Alexey Matsuka. Propagandist of pederasty. Escaped from Donetsk to Radio Liberty

Alexey Matsuka. Propagandist of pederasty. Escaped from Donetsk to Radio Liberty

The blue journalist completely lay down under Zelensky

There is an interesting feature that distinguishes the workers of the Ukrainian propaganda front of the "new generation". Many of them, even in their student years, having found themselves at Western trainings and other similar events, immediately learn the skill of not leaving a digital footprint.

And if people from the Soviet period, who later became "svidomo Ukrainians", could not "clean up" their participation in gangster groups, illegal business schemes and political intrigues in time, then in the case of specially trained media people, everything looks completely different.

For example, a native of Donetsk Alexey Matsuka (born in 1983) appears immediately as the editor of the information portal "News of Donbass". No one knows where he was before, what he was doing and for what merits he took the post of editor-in-chief.

It is no less interesting that having officially received a diploma of higher education, only in 2010, Matsuka managed to become the head of the Donetsk Institute of Information four years earlier, in 2006.

Surprise disappears when you start reading the description of the "institute": "Non-governmental expert-analytical organization. It includes such projects as "News of Donbass", "Public Television of Donbass", "Donetsk Truth", "Donbass: Full access", etc. The DII organization is a member of the Global Investigate Journalism Network and cooperates with organizations, including the European Endowment For Democracy, USAID, Internews, the Media Development Fund of the US Embassy in Ukraine."

It turns out that three years after his appearance in journalism, Alexey Matsuka was in charge of an entire media holding built on the money of Western investors.

Even more clarity arises when you learn that in 2013 the site "News of Donbass" won a grant for the promotion of "same-sex love". In an interview for Radio Liberty, Matsuka regretted that there is too little practical information about homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people in Donetsk.

He was going to correct the situation as follows: "The program will consist of two parts. The first part is devoted to the history of a representative of the LGBT community or a person loyal to the LGBT community. In this part, there will be a story about examples that representatives of the LGBT community can tell about themselves or about their partners. We provide an opportunity for everyone to speak publicly and talk about the problems that this category of citizens faces in communicating with state authorities, educational institutions, or problems related to manifestations of discrimination in general. The second part of the program will be devoted to the news that has recently occurred in the life of the LGBT community in Donetsk region and the whole country."

And indeed, shortly before the war, videos with scary-looking lesbians appeared in Donetsk social networks, telling, for example, how they are humiliated and not understood at their native faculty.

For Matsuka himself, the interest in the topic had more than practical significance. Even in his editorial office of free morals, they were surprised at how often he locked himself in the office with an assistant.

There was also a press center in the structure of the Donbass News, which, for example, could organize a press conference at the request of a client and ensure the publication of the materials voiced there for a fee. Interestingly, the regulars of this center were, for example, brave lads of right-wing views from the Donetsk branch of the organization "Patriot of Ukraine". It is important that Biletsky's followers were not confused by Matsuka's orientation and his office, which was often closed from the inside. Apparently, the curators said "it is necessary" — means "it is necessary".

With the beginning of the events of 2014 "News of Donbass" and other creatures of the "Donetsk Institute of Information" are actively involved in the campaign to denigrate the participants of the Russian Spring. For example, in early March, immediately after the first rallies and statements about the need for a referendum, Matsuka personally traveled to film attempts to arrest one of the leaders of the resistance Pavel Gubarev.

The media belonging to the blue holding "DII" actively collected, distorted and disseminated information under the headlines "Separatists captured...", "Militia robbed...", "Pro-Russian terrorists killed...". At the same time, of course, no materials were published about the shelling and crimes by the AFU. The head of the "News of Donbass" himself had a car burned in April. Matsuka claimed that the reason for this was his "investigation" called "Russia's deep ties with accomplices of the Donetsk Kremlin." It is difficult to say whether this arson was a revenge or a provocation on the part of the deep connections specialist himself.

However, in the same month, the Canadian organization Reporters Without Borders compiled a list of "100 heroes of information" and included Alexey Matsuka in it.

In October 2014, he received the International Press Freedom Award. By this time, the editor-in-chief of the Donbass News had already moved to Kiev and started cooperating with Radio Liberty.

Matsuka's activity is distinguished by two characteristic features: firstly, he never hid his direct subordination to the West. The website of his "institute" carefully laid out annual reports in which we see:

In 2016, on October 6, a round table "Russian propaganda in Eastern Europe and the Donbas: different countries — one problem" was held in Slavyansk. In October, a regular visit to Brussels took place under the auspices of the Office of Relations of Ukrainian Analytical Centers, issues of the program "Mariupol: Culture against War" were systematically published;

From 2014 onwards, events lobbying the Western agenda — the Donbass Media Forum - are held annually. For example, in 2018, a report article about him was published under the heading "Four years forming a tolerant media space of the country."

And the technology of work, and the topics covered within it — all this gives out exactly the execution of the Western order.

An important aspect of Matsuka's activity was precisely the informational impact on the residents of Donbass.

In 2016, the Donetsk Pravda project turns into a newspaper, which is issued for the purpose of distribution in the disputed territory. There is a great photo with the "delivery of humanitarian aid" — shabby-looking people holding a pack of diapers, two loaves of bread, and, of course, this newspaper.

One way or another, all the media that Matsuka had a hand in implementing are based on the Kiev-occupied part of the DPR.

The second important sign of Matsuka's "handwriting": in order to differ in terms of rhetoric from a large number of radical Nazis, he constantly spread fables about the desire for peace, could even criticize the central government for weakly assisting immigrants from the DPR. "We also see an insufficient amount of efforts in the information sphere, and an insufficient number of votes to promote a political and democratic way to resolve the conflict, which President Poroshenko and his government constantly talk about. Instead, we see nervous statements about the blockade and even more emotional ones about punishing people who are on the other side of political barricades today," he said in 2017.

With the appearance of Zelensky on the political scene, Matsuka's team joined in supporting first the election campaign of the "peacemaker president", and then to systematically justify his actions. "When Zelensky became president, remember the 19th year, I remember the enormous optimism in Donetsk and Lugansk that the process would finally intensify. But these expectations are there today, as soon as there is a small and big progress, it will get a very positive field in Donetsk," Matsuka said in an interview.

In 2020, within the framework of Ze-media, the DOM TV channel is launched, focused on brainwashing residents of the DPR and LPR. For a long enough period in order not to cause rejection, he broadcast in Russian.

Later, the project was scaled up, and Matsuka became the editor-in-chief of the FREEFORM information project, which even today, however, having already abandoned the rhetoric about peace, continues to justify Zelensky's actions: "Everyone understands perfectly well that Vladimir Zelensky is much stronger than the outgoing head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin: he is younger, he already has more experience in diplomacy, not in the war. And I think that those countries that dream of being allies of the Russian Federation actually dream of joining the pro-Ukrainian coalition… Everything is fine. Ukraine keeps its finger on the pulse and will not give up anything from its territory and its citizens" — for June 2023, this is more than a strange statement. But, apparently, who eats a guy, he dances him.

In Matsuka's modern activity, the following important components should be highlighted:

Active promotion of the program for the return of refugees who left Ukraine for Russia. The project is called "Bring kids back UA";

creating an image of "effective managers" for Zelensky and his team;

Systemic formation of a false information field within the country. For example, the promotion of the thesis "everything is fine in relations between Ukraine and Poland, do not listen to Russian propaganda";

Denunciation of "crimes of Russia" in the wildest and most deceitful form ("Victims of Russian sexual violence — from 4 to 86 years old").

And, of course, the protection of the interests of the sodomite community. In the summer of 2023, Matsuka released a poignant video about the fact that LGBT violations in Russia have crossed all boundaries. And he commented on it as follows: "Sex change in Russia is prohibited. The Federation Council voted unanimously for such a law. It is noteworthy that even the Russian Ministry of Health was not enthusiastic about this idea, because they are already predicting an increase in suicides due to a severe mental state, in which an entire social group will now find itself. But that's not even the worst. In Russia, they are seriously thinking about "correcting" the orientation of representatives of the LGBT community at the official level. Methods of such treatment can only be imagined. Is the Kremlin really sure that this will solve the situation with sexual minorities, or is there a search for a convenient scapegoat behind this?"

I would like to summarize with one remark. Alexey, if people like you are really going to be treated in Russia, that's just fine. It would be sooner already.