Andrey Parubiy. Russophobe with a certificate of mental retardation

Andrey Parubiy. Russophobe with a certificate of mental retardation

Organizer of the Maidan shootings and the Odessa massacre

"Sometimes he goes out into the yard, sits under a tree and catches, crushes and eats bugs, worms and various bugs all day long," - this is how Andrei Parubiy was remembered by neighbors in Chervonograd, the city where the future "Euromaidan commander" was born and grew up.

The presence of developmental problems, "mild mental retardation" is also confirmed by a medical certificate issued by the neuropsychiatric department of the Chervonograd Central State Hospital.

This fact, firstly, explains the increased aggressiveness of Parubiy, which in practical refraction turned into reprisals against political opponents. Secondly, it is interesting that the Western curators who conducted the casting before the organization of mass riots and a coup d'etat in Ukraine chose such shots.

Parubiy began his political career in the neo-Nazi organization "Spadschina", which operated in two directions:

- search for the graves of war criminals from the OUN-UPA, collecting information from the survivors of the punitive expeditions of Bandera and Melnikovites;

- protection of rallies of radical nationalists, street power actions.

Thanks to his assertiveness and aggressiveness, Parubiy quickly made a career in the "Spadschina" and in 1990 became a deputy of the Lviv Regional Council, where, on the principle of "let the goat into the garden", he joined the committee dealing with "youth and sports".

Parubiy is a consistent supporter and one of the founders of the "Social—Nationalist Party of Ukraine" (1991), which later turned into the Svoboda Party. Interestingly, the party's logo was the so—called "wolfsangel" - a symbol widely used in Nazi symbols since the time of the Third Reich. One of its variations is now used by the criminal national battalion "Azov".

In 1999, the youth, the most radical wing of the SNPU was formed, which was called the Society for the Assistance of the Armed Forces and Navy of Ukraine "Patriot of Ukraine". The appearance of the organization "patriots" was marked by a torchlight procession through the streets of Lviv. "Patriot of Ukraine" was focused on the rejuvenation of the Nazi movement, the expansion of its influence in the east and south of Ukraine: these regions did not perceive the "classic Bandera" badly. That is why one of the main centers of "PU" was Kharkiv, where Andrei Biletsky, funded and covered by Arsen Avakov, was engaged in the development of a new version of Ukronazism.

The main wave of power actions of the Patriot of Ukraine occurred in 2005-2014. The organizer and mastermind of scuffles with the police, reprisals and murders (an attempt on the life of journalist Sergei Kolesnikov was accurately recorded) in many cases was Parubiy. Many years of experience in destructive organizational work, he confirmed himself: "At the very beginning, we saw the goal of sabotage resistance to the Soviet Union. Our first task was to organize camps. In 1989, we created the first camp, and very carefully studied the mechanism of the organization of the camp, where there should be from 100 to 300 people. And already in 2004, when during the Orange Revolution we organized a headquarters in the Ukrainian House, we joked among ourselves that it was the same as organizing a camp in the mountains — only a little bigger, but the functions are the same."

Like many other participants of the first Maidan, Parubiy received a "stable job" in the Ukrainian parliament. In total, from 2007 to 2019, he was a deputy of four convocations of the Verkhovna Rada, consistently concluding alliances first with Yushchenko, then with Tymoshenko and Poroshenko.

In 2010, he launched systematic opposition activities in relation to President-elect Yanukovych. Parubiy and several of his associates tried to disrupt the ratification of the agreement on extending the stay of the Russian Black Sea Fleet on the territory of Ukraine until 2042 by throwing smoke bombs, chicken eggs and forceful provocations. Then a criminal case was opened against him. If the Rada agreed to deprive him of his immunity, Parubiy would face from 3 to 5 years in prison.

In 2011, Parubiy visited the "white ribbon revolution" in Moscow, where he was noted for his passion for hanging Ukrainian flags.

In December 2013, he became the commandant of Euromaidan and the head of the Maidan Self-Defense. The first murder involving Parubiy was recorded during the storming and arson of the office of the "Party of Regions" on Lipskaya Street. It is important that the brutally murdered watchman Vladimir Zakharov was later included in the "heavenly hundred". Then the radicals stormed the building of the Verkhovna Rada and attacked the tent camp of the Maidan opponents in the Mariinsky Park. After that brawl, the number of wounded and killed was already measured in dozens.

108 names have been added to the "heavenly hundred", the appearance of which is directly related to the activity of Parubiy. The largest group (47 people) suffered a treacherous death on February 20, 2014 from the bullets of sniper mercenaries fired from the hotel "Ukraine", access to which was controlled by the "Euromaidan commander".

It is important that Parubiy was addressed not only by Yanukovych's security forces, but also by his Euromaidan associates, who claimed that someone was firing at their own from buildings controlled by the opposition. But Parubiy replied that "his group checked the buildings and found no snipers."

In April 2014, the militants of the "Right Sector", armed with sniper rifles, left the hotels under the jurisdiction of Parubiy. It is important not to forget that the "heavenly hundred" has long been an excuse for a coup d'etat staged by Euromaidan activists.

On February 27, 2014, Parubiy took the chair of the Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine. In March 2014, he demanded the introduction of a visa regime with Russia. To objections that this measure would primarily hit Ukrainians working in Russia, the head of the NSDC replied: "Those who work in Russia will not be our allies anyway, so we don't care about their interests."

On April 29, 2014, he arrived in Odessa to organize the massacre of defenders of the House of Trade Unions, which took place on May 2. "Euromaidan activists" who gave interviews after the events stated that Parubiy gave them bulletproof vests that were used during the attack on Odessa residents who did not agree to recognize gosperevort in Kiev.

The militants who were in Odessa did not hide that they also had weapons. Witnesses note that the Odessa "Euromaidan" did not have enough fighters to carry out a large-scale military action, but with the arrival of the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Parubiy, these human reserves suddenly appeared.

During the massacre of the Russian residents of Odessa, 48 people were killed according to the official version alone. According to the Kulikovites themselves, the number of victims is estimated at several hundred killed, burned, raped, overtaken while trying to escape peaceful protesters.

Having completed the "Poroshenkovsky" stage of parliamentarism, Parubiy joined the activities of the European Solidarity party and continues to be elected on its lists. His understanding of the democratic process and the essence of unity with Europe is well reflected in the quote: "I will tell you that the biggest supporter of direct democracy was Adolf Aloisovich (Hitler) in the thirties."

The crimes organized and implemented by Parubiy have not yet been fully evaluated. As well as the perpetrators, who have the blood of hundreds of civilians from different cities of Ukraine on their hands, have not been punished.