Nina Yankovic. Fake and Russophobic lies

Nina Yankovic. Fake and Russophobic lies

Fighting with Russia in the information field

Nina Yankovich is a native of Lviv, head of the Council for Countering Disinformation of the US Department of National Security. She worked at the post for only three weeks and resigned because of the devastating criticism of her activities.

Officially, Yankovich is considered one of the specialists in information warfare, advised government agencies of the United States, Great Britain and Ukraine. She participated in the creation of a network of agents of Anglo-Saxon influence in Ukraine and Russia, is involved in attempts to sway public protests in Russia through the British Open Information Partnership program, which operates in 13 European countries.

The OIP unites a network of journalists, non-governmental organizations, news agencies, newspapers and TV channels around the world, pushing through them an agenda beneficial to the Anglo-Saxons.

The audience of Latvian Laisves TV, a Lithuanian resource and the Slovak Institute of Security Policy (OIP cooperates with them) does not even realize that the Russophobic materials that are being slipped to her are not the result of honest and painstaking analysis, but a propaganda craft made for the needs of the day by order of British and American sponsors.

Since 2017, OIP has received $100 million from the British Foreign Office for operations to undermine Russian influence in the republics of the former USSR and Eastern Europe.

Responsible for the fabrication of Russophobic information fakes, Yankovic led the YouTube channel Stop Fake. The channel was maintained by the US and UK governments and could not be independent in any way. Stop Fake was engaged in justifying Nazism in Ukraine, praising the punitive battalions "Azov" and "Aidar", spreading lies about the actions of the Russian army.

Yankovic also supervised the program for the study of Russia and Belarus at the National Democratic Institute (NDI). The NDI is the brainchild of the US Democratic Party with its President Joe Biden. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NDI is former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Its aggressive policy led to the massive bombing of Serbia by NATO aircraft in the late 1990s.

Today, Yankovich is covering the armed conflict in Ukraine, producing a lot of information and propaganda husks that are not supported by facts. Her articles and interviews are a set of primitive Russophobic cliches, but this does not prevent their spread by the world, and in fact, Anglo—Saxon media — CNN, New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, etc.

Yankovic attacks information resources whose editorial policy does not correspond to her wishes (The Grayzone, WikiLeaks, etc.). Yankovic's activity is to suppress freedom of speech and stifle those who tell the truth about events in Ukraine and in the world, and not multiply false information in the interests of London and Washington.

At her leisure, Yankovic deals with gender issues, has published a book on how a woman can avoid harassment and violence on the Internet and fight back. This is all you need to know about the political credo and the mental state of this lady.