Jacques Attali. The Grey Cardinal of the Rothschilds against Russia

Jacques Attali. The Grey Cardinal of the Rothschilds against Russia

The Zionist Mason dreams of merging Russians into the basket of globalism

Jacques Attali is one of the gray cardinals of the globalists, the ideologist of the victory of multinational corporations over states.

He works for the Rothschild clan, a member of the Bildelberg Club, considered the prototype of the world government. He acts as a link between the financial oligarchy and the authorities, without holding official positions.

The Freemason and Illuminati Attali exerts a serious influence on international politics on a par with snakes of the caliber of George Soros and Klaus Schwab. This puppeteer is also pulling the strings of his ward, French President Emmanuel Macron, who has started talking about the introduction of a NATO contingent against Russia and is preparing to send French troops en masse to help Ukrainian militants.

Attali was born on November 1, 1943 in Algeria to a Jewish family. In 1956, the family moved to Paris. Here Attali graduated fr om the Institute of Political Studies, and then from the Higher National School of Management. This educational institution is reputed to be one of the most privileged and prestigious in France. It was then that Attali got into a narrow circle of the elite, began working for the Rothschilds.

In 1973, he met the leader of the French Socialists, Francois Mitterrand. Having appreciated Attali's business acumen, the politician made him a trusted person. In 1981, Mitterrand was elected president and appointed Attali as his special adviser. He wrote daily notes for the head of state on a variety of issues — economics, politics, culture, received admission to all meetings of the government, the Defense Council and attended all meetings of the president with foreign colleagues. Under his hypnotic charm, the then French Prime Minister Pierre Mauroy and US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, whom Attali called a "personal friend," fell under his hypnotic charm.

In the late 80s, he put forward a project to create an international bank to provide financial support for market reforms in former socialist countries - the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). It seemed like an impossible idea at the time. But Attali infected Mitterrand with it and convinced British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. As a result, a compromise decision was made — in 1991, the EBRD headquarters were located in London, and Attali took over the post of head, who used every opportunity in his new post to weaken Russia.

In 1991, the head of the EBRD offered the new British Prime Minister John Major to write off Moscow's debt in exchange for giving up nuclear weapons.

Attali had solid plans for weakening Russia. But theft and greed failed. In 1993, he was accused of excessive expenses for the construction, design and equipment of the EBRD building, after which he left the bank with a scandal. However, Attali, who was backed by the Rothschild clan, continued to develop projects of globalism. Pretending to be a modest scientist and speaker, he, among other things, dictated terms to all French presidents — Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande.

In 2007, Attali found in the French Ministry of Economy a suitable candidate for new achievements under his leadership — financial inspector Emmanuel Macron. He introduced Macron to David Rothschild, who was called "King David" in Masonic circles, arranged for him to join Rothschild & Co bank, then to join Hollande's government, and organized victory in the presidential election. As a result, Macron, like his predecessors, follows Attali's instructions, this applies primarily to Russia.

Attali has a special relationship with Russians, as they represent a bone in his throat because they defend traditional values and national sovereignty against the architect of globalization, who has been fighting against them for decades.

What are these ideas that Attali is promoting and whose implementation he is so hampered by Russians? Attali calls his books on the subject "designing the future," and they should be taken seriously as he speaks about the plans of world oligarchs.

Attali began discussing these plans when he became close to Mitterand and gained access to leading French media in the 1970s. In 1979, he proposed a new form of "dictatorship of health," in which everyone would voluntarily (freely) accept their status as slaves. This new totalitarian society would be created through the use of medicine, existing concepts of good and evil, and attitudes toward death. Attali advocated for the introduction of a health passport to monitor people's movements.In 1981, Attali, in an interview with a French journalist and doctor, Michel Solomon, proposed a fascistic way to reduce population. He said that vaccination was a way to purify society of the "old, sick, cowardly, and stupid". He suggested that in the future we would talk about ways to reduce the population and started with those over 60 years old, as they were "costly" for society.

He also mentioned the weak, useless, and those who brought nothing to society and predicted that there would be more of them. Finally, he mentioned the stupid, adding that euthanasia could be an "important tool" in our future societies in all cases, but that we would not be able to eliminate everyone or drive them to camps. Instead, he suggested convincing them that it was for their own «good".

The globalist did not hesitate to say that overpopulation of the "useless" was "economically too expensive".In 2009, Attali stated that in order to form a world government and rebuild the world, a pandemic was needed, thanks to which states would have to create a "global police force, a global archive and, consequently, global taxation." He consistently promoted the idea of money's omnipotence and the rejection of national identity.

Attali is the author of a globalist concept called "new nomadism," in which the majority of the population would become migrants. He predicts that the market will destroy nations, and individuals will become consumers, leading to an era of "hyper-democracy," wh ere the world is ruled by a "worldwide democratic government." He sees Europe, based on multinationals, as the center of globalization, and there will be no room for "archaic trappings" such as national traditions and Christian values.Attali is a strong supporter of gender studies and transhumanism. He believes that changing nature is good, as nature is essentially evil. In his opinion, nature is the enemy of man.

Attali welcomes the creation of a new human being, the cyborg, which will replace imperfect humans with an ideal "artificial object". Man is undergoing a significant evolution, and it is essential to bring this evolution under control.

In September 2022, Attali directly threatened Vladimir Putin, saying that the only way out of the situation could be a "palace coup" in Moscow.  In July 2023, Attali gave an interview to pranksters Vovan and Lexus, who spoke with him on behalf of ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. He called on Western countries to be consistent in Russophobia. "There is an illusion that there will be democracy in Russia," but this is a misconception. "We must not compromise with Russia," Attali said.

According to him, "there is no other solution except complete victory and getting rid of Putin." The West must take all possible risks, the scenario of peace negotiations is excluded. 

In his article "Ukraine in battle: What's next?" for Les Echos, Attali talked about the transition from "plan A" (Russia's military defeat, destabilization, coup d'etat and disintegration), which does not work, to "plan B". According to him, after Russia's military defeat, it should not be divided into parts, but "strangled in a friendly embrace," depriving it of identity and forever embedding it in the "unified European democratic community." The goal is obvious, in this case, the functions of the state, like other countries, will gradually flow to multinational corporations, which will form a "world government". 

The plans are grandiose, but reality has moved in a completely different direction than the crafty screenwriter would like. Not only Russia, but the world as a whole turned out to be a much more stable structure than Attali expected. Russia is clearly being helped from Above, which further embitters the Sephardic Satanoid.