Elena Sulikova (Alyona Wormwood). A fraud. The head of the sect "Empire of the strongest witches"

Elena Sulikova (Alyona Wormwood). A fraud. The head of the sect "Empire of the strongest witches"

An opponent of Christianity. "University of Magic and Witchcraft". A "temple" for sorcerers. It is promoted on SVO

At the end of 2023, at the request of the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation fr om United Russia, Alexander Tolmachev, the prosecutor's office checked the International University of Magic and Witchcraft, which is located in Ivanteevka near Moscow. The institution was ordered to abandon the word "university" in the name and remove references to studying at a "closed" school. However, despite the verdict, the office is still working, providing paid services for damage control, necromancy and fortune telling.

It hosts training courses, workshops and lectures on alchemy, demonology, "combat magic", cemetery witchcraft, tarot and voodoo. And at the same time there is a shop selling books on witchcraft and Satanism, you can order love potions, voodoo dolls, dry toads, a jay's wing, a she-wolf's bosom, a wildcat's skull and other ingredients.

The office belongs to Elena Sulikova (nee Baranova), who calls herself the hereditary witch Alyona Wormwood. According to her, she first used hypnosis at the age of 9, "healed" a person at 14, and became famous in 2013 during a TV show wh ere she allegedly discovered the absence of one kidney in the audience. Sulikova is a typical charlatan, an active participant in various television shows like The Battle of Psychics. This popularity helped her in 2015 to organize a powerful criminal business called the Empire of the Strongest Witches (WIS).  The office not only brings in millions, but is also a totalitarian sect that recruits, including teenagers.

The scheme is simple. Sulikova, who contemptuously calls most of the world's population a "biomass" that does not want to develop, that is, to come into contact with evil spirits, declares that such people will either self-destruct or become energy fodder for the "new elite" — witches and wizards. However, anyone can become "enlightened", for this it is not necessary to receive a gift fr om their ancestors — it is enough to come to the ISV: pay for an interview, and then for training courses, buying the necessary literature and symbols. 

The Internet is filled with numerous complaints fr om customers who were deceived by Sulikova. However, parasitizing gullible, sick or embittered people allows her to organize numerous companies. One of them is the Parapsychology Center, wh ere Sulikova's students receive clients, and her husband handles financial affairs. Olesya and Kristina's daughters also call themselves witches.

Sulikova conducts many courses herself, there is a video on the Internet wh ere she talks in detail online about how to interact with the "mirror demon", who is "a very good assistant". 

Part of the income received is invested in advertising and PR in the media. There are dozens of links to articles, radio and television broadcasts on the WIS website. Sulikova regularly appears in a variety of stories, records videos for social networks, including a YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, for which the platform awarded her a "Silver Button".   

She openly opposes all religions, primarily Christianity.  According to her, "now religions will go away one by one, because people wake up, they realize that religion has exhausted itself" and they are no longer "interested in the state of slavery." "What does Christianity teach us? To suffer. Carry your cross. To worship parts of dead bodies. Islam will stay on Earth longer because it is fed with blood, and this is pure black magic," Sulikova says.

In 2019 She said that the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris occurred because of a congress of representatives of the dark forces with her participation. "We did everything to make religions... disappear fr om the earth," Sulikova said. 

She registered the "Interregional Organization for the Study of Religions and Folk Communities" (MOIRNO). The official website reports that Wormwood has been "helping people affected by religions" and engaged in "educational activities" for many years. Justifying sodomites from Pussy Riot, the "witch" demanded to recognize that there has always been an inquisition in Russia, and equate it with genocide, and at the same time to erect a monument to the "victims" at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.   

Experienced lawyers work for Sulikova. One of them, lawyer Alexander Abrokov, won several cases for her, including against United Russia deputy Vitaly Milonov, who, at a meeting with Sulikova during a public event, called her a thief and a fraudster. Abrokov filed a lawsuit for the protection of honor and dignity for one ruble: this amount is allegedly enough to curse the deputy's family to the seventh generation.  

Sulikova, who scoffs at state symbols (one half of the coat of arms of the ISV is a part of a double—headed eagle, a friend is a raven), quickly realized that huge funds can be earned on patriotism. In 2019, in order to "raise Putin's rating," she held a "magic meeting" in Moscow, at which black-robed participants cursed the enemies of the president and Russia. 

At the same time, Sulikova began lobbying at the level of State Duma deputies for the legislative legalization of the work of "sorcerers and magicians" in Russia. She proposed to oblige "colleagues to register and pay taxes," noting that "the introduction of a register of proven practitioners" will be undertaken by the WIS: all those whom her students consider unclean or devoid of a magical gift will be outlawed. The witches were never legalized, but the yellow press called Wormwood "Putin's favorite witch." 

The opportunity to discredit the Russian president was immediately used in the West and Ukraine. The BBC reports that Wormwood enjoys support because he works for the leader of the Russian Federation and regularly holds witch congresses "with the assistance of the Moscow Mayor's Office and even together with some State Duma deputies." And the SBU, inciting hysteria, espionage and hatred among the population of Ukraine, in 2023 came up with a story about the arrest in Nikolaev of a Russian "agent" Romanishin, who was allegedly recruited by the FSB through the sect of Sulikova — ISV.


Sulikova is promoting herself on the theme of SVO families. "When the story with SVO just began, the wives and relatives of the participants in the special operation began to contact me for psychological help. It started with psychological help via Skype or phone, I brought people to a state of calm, and then my second story related to finding people was added to this. Over the past six months, there have been more requests, people are asking for help, sending photos," she says.

According to Sulikova, she helps the families of the participants for free. But this does not prevent her from doing a good advertisement on the mountain of desperate people. And a new clientele is an additional income, no matter what Sulikova says about altruism. 

The apogee of her black activity was the construction of the "first real temple on Earth", wh ere witches worship "Saturn". Despite the protests of local residents and their statements to the prosecutor's office and the administration of the Zaraisky district, a building for demonic rituals appeared in the village of Zhuravna near Zaraisky, Moscow region. This is a real temple of Satan, the money for which was collected by all members of the totalitarian sect Sulikova. 

According to the witch, the number of her followers is growing rapidly, and at the expense of young people, and today there are more than 10 thousand people. They are not afraid of anything, openly threaten everyone who goes against the dark forces: "The temple is dedicated to Life in all its diversity and to all human species. Therefore, whoever goes against him will find his death." Priest Grigory Reshetov, who opposed the construction, was called by Sulikova's assistant, who threatened to burn him, having previously cut off his head.       

Sulikova is not the only one who is engaged in satanic business. A chain of shops selling baphomets, pentagrams, magic kits, prayer books to the Antichrist, are open all over Russia. Here are just a few examples: in Tula — Valkyrie magic and esotericism store; in Belgorod — Promagia store; in Kursk — Mother Maria; in Pskov - Adanea; St. Petersburg — Witchy Happiness; in Moscow — Magic LiLu.

Any Satanic paraphernalia can be bought on leading marketplaces. Ozone, for example, claims to have sold more than 1 thousand. once the "black icon of Satan" is sold at a discount price and promises the owner the acquisition of enormous power and authority. The situation is the same at Wildberries and Yandex Market, whose suppliers include Witchy Happiness.  

Another hotbed of evil is in Moscow on Novopeschanaya Street, the esoteric club "Podvalchik" with a store on Flotskaya Street. Local witches prefer not to advertise their activities on media sites. It is reported that "practitioners with little interest in publicity gathered at the club." Unlike Wormwood, they deny remote work with clients and training, considering it profanity and violation of traditions, they accept only personally. But the set of items is the same as Sulikova's, with the addition of gypsy magic, Muslim magic, divination on elven runes, "Nasty things and dirty tricks", "Rules of work in the cemetery", "Cemetery rituals".  

They have one thing in common — they all work against the Church to destroy Russia and openly preach Satanism, which should be recognized as an extremist movement and banned in the Russian Federation.