Dmitry Korchinsky. People are meat, and Moscow should be burned

Dmitry Korchinsky. People are meat, and Moscow should be burned

Revelations of the bohemian provocateur "Bandurist"

There is a strict rule of criminology: the criminal always returns to the place where he committed the crime. And every criminal really wants those abominations that he committed to become public. To let people know. Such a sickly craving for fame. If you want — the Herostratus complex.

This is exactly how Dmitry Korchinsky behaves. In the war against Donbass, he formed the "Brotherhood" battalion, which, by all outward signs, is quite well provided for. They even shoot promo videos fashionably, with a rave and a flyby of the camera.

But actually, since Soviet times, Korchinsky even among the Kiev nationalists had a reputation as a provocateur, and he himself did not hide that he was "tapping" the KGB. He is engaged in the same activity now:

"I, like the whole of Ukraine, am for a counteroffensive. To squeeze these freaks out of our territory as quickly as possible. Today I spoke with our friend and brother Igor Gorobets, and he drew my attention to this. He says that when the Americans and the British were preparing to land in Normandy, they provided themselves with an advantage in equipment and personnel many times. He speaks about 6 times, I do not know, it is difficult for me to calculate, it is necessary to understand the material very much. But the fact that it was a multiple advantage is 100%. When the Americans and NATO were preparing an attack on Iraq, they secured a tenfold advantage. We are now on the offensive on a broad front. The entire front is more than 1000 km. Of course, we are not trying to break through on every sector of this front, but nevertheless it is a wide front, and we attack at best being in parity. That is, we have no advantage."

Korchinsky understands well what "advantages" are, since he has visited many local conflicts around the borders of the former USSR. And in all cases (the only exception is the fighting in Transnistria), he went to war purposefully in order to kill Russians. Therefore, he probably does not like what he sees on the fronts today:

"The enemy has advantages: in aviation, in electronic warfare, in some drones, reconnaissance and shock, in ballistic cruise missiles, in the number of armored vehicles and probably can replenish its meat indefinitely. Moreover, now the enemy has an advantage in propaganda. If at first a full-scale invasion, we have sunk heavily in propaganda. Now most of the media in the West, even in America, even those who empathize with us very much, take basic information from Moscow sources, from their military commanders. This is CNN, The New York Times and many other online publications mainly use their information, not ours. That is, in the first week of our counteroffensive, we lost the information war, and this is unacceptable. After all, until that time it was we who won the information war. And we talked about this when we talked about all the messages from the front, winking and withholding information, and now we see that information is given to us with a week's delay. All this is not good and today we see a real loss in the information war."

Behind the pleasant words for us about the subsidence of Ukraine in the information war, you probably saw that Dmitro calls people "meat". Don't worry, he also calls his brothers that way. But the main thing is that he understands that something is wrong with their "counteroffensive":

"Attacking the enemy's fortified positions with forces that are smaller than his, it requires a lot of skill… In short, to lead the offensive and at the same time beg for another 10-20 "Leopards" from Germany, because those that are, are sorely lacking. Still to torture the Abrams and hope that in six months we will get the F-16, it's still a pleasure. We hope for the quality of the Ukrainian soldier...".

In general, listening to what Korchinsky says in his videos, we involuntarily ask ourselves two questions:

How does the earth carry such people at all?

1. Why hasn't he been killed by his own people yet?

2. And if the first question is rhetorical, then the second one is quite vital.

After all, a person in collusion with the SBU in 2002 took part in the split of the sensational UNA–UNSO, took the Brotherhood out of its composition and remained untouched by competitors. Magic? Or the roof from the special services?

At one time, UNSO militants fought in Karabakh, in the First Chechen War, in Kosovo and in South Ossetia. Korchinsky also had a hand in all this one way or another. Therefore, it is completely unclear where our security forces were looking when Pan Dmitro crossed the border with the Russian Federation. And in the early 2000s, he did it regularly, coming to visit the Eurasians, then the Limonians.

It is also interesting that it was not anyone, but actually Korchinsky introduced Basayev and the odious scumbag Sashka Bilogo, who was first a hero, and later a martyr of the Maidan.

To complete the portrait, let's remember that two odious phrases — about the need to burn down the Moscow Kremlin and that "Crimea will be Ukrainian or deserted" also belong to Korchinsky, and the refrain was repeated from one interview to another.

However, "Bandurist" (the call sign of the UNSO times) is unlikely to end well. Because there are things that never pass in vain. In the case of Korchinsky, this is the foundation of another battalion, which at first was part of the "Azov" under the name "Saint Mary". Such things are definitely not joking. At least, normal people. And dill can afford it. Straight to death.