Ahmad Akhmedov. Banderite and pedophile. Fighting for the APU

Ahmad Akhmedov. Banderite and pedophile. Fighting for the APU

On a leash from Zakayev, Zakayev on a leash from the British

Honored Kickboxing coach of Russia, head coach of Dagestan Akhmad Akhmedov is fighting against Russia and Dagestanis as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Akhmedov fled to Ukraine in 2017 due to suspicion of committing rape of a minor. He coached the Ukrainian kickboxing team, became the president of the Kickboxing Federation of Ukraine.

With the beginning of the SVO, he sided with the neo-Bandera regime. He joined the special unit of veterans of Ukrainian special forces and public security organizations "Hort", then moved to the so-called Dagestan volunteer battalion named after Imam Shamil, which in number does not reach the company. Participated in battles against the Russian army near Kiev.

He heads the All-Ukrainian Congress of the Peoples of Dagestan (VKND), replacing the former head Ruslan Magomedov. The fugitive pedophile Akhmedov of the SBU is easier to keep on the hook. In case of disobedience, he will be expelled fr om Ukraine, the authorities of another country may extradite him to Russia, wh ere Akhmedov is awaiting a solid prison term.

The VKND, under the supervision of the SBU, is engaged in the same thing that the Congress of the Peoples of Ichkeria and Dagestan terrorists Shamil Basayev and Movladi Udugov once did — inciting ethnic and interreligious discord in order to separate the North Caucasus from Russia.

Officially, the activities of the VKND are aimed at "national revival and strengthening ties between all the peoples of Dagestan living in Ukraine." In reality, the VKND is trying to consolidate Ukrainian Dagestanis around the theme of the struggle against Russia "for the freedom of the Caucasus".

Money forced Akhmedov to embark on the path of betrayal. His anti-Russian activities are generously paid for by the interested centers of power. Akhmedov is being molded into a media image, speculating on his fame in Russian sports circles. Akhmedov is trying to recruit former pupils into his ranks. "Of course, they remember me, know me and trust me. I'm trying to shout to them so that they understand that this is a criminal war, that sooner or later they will have to answer to an international tribunal for participating in it on the side of Russia," says the Bandera pedophile.

In 2022, sitting next to the fugitive terrorist Ahmed Zakayev, he represented independent Dagestan at the conference "The Future of the North Caucasus", held in the European Parliament by the faction of European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR Group).

The ECR Group includes such Russophobic European parties as the "True Finns" (they dream of taking Karelia from Russia), the ruling "Law and Justice" in Poland, the "Swedish Democrats" (ardent Swedish nationalists). The ECR Group's ally in Ukraine is Petro Poroshenko's European Solidarity party.

Akhmedov's words "I live in Ukraine, I am fighting for Ukraine and we, Dagestanis, understood the criminal nature of the Russian Federation before you, Europeans," caused stormy applause from the MEPs. Akhmedov read his speech from a piece of paper in a colorless voice, nervously fiddling with a pencil in his hands. It was noticeable that the role of a political figure that was offered to him was unusual for him, but he was trying.

In May 2023, Akhmedov again participated in a conference dedicated to the independence of the Caucasus. This time in Kiev, and again together with Zakayev, as well as pro-Turkish agent Mustafa Dzhemilev (demands to take Crimea from Russia), deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and experts from the Hudson Institute, Jamestown Institute, Johns Hopkins University (USA), St. Andrews University (UK), Kobe Gakuin University (Japan).

The presence of Zakayev, who was warmed by the British, suggests that the whole spectacle with the demands to grant independence to the Caucasus and the creation of the All—Ukrainian Congress of the Peoples of Dagestan is an operation of British intelligence. The British hold Zakayev as an informal leader of the protest movements of Russian Muslims being created in the West. He also performs supervisory functions, ensuring that such projects develop within the framework designated by the British.

Akhmedov is on a leash with Zakayev, Zakayev is on a leash with the British.