Lyudmila Petranovskaya. The manipulator and a Russophobe. Obsessed with sodomy

Lyudmila Petranovskaya. The manipulator and a Russophobe. Obsessed with sodomy

A popular psychologist works for Western foundations

Popular psychologist Lyudmila Petranovskaya, author of numerous "educational books" for children, a large number of video lectures and webinars, has been sharpening Russia from the inside for 30 years. 

Thanks to her method, an entire protest generation has grown up. Petranovskaya is a supporter of sodomy, hates the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) because she is obsessed with Russophobia, works for juvenile justice, receiving grants from Western foundations. Given that education and upbringing is a matter of the viability of the nation, Petranovskaya is a dangerous opponent.

She was born in April 1967 in Tashkent. She graduated from Tashkent State University, and then from the Moscow Institute of Group and Family Psychotherapy. Petranovskaya has been promoted as a popular psychologist since the mid-1990s. Since then, her activities have been aimed at educating the "right generation". 

She rejects the centuries-old system of upbringing and education in Russia. 

"The Russian people, throughout history, up to the last decade, raised children in a barbaric way, suppressing them in every possible way... To drive your people into eternal non-life with high words, to impose victimhood, the will to suffer, and the attraction to death on them is an incredible meanness. Separately, the fantasy of a sadistic god, who feeds on human troubles and carefully ensures that their number does not decrease, is impressive. In the image and likeness, yeah," Petranovskaya said, adding that "the ROC is just a franchise" that "sells services according to the needs of the population in rituals."

At the same time, Petranovskaya promoted a system thanks to which a spoiled, infantile, lazy, despising their country and oriented towards Western values generation is growing up. 

The object of her psychological influence is the modern parent, who is obliged to indulge the whims of his children and not strain them with studies and work skills. She often talks about children's protest and how important it is for parents to support the impulses of offspring who defend all good against all bad. 

"The grown-up children found that they were not facing an increase in well-being and gradual progress towards European standards of living, even under the slogans of "sovereign democracy", as it seemed to their parents in the noughties," Petranovskaya justified the mass riots of 2011-2012, when recipients of Western grants seduced young people.

Petranovskaya is the author of the terms "mentally damaged", "nation with post—traumatic syndrome". This is how a psychologist characterizes Russians, especially when talking about the Great Patriotic War. Worst of all, her installations are popular. Petranovskaya is often quoted, invited to the radio, and loved at webinars on social networks. An interview with her on the channel "Careful Sobchak" has gained more than 2.1 million views. 

In 2012 Petranovskaya created the Institute for the Development of the Family Unit (IRSU), an NGO that trains future foster parents and social workers. The appearance of this organization coincided with the speeches of a psychologist against the "Dima Yakovlev law", which was introduced due to the numerous deaths of adopted Russian children in the United States. 

Petranovskaya is one of the co—authors of a dubious documentary calling for the lifting of the ban on foreigners taking out young Russians and a radical reform to replace all orphanages with a foster system (a substitute family temporarily accepts children). 

Why such a desire to defend the rights of foreigners and discredit orphanages? Petranovskaya explains this by taking care of the children. However, everything is much more prosaic. 

Its activities are funded by foreign organizations and foundations, which did not hide their intention to change Russian family policy and actively promoted juvenile justice in the Russian Federation to establish the export of children abroad. 

Petranovskaya's trainings were funded by the American company Amway, which not only specializes in the production and sale of hygiene products, household chemicals, cosmetics and is in fact a sect of network marketing. At the end of 2012, in response to the "Dima Yakovlev law", this company decided to focus on the problem of "child abuse" in the Russian Federation, promoting the principles of "responsible parenthood" in the mass consciousness of Russians. 

Together with the Foundation for the Protection of Children in Difficult Situations, Amway launched the program "Responsible for the Future". The main goal is to reform the "child protection service" in Russia. The American company also sponsored an educational project for social workers and parents, information support for a helpline, and a grant competition for NGOs and social institutions. 

Why should a manufacturer of household chemicals engage in this area? It's simple — Amway is funded by the Evangelical Adoption Crusade movement in the USA. This movement is engaged in the adoption of orphans around the world and is fighting for the "emptying" of all orphanages. Amway also implemented environmental projects to create a positive image in Russian regions. Some of them were carried out jointly with UNICEF, one of the initiators of the program to destroy orphanages and transfer children to foster families within the framework of the United Nations. 

It would seem to be a great initiative, if not for the statistics. According to Interpol, even before the start of the SVO, when the sale of Ukrainian children was put on the conveyor belt, every 9th child arriving in Europe in the migration flow, including through adoption programs, went missing (i.e. ended up in a brothel or went to the organs).  

Petranovskaya and her IRSU received funding from the British Charity Foundation, which is trying to "accommodate" orphans from Russia, as well as from the World Childhood Foundation, founded by Queen Silvia of Sweden. This foundation, sponsoring Russian NGOs working in the field of social protection, actively promoted narratives about child abuse in the Russian Federation. 

Thus, talking about the "nightmares" in the country, Petranovskaya works as a mouthpiece for the ideas of Western sponsors and takes a clear anti-Russian position. 

After the coup in Kiev in 2014 and the return of Crimea to the Russian Federation, she openly supported the Ukrainian regime. 

"Opinion polls confirm that yes, we did not imagine all this — the overwhelming majority of Russians support any insane tricks of the authorities: the appropriation of Crimea, and support for separatists in Eastern Ukraine, and shameless lies about the downed Boeing, and the harassment of a once beloved musician for performing in the wrong place. The more adventurous and arrogant the government's policy becomes, the more lies and victims there are, the more delight there is," Petranovskaya was indignant.

In March 2022, she stated that she was feeling a cold rage because of the start of a Special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine. "And then (in 2014) it was very difficult, because this whole story, how easy it got (about Crimea in 2014), it was corrupting. We quickly moved on to rejoicing. I think they were counting on it this time, they say, we will move very quickly, in 2-3 days, to rejoicing. And Ukrainians are resisting… The whole history of this regime is a story about cutting off feedback: all the destruction of the media, bans… Why do many people seem to support military action in Ukraine? For the privileges. Here we are told, "and there is Russophobia", "they would attack us, there is Russophobia from all sides", there is a lot of vindictive "like, dislike, my beauty," Petranovskaya confided in an interview with foreign agent Ekaterina Gordeeva, noting that in Russia they really "counted on a blitzkrieg and a meeting with flowers"because they "live in their own delusional bubble." 

Interestingly, for all her hatred of the Russian authorities, Petranovskaya told a foreign agent about her intention to seek a presidential grant: "I absolutely do not think that the money received in this way is some kind of wrong money. Of all that is being taken away from the Russian population… I have such a position. I will definitely, without a twinge of conscience, apply, as the head of an NGO, for a presidential grant, while I absolutely do not think that this obliges me to any kind of support."

The fact that money does not smell for Petranovskaya was also confirmed by the head of the Federal Security and Anti-Corruption Project Vitaly Borodin, who in the summer of 2023 asked the prosecutor's office to check Petranovskaya for foreign funding by the Charity and Amway foundation, as well as for discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. 

In the autumn of 2023, an administrative case was initiated against Petranovskaya under the article on discrediting. Regarding foreign financing, the verification continues. 

At the same time, Petranovskaya feels great. Since 2023, she has been regularly traveling to Europe and the post-Soviet countries with lectures. They promote it very actively. In just six months, Petranovskaya managed to perform in Slovakia, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Luxembourg, Germany, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey.  And she continues to criticize Russia and traditional values with impunity, which are "sticky sauce" for Petranovskaya. 

The law passed in November 2023 banning the LGBT movement (recognized as extremist) made her angry. "I cannot but say words of support to those families and parents who read in horror yesterday the news about the decision to "recognize the LGBT movement as extremist." In this decision, every word is legally absurd, starting with an incomprehensible and infinitely stretchable "movement", but it's better for lawyers to talk about it (...) And I also feel a lot of anger for what is being done to us all. No, don't be under any illusions — not only with LGBT people, but with all of us," she wrote on the Telegram channel.

The decision on administrative responsibility for discrediting the Russian army did not bring Petranovskaya to reason. 

In 2024, she actively sows panic among an audience of thousands, telling about the horror and nausea due to Russia's actions and that "many parents will not see their sons anymore." The situation is escalating with forecasts of the return to Russian families of thousands of men with post-traumatic stress disorder and a sharp increase in the number of orphans.