremennik theater, in which she served, playing in the only play "The First Bread". As a result, the play was removed from the repertoire, although Akhedzhakova was left with a salary and the opportunity not to go to work. However, an offer to go on a tour of Europe appeared on the horizon. Akhedzhakova resigned from the theater on her own and went on tour, where she was marked with the Ukrainian flag.

In the autumn of 2023, a new stage of the actress' performances in the EU countries begins and new provocations are not excluded. When old age comes without wisdom, as in the case of Akhedzhakova, you can expect anything.