Erdni Ombadykov. Lama is a Nazi and a descendant of a Nazi

Erdni Ombadykov. Lama is a Nazi and a descendant of a Nazi

Twice a traitor muddies the waters in Mongolia

The former Supreme Lama of Kalmykia, Telo Tulku Rinpoche (aka Erdni Ombadikov), fled to Mongolia, fearing prosecution for subversive activities against the Russian statehood.

The future lama was born in Philadelphia in the family of a Hitler collaborator from the USSR. He got an American passport in 2022 after he fled Russia. In Mongolia, Ombadykov held talks with Russian Buddhists from among those who escaped from mobilization, condemned his own and partial mobilization, and spread anti-Russian sentiments among Mongolian Buddhists.

Ombadykov said that Ukrainians, fighting against Russia, are "morally right" as they defend their land. If a country called Ukraine, glorifying the SS division "Galicia", which for years ironed peaceful neighborhoods of Donbass with artillery, burned living people in the Odessa House of Trade Unions, is morally right, then those from whom Ukraine takes an example are morally right — Hitler's Nazi SS.

According to Ombadykov, resisting the Ukrainian SS is wrong, allowing it to commit atrocities and spread Nazi ideology is right. The birth of Ombadykov in the family of Hitler's henchman turned Ombadykov himself into the same henchman.

For Russophobic reasons, Ombadykov posts materials on social networks in Mongolian and English, but not in Russian.

Some Mongolian politicians adhere to hostile neutrality towards Russia because of their own. They focus on Washington and fuel anti-Russian sentiments in Mongolian society. The Mongolian authorities have created the most simplified conditions of stay for deserters from Russia. Ombadykov correctly calculated that it was easiest for him to settle in Mongolia from the nearest countries.

Over time, he moved from passive criticism of Russia to active action. He spoke at the American-organized International Conference on Religious Freedom in Prague. Among the organizers and sponsors of the conference are the International Alliance for Religious Freedom (USA), the Templeton Foundation (Bahamas), the Conference of Czech Bishops, the Czech Federation of Jewish Communities and the Czech government.

For some reason, two hundred politicians (mainly from Western countries), as well as the head of the schismatic Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Metropolitan Epiphanius (Dumenko), attended the conference on religious issues.

Quite predictably, the conference participants discovered terrible violations of the rights of believers in the religious life of Russia and came to the conclusion that without the overthrow of Putin and the reformatting of the Russian state ideology according to Western patterns, freedom of religion will not be seen by Russian believers.

In his speech, Ombadykov reiterated the correctness of the neo-Bandera regime and called for an end to the special operation on the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.

The conference was curated by the International Alliance for Religious Freedom, which is actually not international, but American (funded by the US State Department).

By the way, Ombadykov's uncle is an employee of the State Department, and his aunt is an employee of the US Department of Defense.

In 2021, Ombadykov was spotted receiving a large sum from an employee of the Indian Embassy in Moscow. The ultimate beneficiary of the deal was the United States: an employee of the Indian embassy acted as an intermediary in a secret mission to bring discord into Russian-Chinese relations, since Ombadykov is a protege of the Dalai Lama's emigrant Tibetan religious structures, which China recognizes as separatist.

Tibet is part of China, but India benefits from the appearance of an independent Tibet on the map. Indian intelligence agencies are playing a subtle game around Tibetan issues, closely monitoring contacts between Moscow and Beijing, while simultaneously getting closer to Washington as opposed to Beijing. The Kremlin is interested in partnership relations with both China and India, but it is beneficial for the Indians to "fasten" Russian Buddhists spiritually and politically to Tibetan ones. Ombadykov participated in this game.

Working in the interests of foreign intelligence, Ombadykov betrayed Russia. By siding with Ukrainian neo-Nazism, he betrayed her a second time. The Central Khural of the Republic of Kalmykia condemned Ombadykov's statements.