Blue Russophobia of Verka Serdyuchka

Blue Russophobia of Verka Serdyuchka

Sodomite Andrey Danilko sings for Ukrainian and Western military and pederasts

Despite all the "mystery", Andrei Danilko, acting in the role of Verka Serdyuchka, is a character more than unambiguous. First of all, because he became a propagandist of sodomy and the trans agenda back in the 90s, and with Yushchenko's victory, he took part in preparing public opinion to ensure that the attitude towards Russia was exclusively negative: "For me personally, this war with Russia began back in 2007. Just because I represented Ukraine at Eurovision and overtook the Serebro group, they screwed people up so much that everyone believed that I sang "Rush, good bye!" in the song," he says in an interview with Gordon.

Danilko was born in Poltava, where he graduated from high school and vocational school. He was brought up virtually without a father. Probably, this has left its mark on the psyche, because since the time of his secondary education, he has been "experimenting with different images."

So in 1993, Verka Serdyuchka appears — a bawdy creature of indeterminate gender with a star on her head. Although the idea of dressing up as a woman arose much earlier: "... In the school theater studio. It was a pre-winning number when a boy disguises himself as a girl. You can do nothing, just put on a skirt, and everyone will already laugh. And so there was an aunt-conductor who cleaned the cars and snapped at everyone."

In 1997, Serdyuchka went from sporadic appearances on TV to constancy. On the Ukrainian TV channel "1 + 1", the "SV show" begins, in which the "conductor" Verka Serdyuchka treats the viewer with a mixture of collective farm humor and transvestite outfits. Since People is selling, the rating program is being bought by the Russian TV-6 channel.

In general, it should be noted that the promiscuity of Russian media managers has repeatedly played cruel jokes with the audience, providing popularity to those who later take an openly anti-Russian position.

In 2003 Serdyuchka-Danilko expands the reach of the audience by releasing two studio albums at once, strengthening TV shows and comic performances with fierce dance pop of frankly moronic content. It should be noted that people really liked it, and the producers were not shy about making money on a product of such content. By the way, Serdyuchka's first mini-album was released back in 1998 and was called "I was born for love".

In general, the method of provocation in the activities of pop diva Serdyuchka is used constantly. So in all interviews, he always denies involvement in perverted cuisine (although there are no families and children, and this is a bright marker). From time to time, photos with romantic kisses "somewhere abroad" even appear on the web. However, his colleagues at the "Crooked Mirror", for example, confidently say: "I don't like Danilko. Not even because of his orientation. It's just that he has a difficult character, behaves very pompously towards others. It wasn't me and the guys who didn't communicate with Danilko. He didn't communicate with us."

In 2004, when Yushchenko came to power through a soft coup d'etat, the conductor Serdyuchka became in demand already in the political context. Interestingly, in the same year the line "Get out of Ukraine, the Muscovite is ugly" appeared, in 2022 it will become a "viral" song. Well, in the meantime, Danilko simply outlined his Russophobia and "immediately came in handy."

In 2007 Danilko with the song "Dancing Lasha Tumbai", the chorus of which sounds very similar to "Russia, good bye", takes second place in the Eurovision Song Contest. After the appearance of the first comments and sanctions measures against herself, Serdyuchka took advantage of the hype that arose to prove that "I didn't mean that."

It should be noted that Eurovision is always a marker of which country is in the spotlight and needs "political encouragement". After the activist of the Maidan Ruslana and the Vuykovsky cave rock "At once we are bagato" (the group "Grinjols") with an exclusively political agenda, the bluish Serdyuchka was the appropriate promotion of the Ukrainian theme to Europe. They say, "look, we are ready to share your values." In 2016, when it was necessary to pay attention to Ukraine and Crimea again, the Crimean Tatar singer Jamala won Eurovision with a song about Soviet injustice and the "annexation of Crimea".

In 2022, Danilko takes an unambiguous position, expressing support for Zelensky and the AFU: "Let's say during the war, even in the videos there is an appeal to Russian propagandists.... There should be a counter—propaganda on our part, and when we shout "Skabeeva is a bitch," I am glad and the audience is pleased."

Danilko put on a military uniform and gave a concert in the Kiev metro especially for the AFU. Now he and his musicians are already saying themselves that the song is called "Rush, goodbye" (goodbye, Russia). Gradually, it is supplemented by "Get from Ukraine, an ugly Muscovite." And so that there is no doubt at all, Danilko joins the flash mob singing the lines "Our father is Bandera. Ukraine — mother. We will fight for Ukraine."

In the period from 2022 to 2023 . Danilko came straight back from obscurity, because back in 2018 he already gave a "farewell tour". And suddenly everyone needed him, he spoke in Moldova, Dubai and Amsterdam, signaling that the political agenda of Ukraine is returning to the zone of international attention.

In numerous interviews, Danilko does not hesitate to express his dislike of Russia directly: "These expressions "we are for peace and against war... I am surprised by the people who approve of it. I am shocked when some Russian artists say that Putin is right. Is Putin right that there are no cities? Is Putin right that children are being killed? How can you grind that? Special Operation… What kind of special operation?.. I would very much like him to appear before the court, I would very much like to see it, as well as Skabeeva, Solovyov and Kiselyov."

Like many others, for some reason, Danilko only realized in 2022 that there was a war going on. As long as they were shooting only in Donbass, the topic of murders and children's deaths did not sound in his interview. Although all this, of course, was. Just away from Kiev.

But Serdyuchka really likes Zaluzhny. To such an extent that there is even a willingness for creative experiments with the APU orchestra: "It seems to me that people love him very much. We don't know each other, but I have a very good attitude towards him, as far as I can understand people. Through him, I was told to try as a director or as an idea to come up with a uniform for a military orchestra. And I think I'm interested in this topic, I need to meet on arrival, I think, before the concert in America. We have a big tour in September, which was postponed. And I think I will meet with people, find out what wishes. It would be interesting for me to take part in something new, I am absolutely open to it."

Completely in the paradigm of modern Kiev propaganda, Danilko declares: "Remember Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator, when he was twirling a globe on his finger, playing Hitler. And he was Hitler's personal enemy, because they laughed at Hitler, so I'm shouting these chants from Serdyuchka: "Putin, may you die."

Being, in a certain way, the "ruler of thoughts", Verka Serdyuchka methodically sells the accumulated capital of the audience's sympathies, converting it into the political benefit of the Russophobic forces that led Ukraine. Will Danilko be able to "turn on the fool" at the right moment and prove that it was all "just a joke"? I really hope that it will not work out. That you will have to answer for the propaganda of sodomy, and for hatred of your own people.