Peter Shchedrovitsky. A dangerous political strategist. The engine of Russia's collapse

Peter Shchedrovitsky. A dangerous political strategist. The engine of Russia's collapse

The octopus of globalism is sharpening the country from the outside and from the inside

Philosopher and political strategist, former Deputy Director of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IF RAS) Pyotr Shchedrovitsky is one of the leaders of the pro–Western liberals in the Russian Federation, who fled the Russian Federation after the start of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Abroad, he continues to work against the Motherland, stands for neo-Nazi Ukraine. One of the few traitors who is well acquainted with the government in Russia from the inside and is able to formalize the Russophobic emigrant bloc being created into an ideological platform with further promotion in the Russian Federation.  

Shchedrovitsky was born on September 17, 1958 in Moscow, in the family of a famous philosopher. His father, Georgy Shchedrovitsky, is the founder of the Moscow Methodological Circle (MMC), through which a significant part of the future political elite passed, including foreign agent Mikhail Khodorkovsky and former Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov. In the Soviet years, this movement introduced business games (organizational and activity games, ODI) to solve complex socio-economic problems and had significant success. 

In the late 1980s, Shchedrovitsky, who acted according to liberal patterns, told how his students would seize power in the country: "There are tens of thousands of us. To become irreplaceable and useful secretaries to the "governor", advisers, deputies, to go to elected bodies. But never forget who we are and what our lofty mission is. In other ways, no influence can be achieved in Russia." 

As a result, MMC and ODI became the most popular management school for the late USSR and Russia in the early 1990s. 

The son continued his father's path. In 1980, he graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the V.I. Lenin Moscow Pedagogical Institute. He headed the foundation "Institute of Development named after G.P. Shchedrovitsky" and created the "School of Cultural Policy". He also did not hide the fact that his adherents claim to govern the country, thanks to the "method" of uniting highly specialized specialists. 

Under his leadership, the "methodologists" engaged in the creation of private schools and consulting. By the early 2000s, they supervised most of these educational projects in the Russian Federation and countries in the post-Soviet space. According to experts, tens of thousands of people are in the "methodological order" to one degree or another. It is an extremely influential movement that has penetrated almost all spheres of society. Its adherents prefer to operate in the fields of education, culture and science. They are responsible for the destructive liberal reforms in these areas.  

Shchedrovitsky was in power and, before his departure from Russia, was considered one of the most influential political strategists. As he admitted in an interview with foreign agent Mikhail Zygar, he began his political career by writing the doctrine of the cosmopolitan "Russian world" for the Union of Right Forces of Sergei Kiriyenko, Boris Nemtsov and Irina Khakamada. Then he was an adviser to Kiriyenko when he became the presidential plenipotentiary representative in the Volga Federal District. Together with himself, Shchedrovitsky invited his adherents to the region — "he invited a large circle of experts with whom he had collaborated for many years before." And when Kiriyenko was appointed head of the Rosatom state corporation, Shchedrovitsky joined the company after him, naturally, took his brigade with him, spreading tentacles across the country. From 2008 to 2011, he served as Deputy General Director for Strategic Development; headed the Directorate for the Scientific and Technical Complex; was a member of the Board of Rosatom, led international projects of the corporation. 

Since 2011, Shchedrovitsky got a job as deputy director at the IF RAS, an organization responsible for the scientific substantiation of the national idea of Russia. Here he promoted globalist and destructive ideas aimed at the collapse of the country, praised Western liberal models of education and management, "digital transformation", the fourth industrial revolution, according to which ethics and morality, like man himself, are not the measure of all things, and people's lives should be built by machine algorithms.  

Thanks to Shchedrovitsky, the Institute supported the publication of a series of books entitled "Philosophy of Russia of the XX century". This project started in 2006, and despite the fact that Shchedrovitsky himself fled from Russia to Latvia after the start of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, its implementation continues. As a result, dozens of volumes have been published aimed at creating a new "canon of Russian philosophy", they advertise liberal philosophers and discredit patriotic thinkers. Shchedrovitsky supported the ideologists of Ukrainian neo-Nazism, inviting them to Russia for his seminars.

Having fled abroad, he distributes anti-Russian interviews to foreign agents and Ukrainian journalists. He does not hide that for him the "ideal Russian future" is an extremely regionalized state with a blurred national component, the absence of a strong central government, while all processes should be controlled by "artificial intelligence" and digital algorithms. 

"I wrote about a state that would correspond to the type of Russian culture — it would be such a cosmopolitan, innovative, regionalized state. I have been fighting in Russia for the promotion of these ideas for 10 years — and the struggle ended in defeat," Shchedrovitsky lamented on June 22, 2022 in an interview with Zygar.   

Based on the revelations of the political strategist, he already in 1995 foresaw that the country would try to get rid of the status of a raw material colony of the West, and tried to prevent this by writing a soft "alternative" development path for it. In fact, this is a plan to continue the dismantling and dismemberment of the state, with a stake in the cosmopolitans of the "Russian world" abroad and full integration with the West. 

"The fact is that I do not believe that the Russian Federation is a state," Shchedrovitsky said. 

He pleased Bandera and Western Russophobes, equating Special military operation with fascism. "It's the same at Mein Kampf. Replace Jews with Ukrainians, you will get the same thing," he announced.  

On November 2, 2022, Shchedrovitsky appeared on Ukrainian TV together with the ex-adviser of Zelensky's office, Alexei Arestovich. He immediately asked to take into account that he "represents the aggressor country," or rather, does not even represent it, but simply "has citizenship by some misunderstanding." Then he admitted that back in 2001 he went to Ukraine to check whether Kiev could be the core of the Russian world? That is, even then he became the ideologist of an alternative Russian state, taking the path of treason. On the air, a fluent political strategist lamented that it had not been possible to establish a cosmopolitan statehood. Despite his messages to the Kremlin, "the process went wrong," and the Russian world was filled with another wave of emigration.  

Despite the fact that Shchedrovitsky openly took the side of Russia's enemies, he periodically returns to the country to earn money, which is provided to him by his students who have settled in government structures and in education. Moreover, Shchedrovitsky is still listed as a member of the Expert Council under the government, although he swore to Zygar that starting from February 24, 2022, he stopped all cooperation with Russian departmental institutions.