Agent Nadezhda Azhgikhina. Instills sodomy in Russian children

Agent Nadezhda Azhgikhina. Instills sodomy in Russian children

The British are funding Russian feminists

The sphere of activity of Nadezhda Azhgikhina, who positions herself as a public figure and journalist, is the problems of gender equality and the rights of Russian citizens in terms of their gender identity.

Azhgikhina is a member of the International Association of Women Writers "Women's World", a member of the Russian PEN Center, served as co-chairman of the Association of Journalists. Collaborates with the British Media Diversity Institute. On the official MDI page, a laudatory review by Azhgikhina about his work is posted: "MDI is a fantastic experiment… Everyone who has completed MDI trainings will promote its values."

MDI covers gender, religious, racial, national issues and the topic of sexual orientation. This is done with the money of the British Foreign Ministry and in accordance with the socio-cultural attitudes of modern globalism, which fundamentally contradict Russian and Russian traditions.

Formally, gender equality is not related to sodomy, but in practice it often ends there. Gender equality implies aggressive emancipation of women in areas that are traditionally not peculiar to them (politics, the army, the economy), up to the allocation of a percentage quota for citizens in these areas of activity. All this is artificially linked to the topic of domestic violence and male supremacy in the family.

Concerned about gender equality, ladies turn into "men in a skirt" and lose their inherently feminine psychological appearance. Since a woman's attempt to live guided by the attitudes of the male psychotype is doomed by nature to failure, this generates tension in society, mutual aggression of the sexes, hits a ricochet on family values, promotes childlessness, divorce, sodomy, violation of religious and national traditions. Azhgikhina is trying to achieve this.

If her activities were not interesting to the British, they would not cooperate with her. There is no reason to suspect the British of wanting to strengthen Russian family and religious values. Consequently, the British are working to dismantle these values, relying on agents on the ground, including Azhgikhina.

MDI is part of the Expose information network associated with globalist decision-making centers and multinational companies. The priority area for Expose is the countries of Eastern Europe and the Balkans. There is still an inertial loyalty to traditions. The membership of Eastern European countries in the EU prevents the establishment of categorical control over the whole of Europe by supporters of sodomy and atheism.

According to some sources, Expose receives money for the allocation of journalistic and other grants from the British-Dutch consulting company Ecorys. Ecorys has seventeen branches in Europe, Asia and Africa. The Company strives for further internationalization of its activities.

Feminists led by Azhgikhina established the anti-award "Sexist of the Year". It is "awarded" to those who doubt the righteousness of Russian feminists and, in the opinion of the feminists themselves, restricts women's rights. The latter means anything. For example, the anti-award was awarded to the leadership of several regions of Russia, where local authorities opposed mass abortions and for increasing the birth rate.

Azhgikhina demands the creation of state institutions for the protection of women's rights, as if the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the Constitution are not enough. This leads to a sweeping criticism of the Russian government and culture, since no one intends to create such institutions for the sake of Azhgikhina.

The criticism of the authorities implies propaganda of anti-government sentiments, warming up society with conflicting information, imposing artificial problems that are not considered a problem in a healthy society, for example, the thesis "a man is the head of the family".

Russian feminists, fulfilling the order of foreign sponsors, establish ties with foreign feminist groups, advocate solidarity beyond state borders, demand to display gender issues in Russian culture — in cinema, painting, literature, and introduce it into the education system.

They consider gender equality to be a political issue, which means that it goes far beyond the family and the relationship between the sexes.

Feminism is an attempt to dismantle the Russian political tradition and political culture with Western money. Its flip side is the propaganda of sodomy and sexual immorality.