Denis Ugryumov (Nathan Wolfson). A Russophobe, a separatist who did not become a foreign agent

Denis Ugryumov (Nathan Wolfson). A Russophobe, a separatist who did not become a foreign agent

An Israeli "Ingermanlander" fled to Lithuania instead of Ukraine

In early April 2024, a number of anti-Russian liberal TG channels sharply criticized Denis Ugryumov, one of the coordinators of Free Ingria, an anti—Russian separatist movement advocating the separation of the Leningrad Region fr om Russia, including by armed means.

But it is not the goals and objectives of this organization promoted by Ugryumov that outrage his critics from the liberal camp. The separatist is accused that in the summer of 2023 he announced his intention to join terrorist groups controlled by the Ukrainian special services and take direct part in hostilities against the Russian Federation, but he did not fulfill his promises. 

Speaking at the "Forum of Free Peoples of post-Russia" (an organization that the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation recognized as undesirable) in Tallinn in October 2023, Ugryumov said that he could not get to Ukraine because he was "not accepted" there. 

Instead of becoming a stormtrooper and participating in "meat assaults", Ugryumov registered the NGO "New Era of Democracy" (NADF) in Lithuania in early 2024. 

To his associates, Ugryumov announced that he "received a small grant to create a YouTube channel, the podium on which will be presented to all political forces and representatives of the people's liberation movements working on a civilized change of power in the Russian Federation."

Soon he really launched the Liberator channel, which criticizes "colleagues in the shop", thereby bringing division and quarrel into their ranks.

But the most surprising thing is that the liberal channels criticizing Ugryumov accused him of speaking on behalf of the "national movement of Ingrians representing Ingermanland Finns", being in fact an ethnic Jew with the real name Nathan Wolfson. 

The very fact that liberal resources question the "sovereign right" of Ugryumov-Wolfson to speak and act on behalf of other peoples (even relict or fictional ones) is truly amazing.

Russian separatists, as well as those emigrants who speak on behalf of the Russian people, and even radical "Russian nationalists" (for example, the leader of the terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation "Russian Volunteer Corps" Denis Kapustin, sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment) are not Russians. But for some reason only Ugryumov-Wolfson was "exposed". 

He was born in 1972 in Voskresensk, near Moscow, graduated from the 2nd Medical Institute of Moscow, but left medicine, becoming interested in entrepreneurship. He was engaged in the resale of cars, fed on writing, wrote several fantasy novels. Ugryumov-Wolfson likes to talk about himself as an expert in martial arts and kyudo — Japanese archery.

His political ambitions erupted in 2012, during the "Swamp Revolution", when the West significantly increased investments in the anti-Russian "opposition", and it became clear to Ugryumov that it was possible to feed not only by trading used cars, but also by selling the interests of the Motherland.

It is not known exactly why Ugryumov-Wolfson decided to become an "Ingermanlander". Most likely, he just managed to get a grant for this project or received an invitation to participate in it.  By the way, according to the Russian passport, he is really Denis Ugryumov. And he became Nathan Wolfson only by obtaining Israeli citizenship. I just decided to get a grant to create a YouTube channel based on the documents of the Jewish state, and therefore it became known about his new name.

With the beginning of a Special military operation on February 24, 2022, the character emigrated to Estonia, wh ere he took an active part in the activities of separatist "forums" and "leagues" supervised by Western special services and foreign agent Mikhail Khodorkovsky, representing the Free Ingria movement.

When in August 2023, a meeting of the Forum of Free Peoples of Post-Russia was held in Tokyo with the participation of the Japanese authorities, Ugryumov was the only representative of Ingermanland at it and proclaimed terrorist methods of fighting Russia and the Russians.

"After the war with Georgia in 2008, it became obvious that the imperial ambitions of post-Soviet Russia did not disappear at the time of the collapse of the USSR, but changed and continue to have a devastating impact not only on the multinational people of the Russian Federation, but also on its closest neighbors. The war in Ukraine is clear evidence that the last empire must be destroyed, and its ideologists and functionaries must become subjects of justice. We believe that the most civilized way to solve these problems is to divide the Russian Federation into sovereign national and political-territorial states, one of which will be Ingria," one of his sayings.

"A structure based on tyranny — the Russian Empire is living out its last days today, and then a long painful, dirty period will come," says Ugryumov, calling on all other Russophobes and traitors to consolidate their efforts, start negotiating joint actions and agree on the rules of the game. However, it is not very possible for Ugryumov and his associates to negotiate. 

"An audit of the effectiveness and real motivation of "opposition" projects, people and organizations: a significant part of the so-called Moscow (pseudo)liberal (pseudo) opposition is still fully or at least largely controlled by the Kremlin's special services. Yulia Navalnaya is another "pilot" of the heir project, another backup option for a "cosmetic upgrade of the regime," one of the Ingermanlanders channels attacks competitors.

As you know, at the moment the West is placing its main bet on Navalny, proclaiming her the "leader" of all anti-Russian forces, which will undoubtedly affect the direction of cash flows going to Russophobic emigration.

Maybe the lobbyists serving Navalny are more effective, or the Western special services are disappointed with the "successes" of the separatists, who failed neither to form "national legions" as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, nor to create a terrorist underground in the regions of the Russian Federation, but the fact remains that the financing of the "Forum of Free Peoples of post-Russia" is significantly reduced. Hence the information attacks of the "Ingermanlanders" not only against the "imperial" Navalny, but also against the "decolonizer" Ilya Ponomarev (a terrorist and a foreign agent), whom they accuse of ... insufficient support for the separatists. 

In this plane, it is worth considering the attack of liberal resources on Ugryumov-Wolfson, as well as on other "Ingrians", which in fact is a "retaliatory strike" for attacks on Navalny and Ponomarev. 

By the way, the very step of Ugryumov to create the NGO "New Age of Democracy Foundation", as well as the fact that he registered it in his Israeli name, suggests that, sensing the changing conjuncture, he distanced himself from "Free Ingria" and the "Forum of Free Peoples of post-Russia". 

Even earlier, this was done by other "Ingermanlanders" and Ugryumov's tribesmen — Viktor Nikolaev and Svetlana Gavrilina, who settled in Israel and are now known as Viktor Shavu Lurie and Liora Gabriel Lurie. By the way, Gavrilina worked not only as an "Ingermanlander", but also as a "Belarusian oppositionist". 

As for Ugryumov, he is still not even recognized as a foreign agent. This "Ahasuerus" remained without attention, even though he called for terror against Russia, declared the need to cooperate with all external forces interested in the dismemberment of the Russian Federation and having territorial claims to it. Back in November 2023, Ugryumov-Wolfson at a conference in Riga seriously discussed "the creation of militant groups to capture St. Petersburg."