Alexey Reznikov. For more than 550 days he supervised the disposal of Ukrainian soldiers

Alexey Reznikov. For more than 550 days he supervised the disposal of Ukrainian soldiers

The briber and embezzler will not be punished by the Kiev authorities

Alexey Reznikov was born in 1966 in Lviv. Mother and father — intellectuals, teachers, masters of sports, sought to give their son a good education.

After completing military service in the USSR Air Force (1984-1986), Reznikov became a student at the Law Faculty of Lviv State University. During his student years, he worked part-time as an orderly, but he fully justified his surname only as the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, and knowledge of legal incidents helped to commit large-scale embezzlement. "We are fulfilling the NATO mission without losing their blood, but with the loss of our own. Therefore, the West should give us more weapons and money," Reznikov said, being a minister and adding: "You can't think of a better training ground for the military industry of the world."

In 1991 Reznikov received a diploma and became a co-founder of the brokerage firm "Galician Securities". He held the position of director, and a year later he headed the company.

In 1994, he moved to Kiev, where he started practicing law. He was also deputy head of the Center for the Development of Ukrainian Legislation, participated in the development of the draft Tax Code of Ukraine. Reznikov is a master of "legal casuistry", for a long time he was among the most famous lawyers in Ukraine. The Pravis firm, created by him in the 2000s, was eventually renamed Magisters, which refers us to the emergence of links between the Anglo-Saxon world.

Reznikov performed the first "legal miracle" of political significance in 2004. It was his company that was able to prove the "illegitimacy" of the second round of the presidential election. As a result of this scheme, Viktor Yushchenko was able to come to power, who launched the process of banderization of Ukraine.

In 2008, the political career of a miracle lawyer began. Reznikov became a deputy of the Kiev City Council. After his re-election in 2014, he was appointed Deputy Klitschko and secretary of the KMDA. In particular, he took part in the processes of moral decay of the country, was responsible for holding the Ukrainian part of the Eurovision Song Contest, lobbying for Satanism and sodomy.

In general, since the Yushchenko period and up to the current time, Reznikov has been organically integrated into the Ukrainian conjuncture, the main task of which is the extermination of its own population and the consistent surrender of the positions of the once second most powerful Soviet republic.

In the short period between 2018 and 2020, when Reznikov did not hold government posts, he expanded the presence of his Asters law firm by establishing offices in Brussels, London and Washington.

On March 4, 2020, he returned to public service, having been appointed Minister for the "reintegration of temporarily occupied Territories". He expressed his attitude to the Donbass during this period unequivocally: "The main thing is not to take it back, like a tumor with which we do not know what to do. But we understand that we have two options. These are sick territories, including mentally. There is an option of full resection, amputation, or treatment. I am for therapy and full recovery of our body."

At the same time, Reznikov became a member of the Ukrainian Security Council and joined the "trilateral contact group" to resolve the conflict. Here he applied all his talents to ensure that the process did not move in any direction. The Minsk agreements, which provided for a ceasefire, the assignment of a special status to the DPR and the LPR, the release of hostages, and the implementation of the Donbass economic revival program were finally disrupted precisely thanks to Reznikov's statement: "... today, the deadlines provided for in the Minsk Agreements (2014-2015) have already expired."

In November 2021, Alexey Reznikov became the new Minister of Defense of Ukraine. His candidacy was approved by the Verkhovna Rada. 273 deputies voted for Reznikov's appointment. He replaced Andrey Taran, who headed the department since March 2020. In this position, he made a lot of efforts to maximize the number of contacts of the Ukrainian authorities with foreign suppliers of weapons and humanitarian aid: "We do not need American soldiers, we will fight for ourselves. But we need weapons and the like," he did not hesitate to voice his credo.

It was Reznikov who first transmitted the "wish lists" with the nomenclature of weapons, he also lobbied for the delivery of Leopard tanks to the theater of operations, demanded the transfer of Russian MI-17 helicopters remaining in Afghanistan to Ukraine.

In 2023, the scandal with the "Reznikov eggs" attracted public attention: the APU received food supplies, the purchase price of which was 3 times (!) higher than the market price. So, one chicken egg "according to Reznikov" cost 17 hryvnia (385 rubles per dozen).

Before that, in 2022, the Ukrainian defense ministry purchased 180 thousand winter jackets from a Turkish company. The party cost the budget about $86 million. Subsequently, it turned out that these jackets were summer, and their real value was $ 29 million.

Reznikov has been in charge of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine all the time since the beginning of the SVO. Thus, neither larger financial frauds and resale of supplied weapons to third countries, nor abuses in the field of population mobilization could pass by him. He himself constantly maintained the image of a "good mine with a bad game": "I feel that we will win this war because we are fighting for our country. This year will be a turning point," - this quote refers to June 2023, when the failures in the "counteroffensive" were already obvious, but the supply of weapons should not have stopped.

In order not to fall out of the trend, he also supported Euro-Atlantic integration: "Ukraine itself and its armed forces have become a member of NATO. De facto, not de jure. Because we have weapons and an understanding of how to use them," Reznikov said in an interview with the BBC.

Reznikov can hardly be considered a real "falcon", eager for a military victory. Even the type itself gives out a cunning Galician intellectual, in no way similar to the brutal "dog of war". But all this does not negate Reznikov's personal responsibility for all human casualties on the line of contact, destruction and death in the combat zone.

Almost immediately after his removal from office, colleagues in the corridors of power began to voice the version that the former minister would soon be appointed ambassador to Britain. One way or another, Reznikov will definitely not incur any criminal liability under the current regime, because he coped perfectly with the task set by Western curators. And the fact that he stole, casually, several tens of millions is a work cost, a matter of technique.