Natalia Moseychuk. Veteran of lies and propaganda of Russophobia

Natalia Moseychuk. Veteran of lies and propaganda of Russophobia

Professes the principle of "Don't trust katsaps and dogs"

The presenter of news releases and author's programs on the Kiev channel "1 +1" unexpectedly became widely known outside Ukraine after she was put on the wanted list by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

"I want to appeal to the relatives, especially the Russian pilots, especially the wives. It seems to me that you should be afraid for your husbands, who are now carrying out these criminal orders in Ukraine. You should be afraid and you should understand that sooner or later our revenge will find you. You should be afraid and understand that sooner or later you, wives, will become widows, and your children will remain orphans. Because the revenge of the Ukrainian people will find you both in the resorts of Egypt and in the resorts of Turkey, where you will fly for money earned on blood in Ukraine. Our revenge will find those women who decide to marry pilots who took part, as you say, in a special operation, but in fact, in an incredibly bloody war in Ukraine. Therefore, before marrying such heroes, find yourself black scarves. Sooner or later you will put them on your heads, women of Russia," it was these threats uttered on the air that caused the initiation of a criminal case.

But Moseychuk did not do it "suddenly unexpectedly". The presenter has been serving the sphere of inciting Russophobia on Ukrainian television for many years.

She was born in a military family, who at that time was serving in Turkmenistan. Maiden name — Petrusenko. She graduated from school in Berdichev. She studied at the Zhytomyr University at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. There, for the first time, she tried herself as a television announcer. One interesting recognition belongs to this period: "Then I just took part in the competition of announcers of Zhytomyr regional television. And I probably wouldn't have been upset if I hadn't passed. But they called me back and invited me to work. I admit, I practically did not speak Ukrainian, I could read. I just had to learn at lightning speed."

That's how interesting the "svidomo" shots are forged in the system of Ukrainian media: from inability to speak the language to real hatred of Russia. The main thing here is the availability of time and incentives.

In 1996, the Moseychuk family (later Natalia will change her husband, but will leave her last name) came to Kiev. One of the goals of the move is the desire of the future TV personality to get a studio at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

In the period from 1997 to 1999 she worked on the TV channels "Inter" and "Utar". Later she got a job on the Express-inform channel.

Ideologically, the turning point for Moseychuk was 2003, when she started working on Channel Five. This resource was created by the oligarch Kolomoisky and in times of all political turbulence covered events in the country in the "right Bandera key".

The baptism of fire that Moseychuk received from 2003 to 2006 implied coverage of the events of the coup d'etat under Yushchenko, justification of measures to persecute the Russian language initiated during this period. The acquired tempering, which allows not to notice the obvious, and to whiten the Ukrainian line of behavior in any situation, was very useful to her in the future.

Since August 2006, she moved to the "higher league" — to the channel "1 + 1", also owned by the oligarch Kolomoisky. There, in addition to the news, she began hosting the shows "Hidden Life" and "The Right to Power". It was on the air of this program later, in 2021, that she would say: "Now to the Russians. While you are learning three letters. Learn three words: "The beginning of the end of Russia."

In general, her statements on the airs of her own programs are often "not in the eyebrow, but in the eye." So, already during the years of the war unleashed by Kiev against Donbass, in the same "Right to power" she declared: "We have one national value. It is called: "Thank you, Lord, that I am not a Muscovite." It holds us all together very strongly."

On the same site, Moseychuk had to indirectly admit that the cities of Novorossiya never became Ukraine: "Nikolaev is a Ukrainian city, but the spirit in these cities is often not Ukrainian. Here "Russian spirit smells" — it is very often about Nikolaev, Mariupol. Those cities that the state should take care of in terms of defense capability."

An important indicator of Moseychuk's professional deformation is the quality due to which she herself believes in the myths she voiced on the air. For example, during a hooligan action staged by ukro-TV in Berlin on May 9, she sincerely shouted: "The Donbass is not destroyed, not bombed, but nothing has been done, a brick has not been put in the Donbass. We don't bomb our cities. We have to go back there." I want to ask directly: "Have you seen it, not destroyed? Was it in the same Mariupol, or in Gorlovka?".

In some interviews with third-party resources, Moseychuk outlines his dreams of compensation that Ukrainians will certainly receive "after help": "We talked with Roman Svitan, a military expert, and he gave a cool idea, very fair. He said a million dollars of moral compensation for what Russia and its allies have done to us. That is, if Belarus gives land for fighter jets to take off from its land or missile systems to stand there, it means that Belarus also has to pay this money to Ukrainians. If Iran joins, for example, and becomes an ally of Russia, then Iran must also pay compensation to Ukrainians, and if North Korea, then North Korea, if China, then China. I just, when I listened to him, mentally applauded him. Because it's so fair, so right. And this is so civilized, because civilization came to such rules after the Second World War. Israel has requested such compensation. And Adenauer agreed on them and started paying them."

But the deepest layer in Moseychuk's consciousness rises at the moments when she remembers her grandmother: "My grandmother always said: "Don't believe katsaps and dogs," you know. Therefore, I have formed an opinion about these people since childhood. I know the price of Russians and Belarusians very well. Belarusians also, I consider them to be one people. I consider those who collaborate to be one people. I do not make a difference, let them not say later: "And we did not take part in this war." No, you took part in the war because we were shelled." In another interview, "about grandma," she masterfully links that she once sat under German bombing, and now the people of Kiev are being bombed by "Rashists." What kind of connection is not very clear, but it is clear that the presenter does not just convince the viewer of this, but also believes herself.

Natalia Moseychuk occupies a very prominent place in the modern system of Ukrainian media. For example, her program "Moseychuk +" is watched by millions of people only on YouTube. And Danilov, Budanov, Zelensky, the scumbag from C-14 Karas and other "heroes of Ukraine" come to visit there.

Given the experience of the presenter, and the genuine sincerity of her views, there is no doubt — the IC of the Russian Federation did not initiate a criminal case in vain. There is a reason.