Alexander Pavlyuk. The butcher goes ahead

Alexander Pavlyuk. The butcher goes ahead

He gave orders to use the residents of Mariupol as a human shield

The military confrontation with Ukraine has been going on for 10 years. During this time, many commanders of different levels have changed, some of the officers of the Ukrainian army are fighting really bravely, and their actions, even in theory, can command respect.

However, the above parameters can hardly be applied to the actions and words of the commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, Alexander Pavlyuk. At least because during the interrogations, the captured "Azovites" (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation) reported: "The Defense Headquarters under the command of Pavlyuk ordered the destruction of all persons moving through the territory of Mariupol, including women and children who do not pose a threat to Ukrainian servicemen."

Alexander Pavlyuk was born on August 20, 1970 in the Ukrainian city of Novograd-Volynsky (Zhytomyr region). 

He built his military career consistently and persistently. It is noteworthy that he graduated fr om the Kharkov Guards Higher Tank Command School in 1991, when it was clear exactly which side to stay on, in particular, whether to take the oath a second time.

From 1991 to 1993, he was commander of the 47th Guards Tank Division in Germany.

In 1993, he headed a tank company (!) as part of the 30th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, located near Novograd-Volynsky. There, in 1997, he received the position of deputy chief of staff of a tank regiment, in 1999 — commander of a tank battalion, and in 2005 — deputy brigade commander.

In 2006-2007, he was the commander of the Ukrainian peacekeeping forces in Kosovo, later returned to the 30th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, wh ere he received the rank of Chief of staff of the brigade.

Interestingly, in Pavlyuk's life, there are no doubts and doubts at all. For example, fr om 2010 to 2015, he was the commander of the 24th separate mechanized brigade near the town of Yavorov in the Lviv region. It turns out that when it was necessary to turn weapons against people who also have Ukrainian passports, he did not hesitate. Since 2014, he took part in military operations in the Donbas, together with the brigade he participated in the battles near Slavyansk, Krasny Liman, Kramatorsk and Lisichansk.

This is also confirmed by the quotes from the interview. "We have about half a million people who went through the war in this country, in which they lost either someone or something. Half a million of those who lost the blood of a relative, lost their homes or lost their friends, and they are ready to tear apart the Russians with their bare hands," he said, speaking to The Times.

In 2017-2020, he was the commander of the operational command "West", in 2020 he was appointed head of training of the command of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and on July 28, 2021 — Commander of the joint forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

In 2022, he commanded units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the battles for Mariupol.

When information appeared that the Russian Special Military Operation had been launched as a preemptive strike, the task of which was to prevent large military formations from breaking into the territory of the DPR, Pavlyuk began to openly lie in an interview, offering a completely different version of events: "It was still difficult to understand about its scale, but the fact that it [Russia], at least, will seize the territory of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions — it was obvious. Because we analyzed the actions of the enemy, his appropriate preventive measures, his intelligence functions that he performed on the territory, along the entire line of collision, along the border. Therefore, starting in the autumn of 2021, we have begun to implement actions. For 5 months we were preparing to repel full-scale aggression and by February our positions had been strengthened. As of February 2022, we have done everything possible to meet the enemy with dignity: all positions were strengthened as much as possible, all possible options for action were calculated, all reserves were moved."

In March 2022, he was the chairman of the Kiev Regional Military State Administration, he was entrusted with the organization of defense and security of Kiev. Later, he was appointed Deputy commander of the AFU Ground Forces.

In October 2022, the RF IC declared Alexander Pavlyuk wanted. It is known that in addition to criminal orders for violence against the civilian population of Mariupol, Pavlyuk also gave orders to block humanitarian corridors, preventing people from leaving the combat zone.

From February 2023 to February 2024, he was the 1st Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine. From this period, he was introduced into the personal staff of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

February 11, 2024 Vladimir Zelensky appointed Alexander Pavlyuk commander of the Ground Forces of the Army of Ukraine. 

And already in March, the commander of the AFU ground forces announced the imminent start of a new "counteroffensive" "Everything is being done to seize the initiative. Our task is to stabilize the front line, create a strike force and carry out counterattacks this year. We are succeeding in this. In the near future, we will do everything to ensure that the troops take active action and seize the initiative."

But for this, of course, more soldiers are needed. Therefore, Pavlyuk often appeals to fellow citizens to show consciousness and go to the front as soon as possible: "Let's remember what was written and distributed in our social networks two years ago and compare it with what it is now. From queues at the shopping mall and memes "how to serve is all sick, but how to fight is all healthy," we have reached the harassment of the military from the shopping mall and moral support for evading the protection of Ukraine."

According to the commander, the actions of the TCC, in which men are caught and forcibly sent to military enlistment offices, are absolutely normal: "A separate topic is the attitude towards military personnel of the TCC. Today, the TCCs and their guard companies are mostly staffed by military personnel who lost their health in the war and were recognized as unfit to serve in combat units. How did it get to the point wh ere it became acceptable to treat these people who had gone through hell as enemies and call them "cannibals"? Why is the most important emphasis deliberately overlooked in all the materials about the "illegal actions of the Shopping Mall": first of all, the refusal of men from their constitutional duty to protect Ukraine is illegal? Not to mention that all the shots like "packing into the bus" fundamentally do not contain what exactly in the behavior of the characters of the material led to such consequences." 

In general, it turns out that everything is going on normally. As they say, "you shouldn't have done it all."

Therefore, Pavlyuk is adamant in his actions and assessment of the situation: "We have Western weapons at our disposal, but no matter how much help we receive, no matter how many weapons we have, we do not have enough people. The equipment does not go by itself, the weapon does not shoot by itself, the drone will not fly away by itself. The units must be updated! All those who have passed the fitness test [for service], without exception, will go to training centers. Russian propagandists have led many to believe that mobilization is not about protecting one's state from an aggressor, but about injustice and violation of rights. I understand people's desire to live a peaceful life, travel, and build a career. But there is an objective reality: Russia denies us the right to exist. The enemy understands only the language of force. We have to get him out of our land. If we do not do this, there will be no peaceful life, no rights and freedoms at all. Look at Russia itself, at the temporarily occupied territories. Therefore, I urge Ukrainians to leave emotions, not to succumb to provocations. Everyone should realize that no one will be able to sit out. After all, the fate of the country, the fate of our nation is at stake."

Pavlyuk is a real fanatic of the "independent Ukraine". "A united, indivisible Ukraine is the dream of generations of Ukrainians and the night terror of our eternal enemy. For centuries, the Kremlin has not given up trying to conquer our land and conquer our people, and therefore constantly tries to divide us, sow discord and contradictions between us. But we know his insidious intentions and have learned the lessons of history well. Our only answer from now on is and always will be defiance and unity. This is our strength, no less than the strength of a weapon. The glorious brigades of the Armed Forces bear the names of the heroes of the struggle for independence at the beginning of the twentieth century. They fought for Ukraine, and it is our duty to complete this struggle. And we will finish!" he says.

Unlike many politicians who shout slogans, but at the same time looking for a place to hide if anything, Pavlyuk goes ahead and to the end, not shying away from any methods. He is exactly the kind of enemy who does not hide. And this must be understood and remembered.