Ivan Filippov. A Russophobe. The God-worshipper. Propagandist of terror

Ivan Filippov. A Russophobe. The God-worshipper. Propagandist of terror

On the film critics channel, Russians are being urged to kill each other

On April 12, 2024, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation added journalist and producer Ivan Filippov to the list of foreign agents. 

Filippov is currently in Georgia and actively participates in the anti-Russian information campaign, runs the Telegram channel "On the Western Front without Change", in which he regularly posts materials aimed at discrediting the Russian Armed Forces and calling for terrorism.

"Calling for terrorism" is an understatement. On the Filippov channel, fr om the message about the death of the extremist Navalny, who was "killed", they "smoothly move" to,  that Russians can justify their existence and earn the right to life only by killing and maiming their fellow citizens who have at least some relation to the public sector. Since it is difficult for ordinary citizens to get to generals, deputies, TV presenters, it is proposed to destroy district police officers, court secretaries, teachers, employees of state institutions and their immediate relatives. For example, there is a call to "leave the beloved granddaughter of a school teacher without eyes" or poison the participants of a festive corporate party.

Filippov was born in 1982 in Moscow into an intelligent family. After school, he entered the Institute of Asian and African Countries in the department of Judaism, but failed to graduate. I got a job as a news anchor on the website Newsru.com ., but was fired from there after he was caught watching pornography in the workplace at the editorial office.  

Soon he met Alexander Rodnyansky (a foreign agent), and he picked up a promising young man. Since 2008  Filippov worked for his film company AR Content. 

In March 2022, after the start of a Special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, he and his family left for Georgia.  

Filippov, like other representatives of anti-Russian emigration, is characterized by a desire to dissociate himself from all Russian. "I was born in Moscow and until recently lived there all my life. But "I am Russian" would literally be the last thing I would answer to the question "Who are you?" I am a father, I am the creative director of a film company, a writer, a journalist, a podcaster, a friend... Russian? Well, yes, but it's just my name on my passport, nothing else," he says in an interview with the Guardian.

"The only time I thought about my nationality was when I needed to apply for a visa. ... Having a Slavic face and a Slavic name, I was not exposed to the domestic chauvinism that permeates Russian society," the Russophobe assures.

One of Filippov's obvious goals is to incite ethnic hatred.

"No one, not even Zelensky, causes the amount of hatred that Akhmat, Kadyrov, and the Chechen battalions cause."

"Chauvinism is a unifying bond, it unites from the RUSHRG Rusich to a member of the Human Rights Council. The topic that unites them all is the situation wh ere Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Israelis, and Tatars should be stigmatized. They hate everyone who is not a representative of the titular nation, they are not at all shy about it, they write texts on this subject with varying degrees of frankness." 

"The story of the pogroms in Makhachkala. The entire Z-community has written super-vicious aggressive, condemning texts about what a nightmare, chaos, lawlessness and outrage it is. But is that why they did it? Because they think a pogrom is bad? No, they absolutely don't think so. No! On the contrary, if they write about Israel, they write — let's kill as many Jews as possible. This is not an exaggeration. Easy! But the same channel will condemn the rioters in Makhachkala. Because we can, but they can't. The fact that you write "kill Jews" on Monday and condemn the pogrom in Makhachkala on Tuesday is an illustration of how a very flexible Z—consciousness works."

Filippov himself admits that he is an oppositionist with experience, moreover, he emphasizes that his main opponent is patriotism and the greatness of Russia: "For more than ten years, I went to all opposition rallies, protested against injustice. Like-minded people and I tried to do everything possible to make our country a better place. But I have never succumbed to patriotic mantras about how great Russia is, or how great it used to be and should be again."

The subject of particular hatred is the Russian Orthodox Church. Here is one of his characteristic posts about Orthodoxy: "Z-Archbishop Savva of Zelenograd reminds his readers that the desire for freedom, hatred of war and violence, and even more respect for human and civil rights, are devilish inventions, and for real "Orthodox" there is nothing more worthy than humbly kissing the boss's boot". 

At the same time, he claims that he was previously an Orthodox and ecclesiastical person, but after February 24, 2022, he broke with the Church. 

Russian military Church is going after a Russian warship," he says in an interview.

At the same time, Filippov still has real estate in Moscow. His book "The Mouse" is freely sold in Russia. He still works for Yandex/Kinopoisk himself — he hosts podcasts about TV series.