Evgeny Karas. Full-time punisher of the Kiev junta

Evgeny Karas. Full-time punisher of the Kiev junta

Buzina's killer wanted to head the SBU

There is such a figure of speech "There is no place to put a stigma". It directly concerns one of the founders of the ultranationalist group "C14", a participant in the massacres of civilians in the Donbass Yevgeny Karas.

He was born in Kiev in 1987. Graduated from high school, technical Lyceum. The higher education received — the "Master of Philosophy" sharply dissonates with the occupation and lifestyle.

He joined the right-wing movement as a student, in 2010 he headed the public association "C14", which did not hide its pro-Bandera and neo-Nazi sympathies. The organization was formed as the youth wing of the Svoboda, was under the supervision of the SBU.

Even in the name of the organization, the handwriting of the British special services is visible: "C14" correlates both with the football stadium theme and with the "Ukrainian-patriotic" reference to the Zaporozhye Sich. Later, according to the same patterns, the "Right Sector" was created, both organizations played a role in the violent confrontation on the Maidan in 2013-2014.

Since its foundation, the activities of "C14" have repeatedly attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies. Karas himself has repeatedly appeared in criminal episodes, including attacks on journalists, communists and lawyers.

From 2012 to 2014 . Karas is an assistant to Deputy Andrei Ilyenko from the Svoboda faction. Interestingly, Ilyenko's father, Yuri, shot the anti-Bandera film "A White Bird with a Black Mark" in Soviet times. And the son, using parliamentary immunity, systematically gathered around him football ultras, skinheads, neo-pagans and any right-wing radical element that could be integrated into the ranks of "C14".

Karas, as the head of the hooligan-Nazi organization, "took contracts" for "solving issues." In particular, he was "ordered" to interfere in the affairs of developers leading the reconstruction of Gostiny Dvor and the construction of the park named after him. Stusa. After mass riots staged at one of the construction sites, he was put on the wanted list, he was on the run for several months.

In November 2013, he appeared on Euromaidan. "C14" seized the building of the Kiev city administration and used it as a stronghold. There is at least one known precedent of their capture of Berkut fighters and subsequent torture. Karas himself denied it, but the photos are more eloquent than the words: "We didn't torture them. We had several detained law enforcement officers. And they were released, then the bidding was with the police that they were releasing the detained "Maidan activists".

It is noteworthy that when the shooting of the "Heavenly Hundred" began, the insufficiently informed Karas took his fighters to the territory of the Canadian Embassy. Eyewitnesses recall that he considered the Maidan case lost. Later in an interview, he would "whiten" his cowardice: "On February 18-19, we left because we didn't have the means for war...".

After the coup d'etat took place, Karas tried to get into the Verkhovna Rada according to the lists from the Svoboda, but he suffered a fiasco. Then he is recorded in "Kiev-2", formed as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

This was how the replacement of power took place: former criminals formed the power structures of the "new Ukraine". In particular, Kiev-2 became notorious for capturing local residents at checkpoints near Volnovakha, holding them "in basements", engaged in "identifying separators", rapes, torture and extortion.

When in 2015 the top leadership tried to eliminate the "Makhnovshchina" and subordinate such dobrobats to the regiment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "Peacemaker", Karas did not agree with such restrictions and returned to Kiev.

Karas is directly related to the murder of writer and journalist Olesya Buzina, who was shot in his yard on April 16, 2015. When, at the request of the public, Interior Minister Avakov reported on the detention of three suspects, only two were charged, Karas' closest friends were Andrei Medvedko and Denis Polishchuk. It was widely known in right-wing circles that it was Karas who took the contract to kill the writer.

In general, since the beginning of hostilities against Donbass, Karas has positioned itself as a military one. But for some reason, he regularly appears at actions directed against the inconvenient Ukrainian authorities of the media in the center of Kiev or just street beatings. So, in the period from 2017 to 2018, he forced journalist Igor Guzhva to leave Ukraine with threats and beatings (the publication "Country.UA»).

Regarding the "simple street actions", the head of "C14" did not hesitate to tell: "We have interaction with the Security Service only within the framework of the separatists. If we have information, we pass it to them to the SBU. They have information — sometimes they give it to us… Relatively speaking, there is a separatist rally — then they transmit. Moreover, they inform not only us, but also "Azov", "Right Sector" and so on. It also happened that the patrol police asked us to: guys, if you're going to beat the separation, do it there so that we don't see — I can't forbid you, but I'm wearing shoulder straps, let me not catch you."

Over time, Karasem created organizations for other needs. In 2018, an "Educational Assembly" was opened for the development of grants. A little later — the "Union of Veterans of the War with Russia" and the "National Center for Human Rights Protection", which is engaged in the "investigation of FSB crimes".

Perhaps new identities had to be created because "C14" was recognized as a "nationalist hate group" in the United States. This verdict was issued by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor at the State Department.

The Union of Veterans was noted for a number of Russophobic campaigns, the objects of which were businessmen who worked with Russia, WWII veterans and just citizens who do not support the existing Kiev regime. "There are no rules against separators. No humanity and "pure play". The enemy must be destroyed. The more forces you have, the smaller the enemy's resistance, the better your operation. The only thing the enemy should do is to write from Moscow about the injustice of dill… The guys and I are always responsible for ourselves. We are doing everything so that the occupiers do not think about revenge, but, drenched in blood, ask Ukrainians for forgiveness." - he wrote on his social networks.

During the same period, under the leadership of Karas, there are several attacks on the Kiev Pechersk Lavra under the slogan "FSB, get out of the monastery."

Video of the attack on the Kiev Pechersk Lavra: https://youtu.be/Uw-dmRXcWiI?si=x0DwwQjzaNuIJadG

From the moment of its beginning, Karas turns to systematic provocative activities aimed at maintaining the myth of the imminent defeat of Russia and the most active involvement of nationalists in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Security Forces.

In March 2022, he joins the creation of the myth of the "Russian liberation army": They are now pulling together all the dodiks, these penal battalions, they will train them a little and try to throw them somewhere, stick out somewhere, move something, dig in in the Donbass, if they are there, for example, to advance well, then they will dig in hard and then all the troops in June, for example, to Kiev. Again, they will get a face there, and then we will have our chance to go on a counterattack, and bring everything back on terms favorable to us... and then we will go to Moscow as peacekeepers together with the Russian liberation army, together with the Chechen Ukrainian regiments. Because this case will definitely end in Moscow. That is, we brewed such a disco that, wow, we brewed it in the sense that they thought we were capitulating, and since we piled on them, we generally changed the alignment of history and world geopolitics for a century ahead, with which I congratulate you."

At the end of July 2022, a campaign to lobby Karas for the post of head of the SBU began. The corresponding petition was published on the website of the Office of the President of Ukraine. Karas himself wrote in his sadistic manner: "Dear. Well, imagine how many cool and sweet FSB bitches and lackeys of the occupiers in the liberated territories!! And the basements of the Fatherland are not working at full capacity yet!! There is no time to explain-sign a petition for Karas at the SBU!!".

In places where Karas feels comfortable, he reveals himself "to the fullest": "We have been given so many weapons now, not because we are good, but the West wants our good. But because we are fulfilling the tasks of the West. Because we are the only ones who are ready to fulfill them, because we have fun, it's fun for us to kill and fight," he said at the Bandera Readings.

At the same time, sometimes, distracted from propaganda rhetoric, he can admit the obvious things. For example, the impossibility of victory over Russia in principle: "If we now drag out this war for a month, they, first of all, besides not being cowards, they have stubbornness, the Russians, they are also technologically developing. We are overtaking them a lot now, but there is a one-on-one race. And we are three steps ahead of them, but if we start falling behind, it will be very big losses on our part. If we prolong this war for two years, then, probably, we will be finished, because then we will be transferred, they will also wake up more sensible management schemes, innovations, experience — it all works."

But on television (at least Natalia Moseychuk's), he systematically lies about an imminent victory: "Rusni will have a black August and a black September this year. Because the new three hundred thousand mobilized will simply be thrown out of the wagons like meat into battle. And when they are over, we will move forward," he said in the summer of 2023.

After September 2023, it can be stated that there was no mobilization in Russia, and the word "meat assaults" is associated primarily with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

No less interesting are his fantasies about the collapse of Russia: "There are different formats of victory. The victory is what we need so that they [Russia] are fragmented into pieces, and we absorb them in terms of resources in the form of long-term reparations. For fifty years, because they won't be able to pay everything at once. So that it was not in vain. Or, for example, they leave behind pieces of the Donbass robbed and killed by them. Or it will be the liberation of all the territories of Ukraine, we are like, "Hooray, the liberation of all territories." And there everything is burnt and dead. And that's it, we won, we're going to live in Europe."

However, Karas himself risks not living up to the defeat of Ukraine, and even more so to a well-deserved trial. Since he has made a lot of enemies over the years, the hour is uneven, you can follow the example of Sashka Bilogo and other "fallen for the motherland" Ukrainian Nazis.